Private Education in Kazakhstan Essay Sample

At the stoping of 20 century many authorities objects. industries and public sectors in Kazakhstan are begun to privatise. Denationalization means the altering belongings from public to private. Of class. denationalization is concerned instruction system excessively. Government is interested in knowing population. because it is one of the chief factors that create economic system development state. Education in Kazakhstan has some jobs such as quality of instruction kids received in schools. colleges and universities. monetary value of this instruction and etc. Today it is divided into two systems: public and private. Now it is difficult to state which is more dependable. and whether the denationalization of public instruction is become the best solution of the jobs.

Each of these instruction systems has its’ ain advantages and disadvantages. Of class we can precisely state that private instruction in Kazakhstan has a batch of benefits in their system such as the theoretical accounts of new technological devices. advanced methods of learning. new books and stuffs and more comfy conditions to acquire cognition. But a large drawback of private schools and universities is that they cost a immense sum of money. which non each parent can afford. In extra it is non still acceptable for Kazakhstan citizens that for instruction we need to pay. because in the yesteryear we were the portion of the USSR. where instruction was free. For parents who can non afford the cost of private instruction. the denationalization of instruction will be a large problem. ( Where would they happen money to afford it? ) .

Furthermore in the private system there is the absence of equality between pupils. because some pupils in private schools have adequate money to purchase what they want. ( new apparels. nomadic phones. new engineering. accoutrements and etc. ) . and other pupils. who try to salvage every coin. experience themselves more aggrieved.

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Besides drawbacks of the private instruction are deficiency of respects to instructors and less chance to acquire information about public competitions. which named like “Olympiads” ( the competition in which every pupil can take part. and victor does non hold to worry about taking future university and passing tests. because authorities give a rewarding ( grants ) for all public universities for the best cognition of pupil ) . One instructor from private school mentioned that sometimes pupils ignore when it comes to acquiring information about Olympiads ; there were some events when smart pupils in the private schools even did non cognize about them. Of class. it is the unjust from the authorities side. as our state is the democracy democracy. everyone is equal to everyone. and pupils must be known right information in the right clip irrespective in what sort of private or public school are they analyzing.

In public system of instruction all is the antonym of the private system. In public schools or universities we can see the equality between pupils ( for illustration. same uniform ) . regard to the instructors ( in some instances pupils name their instructors “second mother” ) etc. But in public system we can non shut the eyes for the jobs such as old books. old engineering. and uncomfortable conditions. The parents do non desire their kids to acquire low quality of instruction any longer. because after the graduation from public school or university it is excessively difficult for pupils to happen the well-paid occupation. A public instruction system is so hapless in quality and in the services it provides that merely those who can non get away them are resigned to directing their kids to this schools Nevertheless. policy about public instruction in Kazakhstan is bettering twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. For illustration. see that the best consequence on ENT ( obligatory public test after graduated from school ) was in public schools non in private schools. Statistic of this test on 2005 is the same: over than 15 1000s students of public schools get more than 90 points. and 42 students get the highest consequence 120 points.

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Today in Kazakhstan most of schools are public. but most of universities are private. Why we have this state of affairs? Possibly. it is because the pupils involvements in acquiring better instruction and comfy acquiring the high payment occupation is lifting. That is why pupils. which think about their hereafter. prefer to acquire high instruction in private universities. So the quality of cognition is better in private universities. Better the status to analyze. more chance to run into and pass on with foreign pupils. Masterss. professors and etc. Denationalization in this instance gives a batch of advantages.

And the predomination of public schools is because the instruction received in public schools much better than in the private. as mentioned before that the best consequences on ENT test was appeared by the public school pupils. Of class perfect consequence will be when pupils could acquire the same good quality of instruction regardless of what kind of school or university they graduated from.

The denationalization is the sedate measure. because it is the hazard with unexpected consequences. And it must travel measure by measure. by phases. non like a all of a sudden event. because people can be frightened of denationalization system. To get down the denationalization as the whole it is necessary to cognize economic stableness. the market system. the stableness of population. all conditions of life. and so analysing all possible benefits and drawbacks. if it is possible to foretell all negative effects and net net incomes. And the denationalization of instruction is the really of import measure in developing of state. To set up the denationalization of public instruction is really arduous work. which requires a batch of endurances. accomplishments and cognition. Government must take into the consideration about everything about constructions in population. whether it will be acceptable for people or non.

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The denationalization of public instruction in Kazakhstan depends on economic state of affairs. Of class the economic state of affairs in Kazakhstan is bettering twelvemonth by twelvemonth. but the income non so high to afford the private system of instruction for bulk of citizens. If we see for the proposal of denationalization from economic position. we can state that private instruction is better. more suited to authorities. instead than public. ( Government merely received money from private sectors ( revenue enhancements ) that is all ; authorities does non do dither over methods of learning. of the teacher’s income. of the students’ scholarships. of their instruction and etc. ) .

Government should take into history all advantages and disadvantages and do the best finding. The privatizing of whole public instruction in Kazakhstan will be merely after the society will be ready for this determination.