Professional Identity Paper Essay Sample

What is professional individuality? Is it the doctrines that a professional holds sing their profession? Is it the functions and features that are required in a listing of their occupation description? Or is it related to the resources available for a on the job professional to continually develop their accomplishments within their profession? Professional individuality is all of these things. Harmonizing to Healy and Hays ( 2010 ) : Professional individuality is the consequence of a developmental procedure that facilitates persons to make an apprehension of their profession in concurrence with their ain self-concept. enabling them to joint their function. doctrine. and attack to others within and outside of their chosen field ( paragraph 1 ) . As a professional-in-training develops and puts into pattern the doctrines. functions. and features of their profession. along with seeking out the chances and resources to come on the apprehension of their calling. an individuality will emerge and turn. This individuality will assist to specify them as a on the job professional.

Reding doctrines guide the professional counsellor to assist his or her client make the best determinations in life. These doctrines can be termed as health. resiliency. and bar. Harmonizing to Sweeney ( 2008. paragraph 3 ) . “Professional counsellors seek to promote health. a positive province of wellbeing. through developmental. preventative. and wellness-enhancing intercessions. ” Resilience and development are really closely tied to each other because when an intercession is non working as planned. the counsellor needs to be resilient with the client every bit good as seek out a new manner of assisting them turn toward physical. mental. and societal health.

The doctrine of bar in guidance is cognizing when to step in when the client is heading down a way that leads off from health. Counselors should invariably be cognizant of where their client is at in health footings. and ready to advocate their client in order to forestall them from doing the incorrect determinations. This is where the health theoretical account becomes really of import to the guidance profession. The wellness theoretical account helps the counsellor assess the health of the client. every bit good as point the counsellor to certain behaviours and picks that can profit the health of the patient in many of the countries listed in the theoretical account ( Sweeney. 2008. paragraph 12 ) . Counselors can besides suit the concerns of the client into the different domains of the health theoretical account. thereby giving them a frame to work from for specific reding thoughts.

The functions and features of a professional counsellor may change by forte. but they are still grounded in the doctrine of advancing health for clients. In school guidance. the counsellor is the 1 who is actively listening and watching what is traveling on in the school. As House and Hayes ( 2002 ) put it: “An effectual school counsellor hears more. knows more. and understands more about instructors. parents. pupils. and the community than anyone else in the school. ” Therefore. their function is non merely to advocate the pupils who come to their office on their picks and behaviours. but besides to be cognizant and slightly knowing of everyone they come in contact with during the class of their working day. Some obvious features of a school counsellor are communicating. heed. leading. and community battle.

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Meanwhile. in rehabilitation guidance. the professional description has been narrowed and clarified to a clear focal point: Rehabilitation guidance has been described as a procedure where the counsellor works collaboratively with the client to understand bing jobs. barriers and potencies in order to ease the client’s effectual usage of personal and environmental resources for calling. personal. societal and community accommodation following disablement ( Chan. Chronister. Catalana. Chase. Eun-Jeong. 2004 ) . Due to the client’s nature affecting a disablement. a certain feature of a rehabilitation counsellor is patience. This is besides a general feature of many reding professions. and particularly so with rehabilitation because the organic structure needs clip to mend physically. mentally. spiritually. and socially. Other features of a rehabilitation counsellor include critical thought. dialogue. and the ability to stay unagitated in order to bring forth struggle declaration ( Chan et al. . 2004 ) .

There are many resources and organisations available for the professional development of counsellors in all countries of specialisation. The Association for Addiction Professionals ( NAADAC ) is a national organisation that provides dependence counsellors “…nationally-standardized enfranchisement. instruction. and clinical preparation to obtain the accomplishments. makings. and experience that allow you to do advancement in your career” ( NAADAC. 2013 ) . Their concern for professional development helps dependence counsellors by giving them the tools to progress in their callings and go on to develop the personal accomplishments necessary for working with clients fighting with drug. intoxicant. and many other dependences.

The American School Counselor Association ( ASCA ) is an international organisation that offers “…a wealth of professional development chances. from its one-year conference to its on a regular basis scheduled webinars. from self-paced subject specializer preparation to one-day workshops” ( ASCA. 2014 ) . While both organisations offer instruction to the reding professional. the ASCA offers webinars ( web seminars ) . which is more suitable to today’s engineering driven coevals. The ASCA besides holds an one-year conference in add-on to their on-line forum groups. while the NAADAC merely provides the reding professional with an on-line professional web. However. both of these organisations are a great resource to anyone analyzing within their field.

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In researching the licensure and enfranchisement demands for the province of Washington. I learned that the plan offered by Capella University to obtain a Master’s Degree in School Counseling is equal for employment as a school counsellor. Washington State requires that I need “…a master’s degree with a major in counseling… [ completion of ] a state-approved plan for enfranchisement in the School Counselor role” ( OSPI. 2014 ) . I besides need to go through the Praxis II forte country trial in counsel and guidance. but that comes after graduation. Interestingly. I learned that Washington is the lone province in which county and school territory determine the credence of an internship into a school puting. non the province. Still. my planned coursework lines up with the province demands. so following an internship and graduation I will be hirable for the place of school counsellor in Washington.

Professional development is the procedure of deriving abilities and cognition for both personal and calling growing. Some countries that I see myself presently developing professionally are through reading research articles sing the functions and maps of school counsellors and pass oning on a regular basis with an simple school counsellor in my school territory. These countries are presently act uponing me positively in the acquisition of cognition. and in the hereafter I will be able to set all of the cognition into pattern. In the close hereafter I would wish to happen an chance to shadow a school counsellor for a short clip in order to see how they put their cognition and accomplishments into pattern. every bit good as discovery others in my community who are prosecuting a school reding calling to discourse future programs and besides to hold some professional contacts.

Sing the rise in modern society. engineering will indisputably impact my clinical pattern. help me in making advanced solutions. and optimise my public presentation. Harmonizing to Goss and Anthony ( 2009 ) . “Many of the utilizations of engineering in reding pattern have been foremost requested. or enacted. by clients instead than practitioners…” ( p. 225 ) . Their research found that the clients are most likely to bespeak new and advanced research methods. which means that I can merely presume that I will hold to update my pattern frequently. However. sometimes it may be every bit simple as typing a few words into the Google hunt saloon and reading a freshly published article or experiment. since anyone can happen anything on the Internet in modern society. In this manner. in add-on to the possibility of engineering working against me. it is besides on my side. The Internet can besides assist optimise my public presentation as a counsellor through the screening of free web pictures on new methods or patterns. and the simpleness of seeking for and buying any articles. diaries. or videos that have a monetary value ticket attached.

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A professional individuality will emerge and turn over clip when the working professional puts knowledge into pattern. All of the functions they assume. the features that are both expected of them and that already specify them. and the assorted ways they strive to develop professionally are portion of the individuality that will further in the workplace. This individuality is of import to the manner that others see them. and to the manner they see themselves. My professional individuality is non yet what I want it to be. but it is besides non yet what I know it can be. I am a counselor-in-training.

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