Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care Essay Sample

1. 1 Identify statute law associating to wellness and safety in a societal attention work puting Within the older individuals project where I work there are a figure of Law’s. Legislation’s. Policies and Procedures relevant to wellness and safety. Health and Safety at work Act 1974

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Care Standard Act 2000
Food Hygiene Regulations 2005
Food Safety Act 1990
Food Hygiene Regulations 2005
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 ( amended 2002 )
Coverage of Injury. Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 ( RIDDOR ) Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations ( PPE ) 1992 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COSHH ) 2002

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
Raising Operationss and Lifting Equipment Regulations ( LOLER ) 1998 Environmental Protection Act 1990
Company Policies and Procedures for Health and Safety

1. 2 Explain the chief points of wellness and safety policies and processs agreed with the employer. There are a figure of points with respect to the wellness and safety policies and processs but the chief points are to guarantee the safety of occupants and staff likewise. By following these you can keep a safe topographic point of work and it enables you to keep the wellness and safety demands. E. g. Hazardous substances are to be locked off. all issues and entrywaies kept clear to cut down any possible accidents. equipment which is used is tested and any fire dismay system is maintained and tested on a regular basis. Regular preparation is and provided to staff i. e. Health & A ; Safety. Manual Handling. COSHH. RIDDOR. and Data Protection though there are many others that could be relevant. staff are cognizant of whom to describe and equipment jobs. care safety issues to. .

1. 3 Analyze the chief wellness and safety duties of ; For myself Health and safety is my duties as a displacement leader and I must guarantee non merely the safety of my ego but besides of those about me who possibly affected by what I do. Adhering to policies and processs in relation to wellness and safety. easing the wellness and safety of renters. visitants and staff by cut downing hazards or possible injury. guarantee equipment is used right and has been provided i. e. PPE. it is besides of import that any incidents or concerns are reported right to the director. We all have the overall responsibility to protect the wellness and safety of staff. occupants and others who may be affected ; directors have the duty to guarantee that staff are trained and are cognizant of their duties. they must guarantee that staff adhere to safe criterions and working methods guaranting that any available and appropriate equipment I used so that hazards can be reduced.

1. 4 Identify specific undertakings in the work puting that should non be carried out without particular preparation. Using equipment. manual handling. nutrient readying. administrating medicines. first assistance. managing chemical substances all of these are non be carried out without the right preparation.

2. 1 Use policies and processs or other agreed ways of working that relate to wellness and safety. I ever follow policies and processs and agreed ways of working. I help to develop hazard appraisals associated with wellness and safety. I take the Lead place when utilizing equipment such as hoists. to guarantee and any those I am working with know what they are making. e. g. when covering with a renter with weight issues and the specializer equipment is used. if I had issues sing wellness and safety I would seek advice from my director or other relevant professional. 2. 2 Support others to understand and follow safe patterns.

I support others to understand by explicating the grounds why safe patterns should ever be followed. For illustration if the cleansing agent has mopped one of the suites which is often used I guarantee that mark is placed in an appropriate place for everyone to be cognizant of the hazard associated with a wet floor. An illustration would be if I see staff non following right manual handling processs. I would indicate out the persons managing process and do them cognizant of the effects of their actions. 2. 3 Monitor and describe possible wellness and safety hazards.

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As a displacement leader I monitor and report any wellness and safety hazards whilst at work. For illustration I monitor when in their flats i. e. when traveling about. fixing nutrient. to guarantee their safety. I besides report to the house director or director any type of possible wellness and safety hazards for illustration ; I late brought to the manager’s attending that a ceiling hoist support pole was out of alliance. and that it would necessitate rectifying before it could be used once more.

2. 4 Use hazard appraisal in relation to wellness and safety.
Hazard appraisals are used to place possible injury to an person or individuals. This identifies the possibility of a jeopardies and helps to cut down the possibility of injury. they are put in topographic point to safeguard persons. Hazard appraisals are reviewed and can be added to or changed if necessary 2. 5 Demonstrate ways to understate possible hazards and jeopardies. Communication and observations. when geting on displacement I will inquire if there are any new or recent accommodations to any hazard appraisals in topographic point. While on displacement I follow policies and processs and guarantee that others are besides cognizant of their functions and duties sing wellness and safety issues.

2. 6 Access extra support or information associating to wellness and safety. There are many ways that I can entree extra support or information associating to wellness and safety. by reading house policies and processs. senior members of staff. the director. authorities web sites. organizational regulative organic structures. trained professionals. wellness and safety representatives or the library.

3. 1 Describe different types of accidents and sudden unwellness that may happen in ain work puting. There are potentially many different types of accidents and sudden unwellness that may happen in my work puting to the occupants. staff or others. All the occupants are older individuals and some have jobs with their mobility. sight and hearing. Some have changing phases of a dementedness and are vulnerable. Accidents could affect trips. falls. cuts. Burnss. contusions and back hurt due to incorrect manual handling processs. Illnesss that may could include bosom onslaught. diabetic exigency. and allergic reaction. tummy upset by nutrient. illness and diarrhea. loss of consciousness. trouble take a breathing or an asthma onslaught. All accidents that happen in work are recorded in the accident study book.

4. 1 Explain ain function in back uping others to follow patterns that cut down the spread of infection. As a displacement leader it is my duty that policies and processs are adhered to in respects to cut downing the spread of infection. It is my duty to guarantee my ain wellness and hygiene and good pattern prevents the spread of infection. Professionals have said that the most of import manner to cut down the spread of infections is by rinsing your custodies often and that people who live in a attention puting are at a higher hazard of infections because they all live together and portion communal countries. Inadequate manus rinsing and dirty or contaminated cloths can distribute infection. I guarantee that all the carers staff follow the correct processs for infection control at all times. My director provides preparation in these countries. At the start of my displacement I ever guarantee that I have sufficient PPE available in relevant countries. I set a good illustration by utilizing PPE in different facets during my displacement for illustration. i. e. preparing and administrating medicines. personal attention demands. laundry responsibilities. nutrient readying and functioning nutrient. Though PPE is used it can non halt everything such as airborne infections. I try to guarantee that tissues are readily available in instance of sneezing or coughing and I support others to make the same.

5. 1 Explain the chief points of statute law that relates to traveling and managing. Traveling and managing people within the attention environment is a regular undertaking. the jeopardies involved in manual handling should be avoided and if in any trouble it should be reported to guarantee safety for all involved. The chief points of the statute law are Taking appropriate action to prevent/minimise any hazard of hurt to yourself. or that of others. All equipment must be on a regular basis maintained and or tested.

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Working patterns should be followed and any equipment used right giving specific preparation. Adhering to any hazard appraisals that have been put into topographic point.

5. 2 Explain rules for safe moving and handling.
Within the attention sector manual handling is portion of the occupation. the followers are some safe rules. Always guarantee appropriate preparation has been provided ; this is to guarantee cognition has been given to understate hazard of hurt. Heavy or awkward tonss should be moved utilizing a maneuvering assistance ; to steer safely understating hazard of hurt. All equipment should be readily available and safe to utilize if needed ; to guarantee the safety of all involved minimising hazard of hurt whilst utilizing it. Always make certain the path is clear of obstructors ; to understate hazard of hurt. When picking up and transporting ever:

Assess the state of affairs foremost ;
Stand every bit near as possible. with pess spread somewhat apart to shoulder breadth. Bend articulatio genuss and maintain back directly. keep onto the burden steadfastly maintaining it near to the organic structure. stand swimmingly unsloped utilizing leg musculuss to cut down strain on dorsum. ne’er carry a burden above caput tallness. transport the burden near to the organic structure and at all times avoid writhing the organic structure. If at any phase it appears uncomfortable – halt and seek advice. Using these methods minimise hurt to the organic structure. When traveling an single ever cheque.

Do they necessitate to be moved?
Has the person been told that they are traveling to be moved? Will they need aid?
Will assist be needed?

Is the single heavy?
Will a manoeuvring assistance be needed?
Are there obstructions in the manner?
Is at that place adequate infinite around to safely maneuver?
Is everyone involved have oning suited vesture and footwear? The rule for measuring first is to understate hurt to all involved. Measure the undertaking by measuring the burden. undertaking. environment or single. Working patterns should be followed and equipment used right. This complies with statute law and company policies and processs for safeguarding ain wellness and safety and that of others.

6. 1 Describe types of substances that might be found in the work puting. There are many risky substances that may be within my work puting these could include medical specialties. cleansing merchandises. organic structure waste. and pigment. Hazardous substances can impact the organic structure in many ways even a small splash in someone’s oculus could do harm. Staff are cognizant of the jurisprudence sing risky substances and are trained guaranting the wellness and safety of themselves and others. All risky substances are safely locked away in appropriate closets

6. 2 Observe

7. 1 Describe patterns that prevent fires from: Get downing: Spreading A fire demands three constituents to get down. these being an ignition beginning. fuel and O. Get downing: There are many factors that could originate a fire an unattended coffin nail. electrical contraptions. overloaded sockets. paper or other combustible substances’ . Heat beginning. In order to forestall a fire you need to be to place what could get down a fire. If possible safely trade with it and describe it as preventive steps will necessitate to be put in topographic point to understate the hazard of it go oning once more. In my work topographic point steps are put in topographic point.

These follow the statute law. policies and processs. all staff are provided with preparation if fire should take topographic point. Any concerns should be dealt with quickly. Spread: Where I work we have an automatic fire door closing system the doors are ne’er propped unfastened following with statute law policies and processs. Electrical equipment is PAT tested and fire asphyxiators are in designated obstructor free countries which besides get tested. 7. 2 Observation: When in work whilst traveling around the complex and renters flats I would be detecting to do certain that fire issues are clear. no physique up of trash or inappropriate storage or anything that might represent a possible hazard.

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7. 3 Explain exigency processs to be followed in the event of a fire in the work scene. Within my work puting the process to follow in the event of a fire is to: Raise the dismay. if appropriate choice appropriate fire asphyxiator and set fire out evacuate to designated assembly points our system automatically summons the exigency services. ne’er re-enter the edifice unless fire officers say it is safe to make so. 7. 4 Ensure that clear emptying paths are maintained at all times. Staff are cognizant of statute law. policies and processs and in the event of a fire to guarantee that emptying paths are clear at all times. All fire flight doors are on a regular basis checked and have dismaies fitted to them. I on a regular basis check the emptying paths are clear. If obstructed I would unclutter it. or acquire aid if necessary. 8. 1 Observe

8. 2 Observe

8. 3 Explain the importance of guaranting that others are cognizant of ain whereabouts. It is of import to ever allow others cognize where you are within a workplace illustration ; I work in a lodging composite. if I went to another block without allowing anybody cognize and a fire broke out cipher would cognize where I was. This could set others in danger seeking to happen me and waste clip. Or another illustration. I frequently work darks entirely at the start of the dark displacement I would phone another local undertaking to rede who was on dark displacement. if I were to be called out in the dark I would so phone the other undertaking to state them where I was traveling and if necessary keep them on the line until callout cleared. 9. 1 Describe common marks and indexs of emphasis.

There are many marks and symptoms of emphasis which can impact the head. organic structure and behavior and everyone experiences emphasis in some manner. One of the most common is that of experiencing undervalued or non appreciated. worrying. short pique. deficiency of concentration. solitariness or general sadness. The usual symptoms that can impact the organic structure could include concerns. achings and strivings diarrhoea. increased heat round or thorax hurting. emesis or sickness. frequent colds. Common behavioural marks could include being angry. smoke. increased intoxicant ingestion. non eating or over feeding. non kiping or kiping excessively much. loss of sex thrust. neglecting duties. nail biting or
tempo or other nervous wont. 9. 2 Describe marks that indicate ain emphasis.

Signs that indicate my ain emphasis include inability to loosen up. loss of appetency. non kiping. short pique. negative ideas i. e. why it is ever me?

9. 3 Analyse factors that tend to trip ain emphasis.
Factors that tend to trip my ain emphasis include People outlooks. no clip to make everything.

9. 4 Compare schemes for pull offing emphasis.
There are many ways of pull offing emphasis which could include holding a supportive web. household or friends and/or work co-workers. Another manner could be bettering your assurance besides being able to quiet down softly enabling you to cover with negative feelings. I am cognizant of what triggers my ain emphasis at work so I try to restrict or avoid state of affairss that cause me emphasis. E. g. at the beginning of my displacement I will familiarize myself with what has to be done and what has been done. If a struggle arises I would seek to cover with it in a professional mode. I ever try to guarantee that I do take my clip and take regular interruptions and step back when I feel the something is get downing to do me experience dying in order to loosen up.