Provide leadership across the organisation Essay Sample

PURA has been a corporation in the Brisbane country for the last 30 old ages and has progressively expanded during that clip. At present. PURA’s base is in Brisbane with a work force of 180 employees. Our staff of 10-12-man squad is assigned in the package section. This squad improves and sustains all the specialised package for the house. This package development squad has become the moneymaking section of the company.

However. the construction and work patterns in this country of expertness diverge from the patterns carried on by the remainder of the staff in the organisation. The company implements occupation sharing. adaptable work displacements and insouciant garb on the occupation. Thus the company Board has settled on making a new company known as PURA-IT. which is a portion of the PURA group. The package squad will reassign to the new site at Brisbane City Council Green Square. which is merely within the locality from the caput office. a fifteen-minute walking distance between the two sites. All the installations and services have been structured for the premises and a little group from the administrative staff will run into managerial demands. These persons will work straight with the CEO. The new CEO will be the senior director from the bing concern and I will stay the squad leader.


The different groups affected by this alteration are as follows:

Support Staff



Have to set to the new work milieus
Change from adaptable hours to repair hours
Accept new work contracts
Move to new sites
Work for a minor company

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Customers & A ; Sellers:

Have to mix with a minor company
Current clients of the new house
Have to re-sign contracts with the new company


Have to vouch backing/provision in all facets
Have to do certain handiness of staff when necessary
Have to reconstitute policies and processs when necessary
Have to qualify subscribing fillip and keeping fillip as assured

Hazard Management

We followed the 5-step hazard direction process:

Identify hazard
Assess the hazard
Decide to command
Implement control step
Monitor and reappraisal

This helps us to place the undermentioned hazards and methods to get the better of them:

Identify hazard
Assess hazard specifics
Recommendation/Protective steps
Implement control
Monitor and reappraisal
Damage to concern due to employee abrasion
Weak employee morale/doubtful in employment due to brief employment contracts Persistent communicating and support

Alteration in work atmosphere
Employee counsel with deduction on set uping a squad civilization to oppose other hazard and convey productiveness

Market hazard
New person may confront strong competition from the current market leader Attention on modernisation
Segregate the merchandises
Backing from PURA group

Electronic mail

Dear all.

I know everyone of you is being aware. with your support and devotion for the last 30 old ages ; PURA is now the prominent technology company in Brisbane. Nevertheless. this minute is the right clip for us to get down another epoch in our yesteryear.

At this clip. there is a greater demand for package interior decorators. We have a minor enthusiastic squad of package development staff. which we must detect to spread out to run into the ever-growing market demand. We have come to the determination to organize a new house under PURA authorization. This company will run independently and will be known as PURA-IT. The new location will be at Fortitude Valley that is nearby from the chief office.

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No alterations will be done in footings of employee and direction. The current senior director at PURA will be will be the new CEO of the house. The forces will get down their occupation at new site by subscribing a12-month employment contract. Part of the adjustment is to supply every employee fillips for fall ining and remaining on for the first successful twelvemonth of contract completion at PURA-IT.

We are confident that this docket is critical to run into the increasing demand that is owed to the turning engineering. Our new group will concentrate and will be resourceful and advanced in supplying customer’s demands and demands. In this mode. it will help us to make our end to be the first technology house in Australia. Our staff will hold the dual opportunity of doing it good in their well-thought-of professions and their acquaintance with work surroundings and construction.

We will utilize the state-of-the-art engineering in our new concern to remain feasible and present the finest conceivable services to our clients. The high quality in engineering will allow us detect new chances and drive us beyond. We value your eternal support and we hope all the best in our new concern venture.