Problems Regarding Of Knowledge Transfer Information Technology Essay

Fitbar is an organisation fabrication wellness bite bars. The company has been enduring with the jobs sing of cognition transportation in their organisation. As Knowledge is the most of import plus for companies today. Knowledge assets and the learning capacity of an organisation are the chief beginnings of competitory advantage. Knowledge direction has clearly become more of import. Companies expect an betterment of the invention capableness and important addition in process efficiency. It promises better determination devising, faster turnaround times, improved organisational communicating and higher degrees of cooperation and interaction among forces. Hence, recognizing the demand of cognition direction the organisation has appointed a confer withing house to cover with the originating issues.

Answer One:

Pull offing and keeping cognition is one of the new fundamental for success in the new economic system. It is an of import every bit good as a hard occupation as it involves many complex organisational issues where simplistic attacks would n’t work nor would forcing engineerings at the employees. There are some cardinal Knowledge Management issues addressed to the CEO of FitBar. The basic job the organisation and its employees are confronting is associated with the jobs knowledge sharing such as:

The staff has been successfully capturing the silent signifier of cognition, information and information with the aid of their personal experiences but has been unable to portion it with the other participants such as the providers, clients and co-workers. Beginnings of explicit cognition do non look to be maintained good. Hence have non been acquired by the employees.

As per the survey made on the issue interviews it was found that the staff is aggravated as it is unsated with the current system of cognition direction because the information distributed is distributed all, irrespective it is relevant to them or non. This state of affairs makes them experience overloaded with the information which is non even applicable to them and has besides led in informations redundancy. If the state of affairs continues, the storage capacity for informations storage would consume.

There is a limited entree to explicit cognition resources within the organisation to certain sections which leads to repetitive petition of the same information from one section to the other. This leads to indefinite hold in work, as garnering the same information once more and once more is clip devouring.

Another job recognized in the present working of the organisation is in the Gross saless section. As mentioned in the instance survey due to the current fillip system, there is a feeling of fight originating amongst the employees in the Gross saless division which would move as a major obstruction in the manner of cognition sharing as this would take to reluctance in sharing information amongst each other.

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The right use of cognition is losing in the organisation every bit good as the employees lacked support and information from wise mans and there seniors.

Covering with multiple formats and multiple positions at the same clip has been identified as a major job in Knowledge Management system of the organisation. Information is widely spread over people, desks, difficult discs, files etc.

The I.T support squad is non able to help the staff with the information required. They need to implement better cognition sharing tools in the system doing it easier for the remainder of the employees to portion informations.

Answer 2

The chief aims of cognition direction are to advance saving, communicating and growing of cognition within an organisation. There are stairss that are needed to be taken to heighten and enable engineering coevals, codification and transportation. Therefore, the undermentioned execution and the design program for the company to take enterprises:

KM execution: a procedure design program

The procedure design program for the execution of KM enterprises taken for FitBar is shown in the figure below. It is made of seven basic parts that can be interchangeable, added, excluded, combined, re-defined.

Organizations understanding of cognition

5. Knowledge creative activity, keeping and sharing

6. Choice of I.T Tools and managerial patterns

1.Epistemological Position

7. Execution of the pilot undertaking

4. Planning and budgeting

3. Designation and function of KM jobs ( Strategies ) – Internal and external

2. A cognition commission in the company coverage to the Chief executive officer

FitBars Organizational Process

A procedure design for the execution of KM.

Epistemic position: It is organisation ‘s understating of cognition direction. This tells us where the organisation really stands in footings of cognition and information and how good is it being utilised. This is utile in constructing a common vocabulary in the organisation ( Neto, 2005 ) .

A Knowledge Committee in the organisation coverage to the Chief executive officer: A commission for the administration of the KM procedure shall embrace members from different parts of the organisations, from different backgrounds and preparedness to move as cognition agents and cognition militants. The thought behind the commission is to affect and intrust the organisation as a whole, pass oning that it ‘s everyone ‘s duty to do KM a successful procedure in the organisation. This commission shall run into on a regular footing and all determinations affecting the house ‘s KM procedure should be discussed and approved within this case.

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Designation and function of organisations Knowledge related jobs ; our point here is to place and map the organisation ‘s cognition and place the jobs in the system and the alterations to be made are listed.

Planing and budgeting: Harmonizing to the company ‘s budget the tools shall be chosen. A unsmooth ballad out about the program shall be made harmonizing to which engineerings will be implemented.

Knowledge Retention, Sharing and Creation: Once the organisation has defined its deployed cognition taxonomy and the KM Committee has chosen the 1s to be privileged, the organisation will now, within the KM Committee, specify the accent it wants on that specific cognition type: keeping, sharing or creative activity.

Choice of IT tools, managerial practices/processes and definition of prosodies: one time the activities to be performed are chosen. When KM is concerned, prosodies should be both quantitative and qualitative. Technologies are used harmonizing to the activities performed.

Execution of a Pilot Undertaking: the thought here is to get down the execution with little progressive bites. A pilot undertaking should be put to proof in a critical topographic point of the organisation or in an country that it ‘s most likely to win. Feedback is now achieved and the whole procedure starts.

Enterprises suggested to be taken for bettering the cognition direction system of the company.

Groupware ( Computer-supported collaborative work ) : Sharing and coaction are clearly critical to organizational cognition direction – with or without back uping engineering. This would assist in sharing thoughts and positions of the employees from their past experiences. The plan is connected to the database direction system which would hive away the thoughts ; the information posted will be saved. This would assist the employees to hold a direct entree to the cognition required. . For this, client waiter architecture is required. Where the waiter will be employed for informations and user direction. An drawn-out version of groupware e.g. SmallTalk should be installed.

Using Social Software: The usage of societal package such as wikis, web logs and bookmarking should be encouraged, such societal packages promote the sharing of experiences ensuing in cognition transportation within the organisation. A wiki, which provides all users the chance to rapidly print and redact pages, is used for collaborative squads to document what they know. A web log, a web log of journal entries typically written by one but commented on by many, serves to supply intelligence to the community along with their personal positions. Social bookmarking sites enable users to hive away, form, and manage URLs to useful sites. The more people in an organisation who use these tools, the more likely the organisation can work out the jobs posed.

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Intranet / Extranet: Intranet is internet engineering internally within organisation. Since, it is controlled internally ; it is easier to stipulate criterions, such as holding peculiar browser. Goals achieved by intranet:

Provides email

Delivers developing

Publishes information such as intelligence

Supplying a frontend to organisational databases such as corporate yellow pages

Provides treatment countries for users to turn to issues

Extranet: It is an extension of an organisations intranet that has been opened to selected foreigners. These foreigners might be clients, providers, spouses, sellers or even members of the organisation itself. For security grounds it besides has restricted entree ( watchword protected ) . Possible functions for an extranet:

Giving information about your merchandises and services

Enrolling employees

Exchanging big sums of informations

Supporting clients, providers and gross revenues forces

Document direction. Data direction tools are used to bring forth, entree, shop and analyze informations in the organisation. Originally concerned chiefly with pull offing the handiness of images, papers direction has moved on to doing content accessible and re-usable at the constituent degree. Early acknowledgment of the demand to tie in “ metadata ” with each papers object prefigures document direction engineering ‘s turning function in cognition direction activities.

Roll uping Feedback and Exit Interviews: Roll uping regular feedbacks from the employees and issue interviews about their experience in the organisation, the alterations made and the engineerings implemented would surely assist in the betterment of the KM system in the hereafter.

Help desk: A help desk should be maintained for immediate aid with the information required.


Fitbar needs to take immediate stairss for the betterment of cognition direction. We suggest incorporating Internet engineerings into tools to let for distributed cognition sharing and use. Integrating the sharing of cognition into work patterns, so that it will go portion of day-to-day work, and non another undertaking. The attendant use of interactive multimedia engineering enables an intuitive and biotechnologies graphical user interface to set knowledge into and to recover cognition from the people of the company.