Qualities Of Rizal Essay Sample

How can the acquisition and development of these qualities in our people help the state?

Educated. We. as a pupils. should give ourselves in our surveies and analyze really good. like what Rizal did. because it does non merely live up the dreams of our parents but besides. I know. we are making a batch for our state. Remember when Rizal said. “The young person is the hope of the homeland. ” which he really wanted to state is “The educated young person is the hope of the homeland. ” With instruction. we can fit ourselves with the cognition we have acquired to carry through our coveted aim or intent.

Self-discipline. Rizal was a good disciplined individual. As a relation to my reply in instruction. A pupil should be able to command his feelings and get the better of his failings. In today’s coevals. pupils can’t resist distractions such as appliances & A ; engineering. Obviously pupils tend to pass most of their clip utilizing the engineering or their appliances more than reading their books at place. That’s why self-denial should be practiced.

Sense of ego. I think to be a good leader is to hold a strong sense of ego because a good leader is a good leader of himself. Besides a strong sense of ego is when we believe in ourselves and what we stand up for. Peoples may differ with our sentiment but that does non automatically intend we are incorrect. Just like Rizal. he was expelled from a university because of the different sentiments between him and the school functionaries but he ne’er lost his strong belief that he was capable of making great things.

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