Preventing Security Breaches Collaborative Summary Essay Sample

During Week 2. our squad focused our collaborative treatment on different engineerings that concerns can utilize to forestall security breaches and cut down the hazard of cyber-attacks they are progressively sing. To assistance in our treatment. squad member. Jennifer Ashton. posted an article entitled “The Right Technology Fix Can Help Prevent Breaches” . written by writer. Tim Horton. Mr. Horton’s article remarked on the lifting figure of informations breaches. how frequently they affect little concerns. and measures that organisations can use to avoid future invasions.

“The Right Technology Fix Can Help Prevent Breaches”
Data breaches and cyber-attack frequence has dramatically increased in recent old ages. with the promotion of engineering and the prevalence of more “cloud” storage and distant entree waiters. In Mr. Horton’s article. he comments on the high cost a informations breach can hold on both fundss and a company’s repute. ( Horton. 2014 ) Mentioning the Ponemon Institute’s 2013 Cost of a Data Breach Study. Horton goes on to province that “data breaches can be an mean organisation more than $ 5 million per incident. ” ( Ponemon Institute. 2013 )

While the effects of one of these onslaughts is realized at a much higher monetary value point for larger concerns. smaller companies are really targeted more frequently because of their deficiency of security substructures and informations supervising systems. In fact. Horton claims that more than 90 % of informations breaches affect little concerns. ( Horton. 2014 ) These galvanizing Numberss leave many little concern proprietors inquiring what they can make to cut down the hazard associated with cyber-attacks.

There are infinite stairss that can be taken to safeguard a company’s informations systems against invasions ; nevertheless. our collaborative treatment stressed three. Our squad reviewed the benefits of updating POS ( point-of-sale ) systems to EMV ( Europay. MasterCard and Visa ) technological criterions. implementing “layering” encoding and tokenization. and using outsourced incursion trials to measure and describe on a company’s current information security strength. The three methods we chose highlight client entree points. informations storage systems. and distant entree to those informations systems.

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With cost scopes averaging 1000000s of dollars per incident and the elevated hazard toward little concerns. all organisations should get down puting in new engineering to protect their databases and information. Horton’s article goes over multiple different options to avoid these cyber-intrusions. but our squad decided to concentrate on information “layering” encoding and tokenization. updated POS systems. and contracted incursion trials. By concentrating on these three countries of a company’s information security substructure. we have addressed providers. end-users. and third-party breaches ; efficaciously encapsulating all parties involved.


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