Principles of Health Care Practice Code of Conduct Essay

1. 1 Introduction

I am composing this study as a demand for my HNC Health Care class which will be submitted to Christine Hughes. In this study I will be comparing and contrasting two wellness attention professions. the two wellness attention professions I have chosen to compare is nursing and societal work. The study will be foregrounding the rules of health care. such as Education and Registration. ( still to complete )

1. 2 Nursing Education & A ; Registration

To develop to be a qualified nurse you undertake either a pre-registration sheepskin or grade at university this is usually a three twelvemonth programme. Degrees and sheepskin programmes comprise of 50 % theory and 50 % pattern. with clip split between the higher instruction institute. Nursing is organised into four subdivisions – Adult. Children. Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. During the first twelvemonth of nurse preparation you are introduced to all of the cardinal countries as portion of the Common Foundation Programme. In the 2nd and 3rd twelvemonth you focus on a specific subdivision. which runs the class. Registered nurses and accoucheuses are responsible for measuring the demands of persons. planning and implementing their attention. and measuring the effectivity.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC ) is the statutory regulative organic structure for nursing. obstetrics and wellness visiting in the United Kingdom. All nurses working in the UK. including those trained abroad. necessitate to be registered with the NMC in order to pattern as a nurse in the UK. of that attention. All qualified nurses. accoucheuses and wellness visitants are required to be members of the NMC in order to pattern. If nurses. accoucheuses or wellness visitants are found guilty of misconduct. the NMC has the authorization to strike them off the registry. World Wide Web. nhscareers. New Hampshire. uk. World Wide Web. planitplus. net/careerzone/ World Wide Web. nursingnetuk

1. 3 Social Work Education & A ; Registration

Social work requires a professional making. presently a three twelvemonth undergraduate honours degree or a two twelvemonth Masters degree in societal work that has been approved by the General Social Care Council ( GSCC ) ) . The class involves a combination of class work and a lower limit of 200 yearss spent in pattern scenes supplying the chance for tonss of practical experience before you really measure up. The societal work making is suited for societal workers in all scenes and sectors. As a pupil and one time qualified you will necessitate to register with the General Social Care Council ( GSCC ) which is responsible for modulating the work force. Previous makings in societal work including the sheepskin will go on to be recognised as valid societal work makings. There are a assortment of ways to come in the societal work profession. harmonizing to age and old experience. World Wide Web. socialworkcareers. co. United Kingdom. World Wide Web. planitplus. net/careerzone

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2. 1 The Nursing & A ; Midwifery Council

The NMC is the regulative organic structure for nursing and obstetrics ; there aim is to better the criterions of nursing and obstetrics attention in order to protect the populace through professional criterions. NMC registry all nurses and accoucheuses to guarantee that they are decently qualified and competent to work in the UK. They set the criterion of instruction ; preparation and behavior that nurses and accoucheuses will present high quality health care systematically throughout their callings.

NMC besides makes certain that nurses and accoucheuses keep all their accomplishments and knowledge up to day of the month and to continue the criterions of their professional codification. They besides investigate allegations made against nurses and accoucheuses who may non hold followed the codification. Every registered nurse. accoucheuse or wellness visitant must regenerate their enrollment every three old ages. Post-registration instruction and pattern ( Prep ) is set by the NMC which is designed to assist nurses and accoucheuses provide a high criterion of pattern and attention. There are legal demands set which must be met in order for there enrollment to be renewed.

2. 2 General Social Care Council

The General Social Care Council ( GSCC ) sets criterions of behavior for societal attention employers and workers. this regulates the societal attention work force including modulating societal work their preparation and instruction. The GSCC is responsible for codifications of pattern for employers and employees in the attention sector. Social Care Register is a registry of qualified societal workers. the enrollment will guarantee that those working in societal attention meet strict enrollment demands and will keep them to account for their behavior by codifications of pattern.

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Registered societal workers are besides required to finish post-registration preparation and acquisition activities before regenerating their enrollment every three old ages. Post-registration preparation and acquisition demands that all registered societal workers must run into are every societal worker registered with the GSCC shall. within the period of enrollment. complete either 90 hours or 15 yearss of survey. preparation. classs. seminars. reading. instruction or other activities which could moderately be expected to progress the societal worker’s professional development. To maintain a record of post-registration preparation and larning undertaken. and failure to run into these conditions may be considered misconduct.

Continuing Professional Development in Nursing

All registered nurses and accoucheuses are required to take portion in go oning professional development ( CPD ) in order to keep their professional enrollment. This is portion of the post-registration instruction and pattern ( PREP ) demands. set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC. There are two types of PREP. 1. Practice criterions and Continuing professional development criterions. CPD is cardinal to the development of all wellness attention practicians. as it is of import that nurses maintain there cognition and accomplishments up-to day of the month. to better criterions in the pattern and to derive more makings.

To run into the CPD criterions nurses must set about at least 35 hours of larning activity relevant to their pattern every three old ages. to keep a personal professional profile of their acquisition activity and to follow with any petitions to scrutinize how they have met these demands. Nurses and accoucheuses who do non follow with the Prep demands will do their enrollment to sink and can no longer work as a registered nurse or accoucheuse. These demands must be met every three old ages. and are declared at the point that enrollment is renewed.

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3. 1 Clinical Administration

Clinical administration is the model through which the NHS is accountable for the go oning betterment of quality of professional criterions whilst still safeguarding high criterions of attention. thereby making an environment which aims for clinical excellence. It is to guarantee that high quality and professional criterions are being maintained. and that wellness professionals are competent to present attention safely with the right preparation and accomplishments. This protects the patients from hazards and errors leting them to hold assurance and religion in their attention suppliers.

Clinical administration besides ensures that practicians are accountable for the quality of patient attention they provide intending that they are more likely to oppugn their pattern and seek to do it of more benefit to the patient’s wellness. If it is found that those criterions are non being met or they have got ailments from persons about there bringing of attention. there will be person answerable for the failures to keep criterions. Nurses are responsible for their ain competency and if they carry out interventions or processs so they will be holding themselves to make so.