Plate Science Essay Sample

Why does the thickness of ocean floor deposits increase the farther they are from a ridge? !
-Thickness of ocean floor deposits increase the farther they are from a ridge because when new stones form at the ridge. old stones move off from the Centre and this rocks stack along the terminal of deposits which pile up for long clip that creates thick deposits.

How does sea floor distributing explain the motion of tectonic home bases? ! – Sea floor distributing in motion of tectonic home bases is called divergent. the separation of two home base. This can be proved because magma comes out from the mistake of ridge which means home base has unfastened and it’s gaining the magma. Other ground. if diverging is go oning at one point. that means convergence is go oning at other terminal of home base. for illustration Himalayan mountain scope at India and Nepal ( meeting ) and other side of home base that contains India is holding diverging which created Mid-Atlantic ridge.

Suppose a geologist is analyzing two distinguishable countries next to a spreading ridge. The magnetic way of the minerals in the oldest country is opposite to the magnetic way of minerals in the newest country.

( a ) Which country is closest to the Centre of the ridge. the older or newer country? Explain. ( B ) What can the geologist conclude about Earth’s magnetic field during the clip when the two countries formed?

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