President for a Day Essay Sample

To be president for a twenty-four hours would be a immense duty merely a few people could manage. If I was given the opportunity to go president for a twenty-four hours there would be several policies I would implement but merely one stands out in my head. The policy I would implement would be a policy that allows more options for pupils after in-between school. This policy would let pupils to go to particular vocational schools to get the accomplishments needed for certain professions or let them to go to particular schools to have their GED alternatively of directing every pupil to high school. Many pupils don’t want to go to high school and merely travel because they have to.

This straight affects the pupils who want to be in school to foster their instruction and travel on to college. If pupils were allowed to take if they want to be in high school the environment for everyone in school would be better because everyone would be at that place because they choose to be at that place and non because they have to. There would non be as many breaks from category which would better the acquisition environment drastically. Students all over the state would profit from this policy and allow pupils who want to have a higher instruction to make so.

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