Principles of Public Speaking Essay Sample

I. What I see as the biggest challenges immature grownups face today A. General Purpose- The general intent of this address is to inform people on what I think are the biggest challenges that immature grownups face in the universe today. B. Specific Purpose-The specific intent is to carry immature grownups to do better picks in life so they do non hold to get the better of challenges they will confront in the hereafter due to life’s emphasiss. C. Central idea- I think that parents should see the obstructions our kids will confront in today’s society and assist them do better determinations so they can will be able to populate a more successful life. II. Introduction

One of the biggest challenges our immature grownups will confront today is the deficiency of employment chances for the educated every bit good as the uneducated individual. A. Key point # 1 Employment chance has greatly decreased for educated every bit good as uneducated people today because of the manner our economic system is switching. B. Key point # 2 Young people besides have a disadvantage when it comes to education chances because of the disbursals that are involved. C. Key point # 3 Many of our immature people today are non taught the values of good work moralss due the deficiency of parental counsel in the place. III. Body of the Presentation

A. Main Point # 1-Young grownups can non happen occupations due to the fact we in America can non do things every bit cheap as other states. hence other states are doing our goods. 1. Supporting material-In order to cut costs and maintain merchandise monetary values down companies are forced to outsource fabrication to other states. 2. Supporting material-Many companies are outsourcing call centres to other states to cut the cost of labour rates. B. Main Point # 2-Today immature grownups live the moto of coasting through life without fostering instruction due to being burnt out or because they were non offered the chance. 1. Supporting material-Many immature grownups have parents who monetarily help them to counterbalance for non holding a occupation chance.

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2. Supporting material-Young grownups non being taught duties and deficiency of adulthood has besides contributed to the factor of challenges today. C. Main Point # 3-Many immature grownups have no steady occupation history due to parent’s non transfusing work moralss when they were being raised. 1. Supporting material-Children have been raised in individual parent houses doing deficiency in counsel.

2. Supporting material-The parents were often unemployed and therefore contributed to the kid being lazy. IV. Decision
The deficiency of employability can be caused by companies being forced to close down because of the economic system. immature grownups non holding a proper instruction or non holding proper work ethic because it was non instilled in our immature people due to miss of parental counsel.

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