The Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore – Essay Sample

“But Ratan had no such doctrine to comfort her. All she could make was roll near the station office. crying abundantly. May be a weak hope lingered in her head that dadababu might return: and this was adequate to bind her to the topographic point. forestall her from traveling far. Oh hapless. unreflective human bosom! Error will non travel off. logic and ground are slow to perforate. We cleaving (clinch) with both weaponries to false hope. declining to believe the weightiest cogent evidence against it. encompassing it with all our strength. In the terminal it escapes. rending our venas and run outing our heart’s blood; until, recovering consciousness. we rush to fall into traps (traps) of psychotic belief (semblance) all over again”.

I ) The issue about the doctrine that consoled the postmaster is covered in this analysis essay? Why didn’t Ratan have a doctrine to comfort her?

It was non that the postmaster did non experience occasional stabs of sorrow when he was go forthing the small town without taking Ratan with him. He reconciled himself with the state of affairs by chew overing (reflecting) that life had to travel on regardless of the weakness of the wretchedness of the orphan miss for whom he was neither responsible nor accountable to the society or the universe. He told himself that human bondage was after all a frail thing which was frequently broken by the difficult worlds of life.

But Ratan who was naif (immature) and waxy (easy influenced), did non portion her master’s doctrine. Being immature, she was non yet hardened by the abrasiveness of life and she was still hopeful that her dadababu might somehow return to give her shelter in the temple of his affectionate and sort bosom.

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II) What was Ratan’s hope? How would it assist her?

Ratan hoped that her dadababu had ceased to be an employer and had become her ain senior brother. This perceptual experience of the relationship between Ratan and the postmaster was but one sided and a psychotic belief (phantasy). This the guiltless miss could neither grok nor gain. She believed herself to be a member of the postmaster’s household and idea that her yearss of suffering were over. She imagined herself to be in the bastion (sanctuary) of his dadababu’s sort and loving bosom.

Ratan’s simpleness and blind religion did non assist her in the least. This did nil but cruelly rupturing her bosom into pieces. She eventually sank in a sea of wretchedness and intolerable torment. What really happened to her was kindred (similar) to a desolation (isolation) which was darker than the darkest of darks.

III) Why does the writer exclaim ‘unthinking human heart’ ? Why do we cleaving (stick) to false hopes?

Human Black Marias have a catholicity and the catholicity is that it is powerlessly fond of hope even when it is a false 1. Human existences normally abhor (disfavor) to take the way of logic. Clinging to unreal and unlikely aspirations. they ne’er fail to let themselves to be struck by calamity after calamity.

We all grip false hopes because it is merely human nature. What human bosom is largely fond of is love but life being a really fastidious (demanding) matter so, it seldom offers an acceptable solution to our wretchednesss or sufferings. Yet. human nature is uncomprehending of this and so goes on cleaving to false hopes.

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