Reaction Paper On Globalization – Essay Sample


The intent of this reaction paper is to give reactions concentrating on the effects of globalisation. From the word globalisation, you can split it into two words. planetary and civilisation. Is it right or wrong? Which manner would you travel?

Globalization or should we state planetary civilisation can take to different facets in humanity. Upon reading the two articles of G. B. Madison and Oliva Blanchette. the two writers gave their different point of positions in globalisation. Madison tells about the harmless manner and advantages of globalisation in humanity while Blanchette tells about the negative parts of globalisation in human betterment. But both writers came to make a point of human spiritualty. Spiritualty of human leads to the concern of humanity among all economic enterprises that adult male is making.


Madison pointed out the route to civilisation. The development in civilisation that is can non be avoided. It has advantages that adult male can profit from globalisation. It gives us the opportunity to turn through globalisation. By taking the barriers in spread. civilization. linguistic communication. nationality. and race. we can make the whole universe.

As per Madison besides. the effects of globalisation such as the homogenisation. groupism and universalism are the chances to hold growing and advancement in one state. This means a opportunity to negociate. explore. concern projects to other states.

Another benefit of globalisation is a opportunity to be heard. One state is globalized when they aim for the common good. Democracy is pattern in a globalized state and this is a manner to be market friendly and to hold competitory economic place.

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Therefore. globalisation is a tool to accomplish growing and development. But still. Madison besides cited some menaces in globalisation. In order to acquire off from those menaces is the usage of protection. the responsible capitalist economy. For Madison. it is capitalist economy with the moralss of reciprocality and common regard. GLOBALIZATION OR HUMANIZATION: A Question OF PRIORITIES IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT BY OLIVA BLANCHETTE

Oliva Blanchette’s reaction about globalisation is ill incorrect. It barely affects the 3rd universe state and does nil good about the advancement of humanity. Harmonizing to him. large corporations manipulate free trade and planetary competition. States are globally dependent now because production of goods has become worldwide and it seems everything is swiped out by globalisation.

For Blanchette. globalisation is neo- colonialism. Everything is controlled by the influence of globalisation. Large corporations are managing and commanding us. stashing. and pull stringsing what suppose for us is free.

Blanchette besides cited ways of how to defy economic political orientation. By advancing societal justness and common good. single and nature rights. better rewards and economic conditions. and religious opposition.


Therefore. the two writers meet the ultimate end at the terminal. Both ways ended to traverse the human spiritualty. Which manner would take you travel?

I would propose traveling to the moral manner of globalisation. We should draw a bead on for the integrity and spiritualty of the common good. Advancement is achieved when there is solidarity. Our duty for ourselves. for others. and for God is the ultimate demand of solidarity. We should see the manner of globalisation is the act of love and harmoniousness among us. This is what globalisation is taking for.

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Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities By G. B. Madison

Globalization or Humanization: A Question of Precedences in Human Development By Oliva Blanchette