Reading Reflections: the Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Essay Sample

In a person’s life many determinations have to be made ; the determinations that we make will impact the remainder of our lives. Robert Frost brings such a determination to us in his verse form. “The Road Not Taken” . In this response. I will explicate why this verse form captured my involvement. utilizing footings and constructs from the text. depicting one of the analytical attacks. utilizing inside informations from the text to back up my readings. and measure the significance of the verse form. utilizing the analytical attack I selected. I believe everyone has found themselves at this point in their lives. which is why I was able to link to the verse form and why it interested me as I normally do non read authoritative literature. I enjoy modern fiction. best sellers. and lifes. I would non see myself a literary reader. but interestingly plenty. harmonizing to Bauerlein. “Reading a individual verse form in a magazine put one in the reader category” ( as cited in Iannone. 2005 ) . I believe this was a good verse form for me to finish my first response on. since it has many constructs from our readings.

The talker uses a character. metaphor. ambiguity. and imaginativeness to state the reader that the route he chose may hold been the right or incorrect one. but it will impact the remainder of his life. He realizes that he will be stating this narrative for old ages and he finds some sense of satisfaction with the determination that was made. The character of the talker is as a individual who is nearing decision-making carefully and reflectively. Harmonizing to Bassett ( 1981 ) . “the character is an single as opposed to a lone wolf. brave and autonomous. seeking for his destiny” ( parity. 11 ) . The author besides uses metaphor at the really beginning of the verse form. in the line “Two roads diverged in a xanthous wood” ( line 1 ) . This line compares a determination to two roads. When a individual travels they see two roads as a clip to do a determination to take one or the other. Travelers who face two roads are merely like people who face a pick in life. which besides means determination devising clip. Ambiguity besides has a portion in this verse form. An illustration of this is in the concluding paragraph. “I shall be stating this with a suspiration. somewhere ages and ages hence” the word “sigh” alterations everything ( Clugston. 2010 ) . You realize the talker is speaking about something greater than merely a physical route.

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He is talking about life and the picks one makes in life. Our imaginativenesss besides become engaged by the different images the talker invokes in us. One such image is of the talker standing at a fork in the forests in fall seeking to do up his head about which way to take. I feel really connected to this verse form so I am taking to utilize the Reader-Response Approach for my analysis. Harmonizing to Clugston ( 2010 ) . this attack requires that I find a personal nexus or inventive entry into the verse form ( p. 414 ) . With this attack. I will be researching why I liked the reading. placing the reading’s intent. and reviewing the text. accounting for my feelings by happening specific parts of the verse form that make me experience as I do. The talker begins the verse form with the words “Two roads diverged in a xanthous wood” ( line 1 ) . doing it obvious that the forest environing the two roads symbolizes two cryptic waies. or even the picks the talker must make up one’s mind between.

When the talker writes. “And looked down one every bit far as I could/ To where it bent in the undergrowth” ( lines 4 – 5 ) . the image that comes to mind is that of a individual seeking to see where the roads will take him before he makes the determination. To me. this indicates that the individual would wish to see where his pick will take him in life before he decides. After the talker decides to take a route “Then took the other. every bit merely as just. ” ( line 6 ) he subsequently. in stanza three. expresses his exhilaration for salvaging the other route for an escapade for a ulterior twenty-four hours. “Oh. I kept the first for another twenty-four hours! ” ( line 13 ) . The eager tone that the talker takes shows his exhilaration at the chance to be able to see both consequences at another point in his life. but so he faces world that he will of all time hold that chance because one route will take to another route. “Yet cognizing how manner lead on to way/ I doubted if I shall of all time come back. ” ( lines 14 -15 ) .

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This shows how the determinations we make impact our lives. The significance of taking the other route is highlighted in the last two lines of the verse form. “I took the 1 less traveled by/ And that has made all the difference. ” ( lines 19 – 20 ) Although the “difference” made is ne’er told. it is clear that it was important due to the speaker’s alteration in tone. The tone of the poem displacements from a hesitantly-eager tone to a remorseful between the 3rd and 4th stanza. “I shall be stating this with a sigh/Somewhere ages and ages hence” ( lines 16 – 17 ) in my sentiment this is a “sigh” of satisfaction with the determination that he made and he will be stating this narrative for old ages and old ages after. This will be one of my favourite verse forms from now on. It captured my involvement. and in my rating and analysis. I was able to read into this poem rather exhaustively deriving new penetration. This specific penetration allowed me to understand that everyone is affected by determinations that are made. whether they are made headlong or are give a batch of idea.


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