Qualitative Critique Essay Sample

This survey examined qualitative research on “Pregnancy and protection: Percepts. attitudes and experiences of Australian female adolescents” to find designs and methods used and to detect emergent subjects across survey. Most of the survey reviewed was described as qualitative or phenomenological by design and included samples consisting of Australian females participants entirely. Based on analysis of the corporate primary findings of the sample research survey. three subjects were identified: ( a ) Perceptions. ( B ) attitudes and ( degree Celsius ) experiences of Australian female striplings. Overall. the survey revealed that most adolescent females perceive gestation as a rite of transition and a challenging yet positive life event. This qualitative survey needed affecting participants from same cultural backgrounds. perceptual experiences relative to adolescent gestation and. about decision-making relevant to pregnancy declaration. familiarity. and peer relationships.

TitleThe rubric of the survey which is as follows “Pregnancy and protection: Percepts. attitudes and experiences of Australian female adolescents” accurately reflects the survey because regulations have been the topic of considerable research. Writers have conducted the large-scale and systematic survey of sexual attitudes and experiences of Australian female striplings.

AbstractAbstract covers the needed information provide clear apprehension of the subject explicating methods. determination. and basic intent of the survey and concluding remarks given in reasoning portion. The information found within the research survey is accurate but uncomplete and outdated. An equal review on this subject of gestation and protection must get down finally from the socially extremist acknowledgment that the lone scientifically verifiable differences between work forces and adult females are in the mechanics of biological reproduction. and that all other evident differences are hence caused by cultural and societal conditioning.

Problem statement and purposeThe intent of the research survey is clearly defined although the job in the research survey is non clear. Writers of the survey hold given a little touch to clear up the issue. In fact the significance sing the job has non been identified to give clear apprehension of the job to a reader.

Literature ReviewThis research survey is an initial experiment in conceptual literature reappraisal. It contains a general overview of construct function ; a reappraisal of construct and the study reviews a big organic structure of literature on the utilizations of Concept referrals on sex instruction. The project’s overall aim is to make a sound foundation for future accounting criterions that are principles-based. internally consistent and internationally converged. Basically a conceptual model is used in research to sketch possible classs of action or to show a preferable attack to an thought or idea. For illustration. the philosopher Isaiah Berlin used the ‘hedgehogs’ versus ‘foxes’ attack ; a ‘hedgehog’ might near the universe in footings of a individual organizing rule ; a ‘fox’ might prosecute multiple conflicting ends at the same time.

Alternatively. an empiricist might near a topic by direct scrutiny. whereas an intuitionist might merely intuit what’s following. Conceptual models ( theoretical models ) are a type of intermediate theory that attempt to link to all facets of enquiry ( e. g. . job definition. intent. literature reappraisal. methodological analysis. informations aggregation and analysis ) . Conceptual models can move like maps that give coherency to empirical enquiry. Because conceptual models are potentially so close to empirical enquiry. they take different signifiers depending upon the research inquiry or job.

MethodsQualitative research is frequently regarded as a precursor to quantitative research. in that it is frequently used to bring forth possible leads and thoughts which can be used to explicate a realistic and testable hypothesis. This hypothesis can so be comprehensively tested and mathematically analyzed. with standard quantitative research methods. For these grounds. these qualitative methods are frequently closely allied with study design techniques and single instance surveies. as a manner to reenforce and measure findings over a broader graduated table. One illustration of a qualitative research design might be a study constructed as a precursor to the paper towel experiment. A survey completed before the experiment was performed would uncover which of the battalion of trade names were the most popular. The quantitative experiment could so be constructed around merely these trade names. salvaging a batch of clip. money and resources. Qualitative methods are likely the oldest of all experimental techniques. with Ancient Greek philosophers qualitatively detecting the universe around them and seeking to come up with replies which explained what they saw.

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Some reappraisals and metasyntheses of qualitative surveies have been done [ Barroso and Powell-Cope 2000. Field and Marck 1994. Jensen and Allen 1994 and Sleutel 1998 ] . but established and systematic guidelines. aside from review and rating of methodological analysis and quality of the constituents of the survey. are missing [ Sandelowski et Al 1997 ] . [ Sandelowski et al 1997 ] stated. “In general. surveies should non be excluded for grounds of quality. …there are broad fluctuations in constructs of the good. and in quality criteria” ( p. 368 ) . Research surveies were non excluded based on their scientific virtue to avoid exclusion of research survey germane to the intent of this survey. However. cosmopolitan criterions for qualitative research survey as described by [ Polit et Al 2001 ] were considered when choosing research survey and treatment of overall quality of the surveies reviewed.

Standards for inclusion of research survey in the sample included the followers: ( a ) published in a peer-reviewed diary from 1990 to 2000 ; ( B ) cited in nursing or related literature ; ( degree Celsius ) chief focal point on subject of adolescent gestation or parentage ; and ( vitamin D ) primary usage of qualitative methods for informations aggregation and analysis with accent on narrative informations. Potential research survey were obtained by accessing the undermentioned computing machine databases: Accumulative Index for Allied Health and Nursing ( CINAHL ) . Psychological Literature ( PsycINFO ) . PubMed. EMBASE. Social Work Abstracts. Sociological Abstracts. and ERIC. Key words used included adolescent gestation and adolescent gestation paired with other footings such as qualitative. grounded theory. phenomenology. descriptive anthropology. hermeneutic. and descriptive research.

Database hunts combined yielded 91 research survey for possible inclusion in the sample. Of those 91 research survey. most were cited in all databases. Although a figure of surveies ( runing from 2 to 478. depending on which hunt words were used ) were cited as qualitative surveies. many of them were descriptive. nonexperimental. and used quantitative methods. Abstractions of research survey were read to find whether to obtain full texts of the surveies. If the abstract of an research survey revealed the sole usage of standardised informations aggregation tools. subscales. and other quantitative steps. the research survey was non reviewed farther. Research survey that focused on adolescent gestation and chiefly employed qualitative methods were evaluated for possible inclusion in the sample. Based on the standards for inclusion. the research workers selected 22 research survey for the concluding sample.

InterviewsYes there were 68 semi-structured interviews that were conducted in this research survey. These interviews were conducted with a reasonably unfastened model which allow for focussed. colloquial. bipartisan communicating. They can be used both to give and have information. Unlike the questionnaire model. where elaborate inquiries are explicating in front of clip. semi structured questioning starts with more general inquiries or subjects. Relevant subjects ( such as cookstoves ) are ab initio identified and the possible relationship between these subjects and the issues such as handiness. disbursal. effectiveness go the footing for more specific inquiries which do non necessitate to be prepared in progress. Not all inquiries are designed and phrased in front of clip. The bulk of inquiries are created during the interview. leting both the interviewer and the individual being interviewed the flexibleness to examine for inside informations or discourse issues. Semi-structured interviewing is guided merely in the sense that some signifier of interview usher. such as the matrix described below is prepared beforehand. and provides a model for the interviewValidityQualitative techniques are highly utile when a topic is excessively complex be answered by a simple yes or no hypothesis.

These types of designs are much easier to be after and transport out. utile when budgetary determinations have to be taken into history. The broader range covered by these designs ensures that some utile informations is ever generated. whereas an unproven hypothesis in a quantitative experiment can intend that a batch of clip has been wasted. Qualitative research methods are non as dependent upon sample sizes as quantitative methods ; a instance survey. for illustration. can bring forth meaningful consequences with a little sample group. Whilst non as clip or resource consuming as quantitative experiments. qualitative methods still require a batch of careful idea and planning. to guarantee that the consequences obtained are every bit accurate as possible. Qualitative informations can non be mathematically analyzed in the same comprehensive manner as quantitative consequences. so can merely give a usher to general tendencies. It is a batch more unfastened to personal sentiment and judgement. and so can merely of all time give observations instead than consequences.

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Data analysisThematic attack of informations Analysis was used for this research survey it is an attack to covering with informations that involves the creative activity and application of ‘codes’ to informations. The ‘data’ being analyzed might take any figure of signifiers – an interview transcript. field notes. policy paperss. exposure. video footage. As I said earlier. there is a clear nexus between this type of analysis and Grounded Theory. as the latter clearly lays out a model for transporting out this type of code-related analysis. ‘Coding’ refers to the creative activity of classs in relation to informations ; the grouping together of different cases of data point under an umbrella term that can enable them to be regarded as ‘of the same type’ .

DesignFor the intent of this survey qualitative research design was utilised. Modern gender pedagogues and research workers use advanced attacks to qualitative societal research utilizing their ain technological tools ( Hewson et al 2003 ) indicating out that Internet moderated methods offer the possible to detect a huge figure of participants from limitless distance and a assortment of civilizations cheaply and time-efficiently. Furthermore. informations collected from confab suites or web sites can be straight loaded into Atlas-ti sociological surveies package ( Thomas Muhr. World Wide Web. atlasti. de ) for analysis from anthropological. legal. medical. lingual. criminological. theological and educational scientific disciplines positions. Atlas-ti saves clip and money incurred in transcribing by inputting straight from Internet. Research techniques which seek penetration through chiefly verbal informations instead than scaled. calibrated measurings can however be valid. Analysis may good be interpretive. subjective. impressionistic and diagnostic.

For some. this is considered excessively slackly structured and hence non utile. Yet. as we know from the illustration of publication prejudice. it is besides possible to supply complete inutility based on difficult statistics. The new ICT scene of sex. while driven basically for commercial intents. has an inevitable psycho-pedagogical and societal map. Modern research design asks ( a ) what types of sexuality-related information are shared by users of a medium. ( B ) how gender related information is framed. expressed. deconstructed and understood. and ( degree Celsius ) what are the deductions of ‘sexuality on the Internet’ for policy-makers. pedagogues and wellness professionals? SampleA purposive sample is used for this research survey that is a sample selected in a deliberative and non-random manner to accomplish a certain end. In a focal point group. for illustration. you may desire to consciously seek out respondents at both terminals of a spectrum ( every bit good as some in the center ) to see that all point of views are adequately represented.

You might besides preferentially recruit topics who have the best cognition and experience in an country. In add-on to concentrate group surveies. purposive samples are frequently used in pilot surveies. A purposive sample portions the same weaknesses as a convenience sample and you will hold trouble doing strong quantitative illations from such a sample. For illustration: the survey has defines that a purposive sample consisting three sub-groups of sexually active females aged 14-19 old ages was recruited from adolescent antenatal and postpartum services ( pregnant-continued ) . expiration services ( pregnant-terminated ) . and youth sexual wellness services ( never-pregnant ) in the metropolitan country of Perth. Western Australia.

Ethical ConsiderationNot at least non by research workers. But … rivals have clearly done their prep and identified the established markets for the commercialism sex. So. it could be said that marketing signifiers of monitoring and rating are valid as portion of a qualitative survey design. Meaning? For illustration. the development of comprehensive gender instruction course of study needs to takes into history non merely the cosmopolitan developmental undertakings of pubescence. adolescence and maturity. but besides the consumer features and sexual parlances which are familiar to the intended donees in their several cyber-cultural scenes. This involves a clear definition of comprehensive gender instruction. which recognizes the viing influence on intended donees of ICT-based commercialism of sex on the one manus. and traditional. spiritual. inter-generational and cultural constructs about sex on the other. A sample in which the person units are selected by some purposive method.

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It is hence capable to prejudices of personal choice and for this ground is now seldom advocated in its rough signifier. t isn’t ever possible to set about a chance method of trying. such as in random sampling. For illustration. there is non a complete sampling frame available for certain groups of the population e. g. the aged ; people who are go toing a football lucifer ; people who shop in a peculiar portion of town. Another factor to bear in head is that many of the chance trying methods described above may intend that research workers would hold to set about a postal or telephone study bringing or might be expected to travel from house to house. We will discourse some of the jobs of low response rate later on in this workbook. but you might happen that a chance sample with a hapless response rate doesn’t in the terminal spring you a peculiarly good representation of the population being examined.

FindingsIn add-on. the findings of the research survey are independently read and reread by each research worker several times to seek for and develop emergent subjects across the corporate findings and to place any differences or contradictions. On multiple occasions. the research workers discussed their independent appraisals of the findings of each survey and feelings about development and definition of subjects in order to make consensus on their readings. The reappraisal and analysis was written and revised several times. which served to explain the survey consequences and provided farther chance for analysis and synthesis of the informations.

LimitationsIn this survey. although common subjects are identified from the sample of articles as a whole. it is of import to observe that it is slightly debatable to compare phenomena from surveies that focus on different facets of adolescent gestation and include varied sample populations. The writers experienced some trouble in depicting and construing a few of the surveies reviewed due to obscure accounts of the complex findings. Despite these restrictions. the findings of this reappraisal and analysis yielded informations that farther develop research relevant to the phenomena of adolescent gestation and supply some way for future survey.


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