Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings Essay Sample

Ai. Identify four different grounds why people communicate
To show demands and emotions.
To inquire inquiries.
To give information.
To socialize and construct relationships.

Aii. Describe two ways how effectual communicating can impact relationships in an grownup societal attention puting between persons utilizing the service. their carers. co-workers. and other practicians. Effective communicating physiques stronger relationships. significance people are more unfastened to showing their demands and feelings. This means that persons utilizing the service will be more comfy in explicating what aid they do/do non necessitate. Effective communicating between carers. co-workers and other practicians means that information discussed between them will be understood to the full and will ensue in a better continuity of attention for persons utilizing the service.

Aiii. Using the tabular array below. Identify 3 ways of happening out the communicating demands of an person. For each method. depict how effectual it is at set uping the demands of the person.

How effectual is this method?
Ask/Observe the person.
Very effectual. cipher knows the service user and their demands better than themselves. Detecting them. you can see the manner they communicate with others. and which ways work better than others. Look at their attention program.

Their attention program would hold been made with the engagement of themselves and/or the people closest to them to set up all their demands. it should foreground their penchants in all facets of their attention. Family/Friends of single.

Following to themselves. household and friends know the persons best. they will pass a batch of clip with the individual. pass oning continuously.

Aiv. Describe three factors to see when advancing effectual communicating Verbal
Environmental Factors

Av. Describe three verbal and three non verbal communicating methods and manners that a societal attention worker may utilize in an grownup attention puting. Verbal
Non Verbal
Language ( different linguistic communications. slang. slang )
Tone of Voice ( does it accommodate the topic )
Facial/Hand Gestures
Speed and Pronunciation of address ( excessively fast. non clear. muttering ) Written Information

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Avi. Explain why it is of import to react to an individual’s reactions during communicating It is of import to react in order to demo that you are listening. apprehension and how you feel about what they are pass oning. and to set up their degree of understanding and how they feel about what you are pass oning.

Avii. Explain how an individual’s background can act upon the manner they communicate If two people are brought up in different states they may talk different linguistic communications. therefore they would non be able to keep a verbal conversation. and may hold to turn to a different manner of pass oning such as images. In some civilizations. kids and/or adult females are restricted in who they speak to e. g. Women may non talk to Men outside of their household. This will intend that they would necessitate to pass on merely to other adult females.

Aviii. Identify three illustrations of barriers to communicating and explicate how you could get the better of each barrier. Barrier
How it can be overcome
Background noise ( Television. Radio. outside-road traffic/people in another room ) Turn of any TV’s or wirelesss.
Near any windows/doors against outside noise.
Speak louder. but non shouting
Speech ( stammer. slur. speech pattern )
Take clip when speech production.
Speak every bit clearly as possible.
Ask them to reiterate what they said or confirm if you heard right. Use of jargon/slang
Stop utilizing slang.
Use layman’s footings. non slang

Aix. Describe two schemes that you could utilize to clear up misinterpretations. Try to explicate in another manner.
Use person else to seek and explicate in a different manner. such as family/friends.

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Ax. A societal attention worker wants to enable more effectual communicating with persons utilizing the service. Explain how they could entree extra support or services that may be helpful. Reduce as much background noise and distractions as possible. Ensure any AIDSs needed to assist communicating are at that place. These could be images. marks or symbols. an interpreter/translator if there is a linguistic communication barrier. or any hearing aids/glasses the persons may necessitate.

Undertaking B – Case Study

You are a societal attention worker. and a service user. Hannah. Tells you she is unhappy taking her new medicine. She thinks she does non necessitate it and so is throwing it off. You know from her attention program that Hannah does necessitate to take the medicine on a regular basis and gets confused. Hannah begs you to maintain it confidential and non state anyone. particularly her girl. who she sees on a regular basis. as her girl will be really angry.

Bi. How would you explicate the term ‘confidentiality’ to Hannah? Confidentiality means that unless the person that the information is about gives consent. any information about person can merely be passed on to those who need to cognize it. For illustration. a physician may necessitate to cognize what medicine you are taking so they can assist you. but your neighbour doesn’t demand to cognize.

Bii. Describe the possible tensenesss that may originate between stating others of Hannah’s determination and maintaining this information wholly confidential. The information Hannah disclosed would necessitate to be passed on to others involved in her attention such as her Doctor and other attention workers. If they mentioned the information to Hannah’s girl. so it may do Hannah to lose trust in you and go loath to unwrap any more of import information to you. It could besides do clash in Hannah’s relationship with her girl as Hannah mentioned that her girl would be really angry if she found out.

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Biii. Describe ways to keep confidentiality in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours communicating Make sure that any information passed on is needed. and that the individual having it has a right to cognize it. If you are utilizing the state of affairs as an illustration to assist person else understand something. don’t say anything that can be used to link that information back to the person involved. For illustration alternatively of stating Mrs Jones refused to take her medicine. this is what we did. . you could state I one time worked with person who refused to take their medicine. this is what we did. . Besides if you are diffident if the information is acceptable to be passed on to person. seek advice.

Biv. Explain when and how a societal attention worker should acquire advice about confidentiality. A societal worker should seek advice every bit shortly as possible if they have any inquiries associating confidentiality. They can happen information about confidentiality by looking at the Data protection act 1998. the policies and processs of their work topographic point. or they can talk to their directors. supervisors. or other senior co-workers.