Public Relations and Professionalism Essay Sample

Members of the private security industry demand to transport a professional mode merely as public constabularies do when they are making their occupations. As mentioned in the article. some provinces require private officers to travel through the same basic preparation as public officers go through. ( Goldstein. 2007 )

An illustration given in the article stated that three officers were charged with assault for crushing a adult male in forepart of his married woman and his kids. ( Goldstein. 2007 ) This an bad illustration of bad action and unprofessionalism that has a bad consequence on how the public position the private security system. Having private security officers that are taking their badge and misapplying their authorization can ensue in charges being against the officers in inquiry. And there can be charges held against the company that the officer works for. In the long tally no 1 will win if the private officer abuses his authorization.

Private constabulary officers are viewed by the community as offers of authorization. since they have been instructed through social norms that is true. The chief difference is the topographic point of their despatch ( private security company vs. constabulary section ) . They do use most of the same methods. It is of import to hold a good working relationship with the company and to transport yourself in a professional mode. This allows a relationship of trust to germinate. Private sector security is going more widely used. They are involved in complex condemnable probes and patrols of both business district and residential countries. They are going needed every bit much as constabulary officers.

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