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After more than five decennaries of waiting. the Supreme Court. subsequent to publishing a impermanent restraining order for land distribution, has now given its finding of fact on the instance of Hacienda Luisita: “Distribute the agricultural land to its renter farmers”. In the determination made by the Supreme Court, the 14 magistrates has been said to “recall and put aside” the option of the receiver husbandmans to stay as shareholders of Hacienda Luisita. The 6. 296 donees are to be paid with a sum of P1. 330. 511. 500 from the alteration and sale of some lands. The former 6. 435 hectares of land is now down to 4. 334. 55 hectares since parts of the land were converted and sold to industrial companies. Hacienda Luisita became one of the most long-time controversial issue in the state as it involves the household of the latest president of the democracy of the Philippines, the Cojuangcos. In this essay example we will depict the determination made by the Supreme Court, which set an terminal to long-bound struggles refering to set down ownership in Hacienda Luisita between the Cojuangcos and its husbandmans. The declaration of the supreme tribunal has a great consequence on the agricultural reform in the state to protect the rights of the husbandmans. supply equal chances for land tiller and proprietors. to increase employment and to supply just and merely appraisal for Filipino husbandmans to relieve them from poorness.

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Hacienda Luisita became a symbol of the current province of agricultural reform in the Philippines as it concerns the issue of land ownership of little tenant husbandmans who work on the haciendas against the affluent households who own the haciendas that goes beyond the affair of land rights. It pertains to the affairs of who owns and does non ain land. how land is used and who portions in the distribution in the green goods of the land. It has been known that when Hacienda Luisita is handed down to Jose “Pepe” Cojuangco by the late president Ramon Magsaysay through a peso loan from the Government Insurance System and dollar loan to the Manufacturers Trust Company of New York which was guaranteed by the Central Bank of the Philippines. it was associated with an of import status that after 10 old ages from its purchase in 1958. the 6. 435 hectare Hacienda Luisita must be given to its little husbandmans. However. in 1968. ten old ages after the understanding. no land was made available to any tenant husbandman or sugar plantation owner in Hacienda Luisita. antonym from the understanding made. The Hacienda Luisita workers formed brotherhood asked for land distribution but still. no land were distributed and this starts the struggle between

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