Physical security in federal reserve Essay Sample

Federal Reserve is an bureau that has assorted subdivisions in the USA. which forms a system. The physical security system of Federal Reserve is really complex and sophisticated. since this bureau deals with money and control of assorted Bankss. The procedures involved include control of fundss. communicating protocols to all subdivisions and control of forces in different points of work requires a complex system ( Philpott. Shuki. 2006 ) . The continuity of operations is a disputing undertaking to keep. this calls for a complex that can be able to undertake all the operations at the same time and supply timely response.

Another important tool is the backup program in systems such as that of Federal Reserve. Back up is every bit of import as the protection to the system itself. This is because catastrophes are unpredictable and in such instances losingss inevitable. Lack of holding a backup program on the Federal Reserve is really damaging and unstable to the important and critical stuffs and informations stored in the system. A entire calamity can do a entire loss of all stuffs and informations such as computing machines and informations waiters. Critical information when doomed due to a calamity is difficult to retrieve. Since it is the central office. it contains critical and sensitive informations about all Bankss in the USA. and hence ; loss of monolithic and sensitive informations makes the state of affairs unwanted to the running of the system. Information accumulated over several old ages can non be recreated in a few months for the operations to restart and this forces stalling of operations ( Norman. 2007 ) . Sometimes. the organisation has to get down as if it is a new company. The presence of back up facilitates assist in the continuity of operations even after a entire calamity.

2 ) What are some other possible scenarios that could wholly close down the Federal Reserve’s central offices edifice located in Washington DC? Other than back-up program. other scenarios that can do the Federal Reserve Headquarters in Washington DC to close down include fire. bomb detonation. entire harm to the web substructure and inauspicious natural catastrophes such as tsunami. Katrina and strong temblors. Fires are known to do big measure of harm to the point that even a individual stuff can non be recovered. In instance of an eruption of fire. the physical security should be able to observe it and seek to counter it ( Norman. 2007 ) . If the fire is large and can non be put off. so stuffs in the edifice such as the working forces in the premises need to be evacuated to avoid entire loss. As started earlier. fires that can non be put off have much loss and can take to close down of the central offices in Washington DC.

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On the other manus. the United States normally experience high magnitude of Katrina. Earth temblors and Tsunamis. These catastrophes are unpredictable and even can non be counteracted by the protection mechanism of the system. They can do the prostration of many edifices particularly the skyscrapers on which the Federal Reserve System is positioned. Whenever they occur. a important sum of harm is caused and can take to the closure of the central offices ( Philpott. Shuki. 2006 ) . In add-on. bomb detonation is another cause that can do the closing of Washington DC Headquarters. Despite. the high security mechanisms in the Federal Reserve System. there are still high menaces of bomb detonation in the American dirt. There are still unsuspected enemies who can go through through the security system and topographic point a bomb inside the premises of the Reserve. Either suicide bomber or even a truck fitted with explosives that can blow up the full premises can implement the action ( Benny. Baker. 2013 ) . In this instance. the whole premises is brought down and forces the central office in the Washington DC to close down.

3 ) How could the Federal Reserve System fix itself for such a immense catastrophe as a monolithic truck bombing? Should it move proactively to extenuate the jeopardy even though it has ne’er happened or there may be no intelligence bespeaking it might go on in the close hereafter? In relation to the catastrophes. the Federal Reserve System should be ever ready for any sort of catastrophe. The security system with its complexness should be able to observe and rede suited steps to be taken in instance of any catastrophe. Consequently. readyings are necessary to remain alert of any catastrophe ; each party involved is enlightened on actions to follow to accomplish the booked protocols. The security detectors such as the security cameras. sniffer Canis familiariss and bomb sensors should ever be on high qui vive to observe any sort of explosive in the premises ( Benny. Baker. 2013 ) . The security item should non rest or take it for granted on any menace that can do hazard to the premiss. Actually. extenuations should ever be at that place for any hazard to the premises. These extenuations should ever be in topographic point even if there is or no intelligence that any catastrophe can go on in the close hereafter ( Norman. 2007 ) .

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4 ) What would a good program of operation be if the Federal Reserve System central office was wholly put out of committee? Where could all of the employees be relocated? What location could move as a impermanent central office while the chief edifice was repaired or replaced? Should parking adjustments already be planned for such a eventuality? Should transit be provided? Might at that place be a job of overcrowding at the new location if it is much smaller than the bing central offices? Could the employees merely be shifted to other Federal Reserve Bank locations? In instance the Federal Reserve Headquarters is put out of committee. a good program of operation is that the most of import employees should be relocated to a different premiss to guarantee continuity of operations.

Some employees can besides be moved to other Federal Reserve subdivisions to guarantee the information every bit good as communicating to the central office is uninterrupted. and nil will impact the operations of the Federal Reserve System. The edifice for resettlement should be suited to prolong uninterrupted flow of operations. likely non really far from the chief premises ( Norman. 2007 ) . On the other manus. conveyance can be provided to transport machines and equipment. which can be required in the impermanent location. In instance of overcrowding. occupation enlargement can be done to some employees and others given foliages and sketch when the chief premises are in good status. In add-on. the employees can non merely be moved to other bank locations because it creates overcrowding conditions in the subdivision bank locations.

5 ) Should the computing machine informations stored at the Federal Reserve System central office be invariably backed up at an offsite location? How frequently should this information be backed up? Could this decelerate down concern operations if all informations had to be saved in multiple locations all the clip? Why would it be of import to hold multiple precautions and redundancies in respects to of import computing machine informations? As before stated. backup program should be installed and given precedence equal to the protection schemes. The backup should be located in an offsite location different from the chief system.

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This ensures the security of the backup in instance of any fire. detonation or any calamity that can happen in the chief premises ( Benny. Baker. 2013 ) . There should a program on the times at which the backup is updated. Harmonizing on the sum of informations received and sent in and out of the Federal Reserve central office. backup update should be done day-to-day to guarantee no information can be lost in instance of any catastrophe. Coincident economy of information does non cut down the velocity of operations. since the systems are designed with high velocity to back up multiple operations to happen at the same clip with no holds. It besides saves clip and increase effectivity of backup updates ( Benny. Baker. 2013 ) . In add-on. the system should hold multiple precautions and redundancies to increase the effectivity of the backup and put more steps to guarantee that no information is lost.


Overall. physical security of Federal Reserve should be a complex. complicated and sophisticated system that can observe and supply extenuations to suited solutions. A big bureau such as Federal Reserve System. is really vulnerable to assorted and different security breaches ; and hence. the security system should ever be on qui vive to observe any hazards ( Norman. 2007 ) . In add-on. due to the development of the electronic development. the security menaces are unpredictable and this makes the security system to be complex ( Norman. 2007 ) . Furthermore. backup program is a important portion of the system. and without it. the system is non complete. The most of import portion of the backup is the updating and recovery procedure. The backup should besides be placed in an offline location in a different topographic point from the chief premises ( Philpott. Shuki. 2006 ) . Despite that. the system requires protection and backup. the two demands are really expensive to put in and keep. However. they are really important to the wellbeing of the system.


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