Pro-Slavery Arguments Essay

Bondage was at its extremum both economically and polemically during the nineteenth century. The proslavery forces of the South proposed many statements to support their establishment that they held beloved. Legal. faith. and economic statements were all used to warrant their support of bondage. The largest defence of bondage came from the political facets of it.

Legal statements and defences were used more often than any agencies of support. The largest efforts to salvage bondage came through via medias. Many celebrated via medias aroused during the nineteenth century over bondage and the districts. The via media that stands out more than any other was the Missouri Compromise of 1820 which stated that any new district above 36°30″ would be free. and any territory South of that line would be slave. This settled the statement of bondage for a small piece and was a great manner of temporarily continuing their establishment. Another statement used in support of bondage was that slaves were belongings. and persons had the constitutional right to their belongings.

With this defence. it gave them a constitutional advantage. Another celebrated determination in favour of the South was the Dred Scott determination. This Supreme Court determination allowed proslavery forces to utilize the statement that inkinesss were non people ; therefore they had no constitutional rights including freedom. This was another constitutional advantage that came from a Supreme Court reading of the fundamental law. The south presented a formidable statement to continue bondage with these legal statements ; nevertheless there were besides the economic and spiritual facets to take into consideration as good.

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There were many economical facets to the inquiry over bondage. The South presented the necessity of slave labour for prosperity as one illustration. Without the usage of bondage. plantations and hard currency harvests wouldn’t have succeeded about every bit good because there was merely non plenty adult male power to be the labour that the slaves put in. This would hold affected the whole state but more preponderantly the South because hard currency harvests were their most important economic activity by far. Another statement was that bondage would ne’er spread out north because they had no usage for land North of the 36°30″ line because it merely wasn’t tantrum for bring forthing hard currency harvests or lodging plantations.

Merely the southern lands were fertile and climatic plenty to run into their demands. One more important economic statement used to endorse up bondage was slaves were treated better working on plantations than free inkinesss were in the North. Plantation proprietors wanted to maintain first-class attention for their slaves because without high moral and work force. they would be useless. Therefore. plantations offered 3 repasts a twenty-four hours. lodging. and many other fringe benefits for slaves in which most free inkinesss couldn’t addition on their little incomes. This was a main point frequently made by the South. Religion besides played a cardinal function for Southerners and their battle to support bondage.

Bondage was frequently defended by Christianity and faith in the South. Southerners frequently used the Bible itself to warrant bondage. mentioning how bondage has ever existed from scriptural times to what was their present twenty-four hours. They argued that it was a fact of life and was meant to be. Proslavery forces even went to the extreme in stating that Jesus himself found nil incorrect with bondage and he excessively accepted and embraced it. Never one time was there a mentioning in the Bible of Jesus’ defeat with bondage they argued.

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Last of all. they stated that they were distributing Christianity by presenting Africans to Christianity and change overing them ; hence distributing the word of God and Christianity more and more. They were Africans more civilized by change overing them and presenting them to their spiritual ways. These were the spiritual statements on behalf of the South for the most portion.

All in all. the South presented a really strong instance in support of their ideals. By integrating all of these spiritual. economic. and legal facets into their defence. they offered a persuasive defence of their sacred establishment.