Point of Sale System (POS) Essay


Point of sale ( POS ) or check-out procedure is the topographic point where a retail dealing is completed. It is the point at which a client makes a payment to a merchandiser in exchange for goods or services. At the point of sale the merchandiser would utilize any of a scope of possible methods to cipher the sum owing – such as a manual system. weighing machines. scanners or an electronic hard currency registry. The merchandiser will normally supply hardware and options for usage by the client to do payment. The merchandiser will besides usually. publish a reception for the dealing. [ hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Point_of_sale / Retrieve on February 6. 2013 ] A Point of Sale ( POS ) system is a system for pull offing the gross revenues of retail goods. A POS manages the merchandising procedure by a teller accessible interface. The same system allows the creative activity and printing of the reception utilizing the POS pressman.

The Problem

The job is that many retail shops uses manual gross revenues dealing which consequence to inaccurate computation and doomed of net income in their concern. Manual pull offing stocks takes a batch of clip which is really hassle.

Statement of the Problem

1. What are the methods in making Point of Sale System? 2. How the methods are integrated and implemented to the system? 3. How to prove and measure the efficiency of the Point of Sale System?


1. To be able to place the methods in making Point of Sale System. 2. To be able to incorporate and implement the identified methods to the system. 3. To be able to prove and measure the efficiency of the Point of Sale System.

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Definition of Footings

1. Point of Sale ( POS ) – A system that make gross revenues dealing and manage stocks. 2. Sale Transaction Retail package in which a client exchanges an agreed sum for an point. 3. Receipt – a piece of paper that shows the point being sold. 4. Cashier A individual who receives and pays out money plants at a POS. 5. POS Printer A machine that prints a reception from a computing machine. 6. Database- Storage of informations of the POS. 7. Stock-supply of goods available for sale.