Point of sale system Essay


Most of this twenty-four hours the concern organisations are utilizing latest engineering to ease their dealing and to better their concern procedure to another degree. They are now using computerized systems to their minutess harmonizing to their demands. Point of sale system is one of the most systems that are used of many concerns. It helps to better the procedure and to fix the dealing with the clients. Point of sale system is normally used in fast nutrient concatenation. pharmaceutics shop. food market shop and some of the concern that needs to supervise their minutess. gross revenues and fiscal position. Making a point of sale system of a facial attention centre can besides better their concern dealing with their clients and can besides assist them to better their concern procedure.

As the advocates see within the dealing of the Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center. they are utilizing simple application but the characteristic of that application was really limited and prone for human mistakes that can do of concern struggle. The Proponents suggest the Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System to assist the facial attention centre in footings of security. dependability and truth of every dealing. From manual procedure. this system transforms the dealing into a modern manner that will profit a batch particularly the teller. employees. clients and the proprietor.

Background of the survey

Most this yearss. many companies and concerns want to heighten and hold a great engineering to better and do the occupations easy. A new coevals comes. the point of sale system invented. Truly. it is so really helpful in companies and concerns locally and internationally.

The Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System was created for the development of dealing for this facial attention centre. It will be used to assist the concern for a better and easy dealing. Besides it has batch of characteristics that certainly help the concern. Before. beau’ secret tegument essences facial attention centre doesn’t have a system. They utilizing a manual calculation. scrutinizing. look intoing. screening. happening and many more that was so abashing even they have 100s of merchandises. In add-on. this proposed system will certainly assist the concern to alter from manual to automatic and over whelming dealing.

Statement of the job

General Problem:

The foregoing survey aims to develop Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System that will function as a tool of beau’ secret tegument essences facial attention centre to heighten and to hold a better dealing public presentation.

Specific Problems:

1. Is Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System carry throughing the demands of the teller and director?

2. How Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System lessens the yearss of accounting. accommodations. and stock list and would assist the concern grow?

3. How Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System unafraid hard currency grosss. audit stock list off from the larceny that wants to garner some informations from the concern?

General Objective:
To happen utile tools that will assist to do a complete and accurate point of sale system.

Specific Aim:

1. It fulfills the demands of the user specifically the director and teller because it accommodates the common jobs when it comes to minutess. concern procedure and lessens the common human mistakes.

2. Point of sale would do audit easier. Less mistakes with a systemized manner of cut downing the yearss of audit into hours with merely one chink off. Adjustment would non necessitate that much more any longer since everything is already arranged in the system ready for reappraisal. Addition in net income would be most likely. Since the system is already making the digest of all entrance and surpassing minutess with the supply of merchandises. earned money and money lost in the procedure. This will decidedly be good for the growing of Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center.

3. In retail. it’s of import to maintain tight control over hard currency grosss to forestall larceny. The Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System will supply log-in and password plan. This is the best manner to procure all audited files of the concern that merely the director and decision maker can open. look into for position. add stock list. redact the audited files and publish the files.

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Significance of the survey

The undermentioned individuals are the donees of Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System. Manager – He / She will cognize the dependable consequence of entire cyberspace. payouts and disbursals of the concern. Cashier – Less attempt on ciphering dealing.

Advocates – The proposed survey will be their usher and will assist them to better their accomplishments and difficult work.


Conceptual Model
Figure 1. 1

Scope and restrictions of the survey
Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System has its ain capacity and range of operation every bit good as its ain restriction and incapable to make.


The survey can make easy and faster dealing. make publishing like reception utilizing this system. salvaging list of the informations and pull off the gross revenues of the facial attention centre. It can accept barcode reading and number the figure of each merchandise in inventory list and it has a metre per centum and message alert so that the user can look into and be warned for their stock list list. It recognizes the handiness of the stocks and stock list in the shop. It will be friendly user and easy to understand the whole features inside of it. It is composed of textboxes. checkboxes and buttons. each of merchandises will be arranged by group. it will be decently labeled consequently. In add-on. the system has a tool signifier where the registry log-in history and scenes of the system can be seen. It will work compatibly with the usage of Windowss Microsoft from waiter 2008 up to Windowss 7.


Merely the decision maker can run the tools signifier of the system. The foregoing survey does non necessitate an internet connexion. The barcode system can be performed by typing the point figure. The foregoing survey will merely run with the usage of Microsoft Windowss runing system and will be limited to other runing systems.

Definition of footings

The operational and proficient footings that used for Beau’ Secret Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale System.

Operational Footings

Log – In – For Security of the system. User requires come ining two of import informations. username and watchword. Inputs – Information Federal into a information processing system or computing machine. Process – A series of actions or operations contributing to an terminal. Outputs – The information produced by the system.

POS – The topographic point where gross revenues are made. On a micro degree. retail merchants consider a point of sale to be the country environing the counter where clients pay.

Technical Footings
Ocular Basic – The 3rd coevals event – driven.
Programing – Programming linguistic communication and integrated development environment from Microsoft for its COM scheduling theoretical account. IPO ( Input Process Output ) – one of the most cardinal designs forms and makes perfect sense. HIPO ( Hierarchical Input Process Output ) – Technique which a tool for be aftering and/or documenting a computing machine plan. It consist of hierarchy chart and IPO charts.

Chapter 2
Local Literature

EasyPos ( DPos )

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //easypos. com. ph/
Findingss: In this system. it has a barcode reader. proctors the log in and log out of the staff in clip. proctors the stock list. can publish reception. computes the wage of each staff. automatically creates database for each client and have the ability to manage specials and vouchers.

DPos is a Windows® based point of sale system usage built for the retail industry. with a strong focal point on the saloon. eating house. resort and hotel concern theoretical accounts. Assorted login profiles allow for certain degrees of entree to public-service corporations. care and studies. Serving staff can be restricted to merely puting orders. tellers entree to hard currency registry. directors to studies and an decision maker complete entree to amend. add and delete points.

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Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. posworldphilippines. com/possoftwares. hypertext markup language

Findingss: This system has a study generator that helps the user to bring forth any sort of studies that is needed by the user.

Supra Plus has been specifically developed the ultimate architecture of Windows-based Point of Sale ( POS ) system to fulfill assorted retail demands. Provide systems for Fast nutrients. Parallel barss and Restaurants. SUPRA PLUS is an runing precision-engineered DELPHI Language plans designed entirely to execute hard currency registry operations on a computing machine. This compact and brightly constructed package merchandise performs virtually every teller operation known to Human with lightning velocity and faultless public presentation. SUPRA PLUS offers an thorough set of hard currency registry characteristics combined with the cosmopolitan hardware connectivity. package handiness. and computational velocity that merely DELPHI Language scheduling can present.

Foreign Literature

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //pos-systems-review. toptenreviews. com/pos-guys-review. html Findingss: This point-of-sale company offers a big choice of POS hardware. package and supplies. It is besides provides package for publishing barcodes and pull offing stock list. Harmonizing to Pamela S. Stevens. POS Guys offers both pick and flexibleness. POS Guys provides everything for point-of-sale systems. from graduated tables and kitchen proctors to age vouchers. POS Guys is one of the best full-service point-of-sale hardware and package suppliers online that offers a pick of constituents.

The company offers legion all-in-one systems. a broad scope of hardware. a pick of popular POS package and three hardware support programs. In add-on. you are non required to come in a payment processing understanding to obtain an low-cost POS solution. so you have the freedom to shop around for the best rates. POS Guys is perfect for concern proprietors who have a spot of startup capital and want the freedom to shop around for the best payment processor.


Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //pos-systems-review. toptenreviews. com/accupos-review. html Findingss: The system provides properness package solutions for retail shops. grocers. eating houses. quick-service eating houses and bars. They besides provide nomadic POS package for Android devices and line-item accounting package integrating. AccuPOS does non scant on hardware. All full systems arrive with a touch screen Personal computer. hard currency drawer. card reader and reception pressman.

Retail POS packages include barcode scanners. The retail entry-level version includes a single-line barcode scanner. while the gilded version has an omnidirectional scanner and the food market bundle includes an in-counter 52-line omnidirectional scanner. All but the entry-level system besides include client shows. This POS service’s accounting integrating merchandise. called AccuLink. is a alone tool. Most POS package can export CSV files and studies and accept CSV files of stock list or client lists.

Synthesis of Related Literature and Surveies

Much of the literature agrees that point of sale system is helpful. makes concern dealing faster and easy and proctors everything in the concern. Harmonizing to EasyPos ( Dpos ) the point of sale system has assorted login profiles allow for certain degrees of entree to public-service corporations. care and studies. Serving staff is merely allowed in order placing. directors to studies and decision maker to care. Harmonizing to Supra Plus the point of sale system can bring forth any sort of studies that is needed by the user. PosGuy mentioned the point of sale system can publish and read barcode. Accupos mentioned that the database of the point of sale can be backup and restored.

Chapter 3

Method to be usage in developing the system

In this construct it focuses on the constituents and elements of a construction or a system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole. harmonizing to a peculiar attack in accomplishing the aims under the given restraints or restrictions. The proponent’s package development may be used to mention to the activity of computing machine scheduling. which is the procedure of authorship and keeping the beginning codification. but in a broader sense of the term it includes all that is involved between the constructs of the coveted package through to the concluding manifestation of the package. ideally in a planned and structured procedure.

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Cash Purchase Customer Data

Cash Flow Reports Stock Storage Input Data

Figure 3. 0
Context Flow Diagram

Figure 3. 1
Entity Relationship Diagram

Entity Relationship Diagram

The entity relationship diagram is a information mold technique that diagrammatically illustrates an information system’s entities and the relationships between those entities. In this diagram it shows the clients pay their measure while naming letter writer item for the teller that would input in the system so inform the proprietor whether the input is right so the proprietor can update the informations.

Software Prototyping Model

Prototyping Model is a systems development method ( SDM ) in which a paradigm is built. tested and so reworked as necessary until an acceptable paradigm is eventually achieved. Prototyping is an attractive thought for complicated and big systems for which there is no manual procedure or bing system to assist finding the demands.

In such state of affairss allowing the client “plan” with the paradigm provides priceless and intangible inputs which helps finding the demands for the system. It is besides an effectual method to show the feasibleness of a certain attack. This might needed for fresh systems where is non clear those restraints can be met or that algorithms can be developed to implement the demands. The procedure theoretical account of the prototyping attack is shown in the figure.

Figure 3. 2
Prototyping Model of Software Development

System Analysis

The stage where all possible system demand to be developed are identified. System demand are those set of functional and non-functional that the end-user expects from the system. There are tools in garnering the demands. audiences. interviews. research. etc. The end of this stage is to find how this demand will be accommodated in the system. There should be wide communicating between the client and the developer. Finally. a requirement specification papers is created to function the intent of guideline for the following stage of the theoretical account.

System Design

Once all the demands have been collected and analyzed. this clip is to place the system will be constructed to transport out their undertaking. The system has to be decently designed before any execution is started. This stage is focused on the information demands. package building and the system interfacing. This stage is besides will specify the hardware and package needed. The purpose of this stage is to bring forth a system architecture papers that serves as an input for the package design stage of the development. but besides as an input for hardware design or choice activities.

Respondents of the survey

The respondents of the survey include the employees wherein the advocates fix a set of carefully prepared and logically ordered inquiries. This respondent focuses on the company’s employees for a really of import in a sense that this survey is all about them.

Primary User

The primary user of the advocates is the teller of facial attention centre that is responsible of selling and the 1 who are knowing plenty to reply the job.

Secondary User

The secondary user of the advocates is the proprietor of the facial attention centre that are more knowing that can reply more elaborate to the inquiries inquire by the clients. The proprietor helps the employee to clear up and separate the gather informations in the system.

System Flow Chart Diagram

The Importance of Technology
hypertext transfer protocol: //voices. yokel. com/advantages-technology-education-12209998. html hypertext transfer protocol: //www. shelbyed. k12. Al. us/schools/rms/faculty/wrodgers/technology % 20int/students. hypertext markup language EasyPos ( DPos ) Point of sale system
hypertext transfer protocol: //easypos. com. ph/
SUPRA RETAIL PLUS v2013 Point of sale system
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. posworldphilippines. com/possoftwares. hypertext markup language
POSGuys Point of sale system
hypertext transfer protocol: //pos-systems-review. toptenreviews. com/pos-guys-review. hypertext markup language AccuPOS Point of sale system
hypertext transfer protocol: //pos-systems-review. toptenreviews. com/accupos-review. html The Entity Relationship Diagram
hypertext transfer protocol: //en. m. wikipedia. org/wiki/Entity % E2 % 80 % 93relationship_model The Prototyping Model
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Google. com/search? =q=prototyping+model
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thecorner. org % 252Fcengin % 52Fpromodel