Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay Sample

An unhealthy diet. every bit good as a dysfunctional and unproductive life style. can put you up for potentially serious and complicated medical conditions. My name is Christina Belfowers. and I am a hereafter “Phoenix” . I am a forty-year old female. I am a tobacco user. and I have antecedently engaged in suicidal behaviours such as drug and intoxicant dependence. I have constructed this study in a realistic mode based on self-honesty every bit good as research. I have formulated a comparing of my eating wonts get downing with my first assignment in this class. which was on August 9. 2012. compared to my last assignment on October 4. 2012. and you will comprehend my findings with consequences of a Three Day Diet Analysis. This analysis was found to be physically effectual and really good to me on a personal degree every bit good. I will discourse my nutritionary degrees and alterations during this clip frame to where I stand today.

In this reading. I will besides include four of my personal nutritionary ends and one physical activity end. along with schemes that I have developed to get the better of reverses and troubles that could originate ; there will be issues that I will discourse in respects to preventative programs affecting my possible wellness jobs that may be foreseen as being of concern due to genetic sciences and familial if my program is non implemented ; treatment of how we can all set to any nutritionary demands in order to run into the American Dietary Recommended Guidelines as we adjust to acquiring older. every bit good as what degrees of physical activity are appropriate for our hereafter ages ; the effects of high cholesterin in respects to Cardiovascular Disease as being a wellness job that I am aiming merely for research ; and reasoning with results by which to mensurate success in the effectivity of my personal programs and ends. These are my stories……This is my research…… . This is my plan……This is my hereafter and failure is non an option any longer.

Comparison of Previous Diet Analysis and Where I am Today
It was the center of the summer. and I was traveling through an emotional epoch of non accepting the manner that I looked every bit far as my weight was concerned. I wanted to lose that obstinate ten lbs that merely wouldn’t Budge. I felt like I didn’t over-eat although I knew that imbibing wine everyday did non assist the state of affairs. I besides knew the form of dependence ; therefore I questioned myself. “Why do I think I ever have to hold something other than soberness at certain points of my life? ” I proceeded to make research after hearing a common familiarity province that vino was good for you. I had merely begun my Nutrition category at The University of Phoenix. and was at the clip making research on how to carry on my Three Day Diet Analysis. I was undecided on whether to merely do up something for the assignment as if I truly did it. or be existent and develop a program to travel on a self-controlled successful diet. That dark I meditated on my strengths. failings. and tools of recovery which led me to the point of will that allowed me to set down the Chardonnay glass for good. I am proud to state that I have successfully refrained from imbibing intoxicant every bit good as a dependence on narcotics that I have been prescribed for old ages for an accident that I had in 2006.

I had antecedently mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to travel to a physician that is extremely recommended for weight loss and direction. As a consequence of interrupting a twosome of bad wonts. my money was right for me to be able to schedule an initial assignment with her. I received a bill of fare. Appetite Depressants. Fat Burner Shots. and B-12 injections for the following three months. This was August 10. 2012. and I have successfully lost 13 to fifteen lbs. My weight was around 155 lbs. and I presently weigh 140 lbs. I can’t candidly say that I am non certain if I have volitionally or unwillingly depleted one dependence ( trouble Master of Educations ) for another ( diet pills ) . The wellness and nutrition job that I will be aiming is increased consumption of cholesterin and hazards of Cardiovascular Disease. ( I have discussed this farther along in the readings ) . I have realized that I have a higher bound of self-denial than I of all time knew existed. My nutritionary wonts have changed besides. I used to devour frosted mini wheat for breakfast ( about 1-2 cups ) with whole milk and possibly even a blue berry gem or two ; what I wanted to eat for tiffin ( for case sandwiches on white staff of life with cheese and grilled with butter ) ; Doritos. sodium carbonate. and around five spectacless of vino before 6 p. m.

For dinner I would be originative because I was a spot drunk. ( I will do the remark that I ne’er got disgracefully intoxicated where I couldn’t take attention of my household ) I received feedback from my kids and hubby. after soberness sat in. that I was seting excessively many spices and salt on our nutrients that I cooked ; and that I cooked excessively much nutrient. which was thrown off and wasted after a twosome of yearss. I would fry nutrient merely about every clip that I didn’t grill. ( One twenty-four hours I would fry and so the following twenty-four hours I would grill ) To sum up this subject. an illustration of what I cooked ranged from battered and deep fried pork-chops. ( maintain in head I eat a whole one as I am cooking the remainder of them ) fried poulet ; green beans loaded with salt and butter. fried maize staff of life. fried green tomatoes. and loaded mashed murphies. Don’t let me bury the sweet tea made with table sugar. or the desert of Brownies and ice pick. This is non in one twenty-four hours. merely a brief account of my cookery wonts. These are all hapless nutritionary wonts that I neglected to notice because it was merely portion of our life style. Although I cooked all of this unhealthy nutrient. my girl wouldn’t eat anything except the porc chop.

My hubby indulged in all of it. which is non a good thing ; my boy ate all of it and desert ; and I helped myself to it all excessively. Even though Obesity is non a factor in our immediate household nor is any of us over-weight. it is the issue of hapless nutrition and what the effects could be after drawn-out hapless eating wonts. I am summing up all of these findings and occurrences at the present clip because that is how it is with me. I look back to repent inattentive state of affairss that I could hold controlled and had the possible to be better with the results. I am taking a base today. as of more than ten yearss ago. to be the housewife that I am destined to be. I now eat bran flakes for breakfast. the whole milk is still an issue but a alteration is coming shortly ; I eat bran flakes for tiffin ; and nosh on babe carrots or Cucumis sativuss and Apium graveolens dulce ; Furthermore. I may jump dinner a few yearss a hebdomad because that is something that I have been making since my diet started ; I still fry nutrients although non as frequently. I grill a batch of my meat. and I limit the usage of oleo. I make certain that my hubby gets his foods every bit good as reding my kids of healthy nutritionary wonts. I cook what is best in alimentary value for the whole household. and I limit a batch of what I used to cook. without striping anyone of what they have been used to.

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I am the person that is doing the determination to assist myself. but I have to at least make my portion in consideration to what is healthy versus what is non healthy for everyone in the household. I hope to be a better function theoretical account to my girl and possibly she will pick up on it to profit her future household. The cardinal alterations that I will do in order to run into the recommendations of Nutritional Guidelines are: Convert to low-fat and skim milk get downing Sunday October 7. 2012 ; limit the sum of Gatorade and fruit juices that are full of sugar ; do sweet tea with unreal sweetening alternatively of sugar ; purchase thin picks of protein and meat. for case deli meat ; purchase whole grain rice and staff of life every bit good as cereals ; eat tonss of nuts. fruits. and veggies ; all of this will enable me to eat what is recommended by the nutritionary guidelines. Harmonizing to the United States Department of Agriculture. “My recommended nutrient form consists of a 2200 Calorie per twenty-four hours consumption. including 7 ounces of grains. 3 cups of veggies. 2 cups of fruits. 3 cups of dairy. and 6 ounces of protein. Based on the 2200 Calorie nutrient form. it’s recommended that I make ½ of my grains whole ; vary my fruits and veggies ; purpose for merely 6 teaspoons of oil per twenty-four hours ; and restrict my consumption of empty Calories to 270 per twenty-four hours. ” ( USDA. 2011 )

Nutritional GoalsExercise Goal| 1Limit frying meats and to once a hebdomad. Work out to Brazilian Booty| 2. Eat at least 3-4 ounces of whole grains each twenty-four hours. At least 3-4 yearss a week| 3. Buy more fruits and veggies at the food market shop. | 3. Learn to devour and acquire used to the gustatory sensation of low-fat or plane milk every bit good as everyone else in the household.

My Personalized Nutrition Goals
The four nutritionary ends that I have set are merely the start. one time I accomplish those little ends. I will so travel on to bigger and better ends for our household and myself. “One common error in end scene is that the end may be person else’s thought. such as a physician or a friend. These thoughts may non be your ain personal ends. ” ( Everyday Sports and Nutrition 2012 ) I had to set thought into my ain personal passion. I had to recognize that I wanted to accomplish these personal ends so severely that I am willing to give. to ache a small. and to give up some clip for these ends. I based my nutrition and exercising ends on realistic thoughts. and made them specific and non obscure ; intending I broke them down to something more simplified and helpful at the same clip. “Goals should be specific and simple plenty that at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. they can be evaluated to see of the ends have been met or non for that twenty-four hours. ” ( Everyday Sports and Nutrition 2012 ) “The American Heart Association recommends the feeding form for all households to be: ( 1 ) Calorie consumption should be equal plenty to keep a desirable organic structure weight. ( 2 ) Limit consumption of nutrients that contain a high sum of concentrated fat. Tran’s fat. cholesterin. Na. and added sugars. ( 3 ) Let no more than 35 per centum of Calories for entire fat consumption. ( 4 )

Choose a assortment of nutrients to acquire adequate saccharides. proteins. and other foods. ( 5 ) Eat merely plenty Calories to keep a healthy weight and remain physically active for at least one hr each twenty-four hours. ( 6 ) Serve whole-grain/high-fiber staff of lifes and cereals instead than refined grain merchandises. ( 7 ) Serve a assortment of fruits and veggies each twenty-four hours. but limit consumption of fruit juices. ( 8 ) Serve fish for a repast at least one time a hebdomad. ( 9 ) Serve nonfat or low-fat dairy merchandises. ( 10 ) Last but non least make non over-feed your household and use the necessary Calories needed to the repasts that you serve. ” ( American Heart Association 2012 ) Now we will discourse my four personal nutrition ends as shown in the old tabular array. I must extinguish frying nutrients. such as meat and murphies. even when it is easier or convenient. We like to eat boneless poulet. which we cut into bite size pieces. and so soak them in poulet wing sauce ; flour. hitter. and fry them. along with murphies. We besides like to fry Tilapia ( fish ) with murphies at least one time a hebdomad.

I plan to happen some formulas that consist of the merely about the same ingredients. but without all the fat ; such as grilling with the same sauce as a marinade for the poulet. fish. and pork-chops that we all love to eat when it is fried. I can really easy bake the murphies on a grill or in the microwave. If I do fry meats. I will restrict it to merely one time a hebdomad. Buying whole grains of rice and staff of life is my following end and I don’t truly cognize the results of this transition yet because my girl loves to eat apparent white rice. However the scheme here is to acquire used to it myself and cook it as my ain side dish. I like whole grain staff of life and rice. and my hubby will eat it besides. In order to devour more fruits and veggies is the easy end. I have already purchased Citrullus vulgaris. which I cut into pieces and my whole household loves to eat it cold. However. there is a little issue with table salt being poured all over the Citrullus vulgaris. I have purchased oranges and tangerines. apples. grapes. and bananas. Equally long as it is here. we will all eat them. The procedure of change overing whole milk with low-fat or skim milk is my 4th and concluding end for the clip being. This end may hold some reverses or troubles with the other household members. However. I like low-fat milk and skim milk.

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This end will be easy successful since I already like low-fat and skim milk. It is merely the fiscal facet of purchasing them both. My girl and boy. every bit good as my hubby. may non fall in me in this end. I understand and consider their picks. but I will make my portion in explicating why it is of import to do the switch. and the fact that it contains the same sum of vitamins and foods as whole milk does. I do non believe that they concern themselves with nutritionary value ; it is all about gustatory sensation to them because that is what they are accustomed to. I have developed a scheme of attack to awaited reverses and troubles in respects to these nutritionary alterations by concentrating on success and non failure. I will non populate with any declinations. and I will near life with doggedness and dedication to these things because they are what matters most to me. “Success is ne’er easy.

It remains up to you whether you will give up. or fight through conflicts to gain whatever it is you want. ” ( Sparkpeople. com 2012 ) I will maintain stretch for my ends until I achieve them. and when I do. I will travel on to bigger and better 1s. If you truly want something to work. so the reverse is nil. “We all have hit a bump in the route with the reverse as being the job. What sets success apart from failure is how people react to that bump. Make you lose control in desperation. or do you catch a clasp of the state of affairs and put yourself consecutive? ” ( Livestrong. com 2011 ) If a reverse does go on. I realize that it will merely be impermanent and that greater things lay in front. It’s “two stairss frontward. and one measure back. ” When something happens that is non expected. I will respond with an unfastened head and be nonsubjective because like I said in the beginning. “Failure is non an option. “

My Personalized Exercise Plan and Goal
“In life. we are told to woolgather large. Range for the stars. Travel for the gold. While I think everyone would hold that holding large aspirations is admirable non to advert animating. you should take a more deliberate attack when puting fittingness ends. ” ( Walters. J. . 2012 ) My one fittingness end was simple plenty to come up with because it is something that I have wanted to make recently. but ne’er calculated the clip that I could carry through it. Work out to the picture “Brazilian Booty” . ( Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian Butt 2012 DVD ) I have been walking 30 proceedingss each twenty-four hours for over eight months. Walking is something that I have gotten used to making as a modus operandi. I am at the point now where I feel like it merely isn’t plenty. The work-out picture is extremely recommended and is focused on the natess and hep country. I have developed a scheme of when I can make this work-out because I like to hold privateness when working out because I easy become self-aware. Consequences should be noticed within 60 yearss. I know what clip I will be able to make this during the twenty-four hours. and still be able to walk my 35 proceedingss every eventide. If I can’t do the work-out picture every twenty-four hours during the hebdomad. I know that 3-4 yearss a hebdomad. along with my walking. will be sufficient plenty for run intoing my physical activity ends.

The of import thing is that I resist enticements and maintain up my healthy habits no affair what clip of the hebdomad or twelvemonth it is ; including Holidays and weekends. “Time is on my side ; surveies show that people who can maintain the weight off for at least two old ages are far more likely to keep that new weight in the undermentioned old ages. ” ( American Heart Association 2010 ) “The sum of physical activity that is recommended for my age group consists of prosecuting in aerophilic physical activity of at least moderate strength for 150 proceedingss per hebdomad. or 75 proceedingss per hebdomad of vigorous strength. or an tantamount combination-also recommended are muscle beef uping activities two or more yearss per hebdomad. ” ( Healthy People. gov 2012 )

The lone reverse and trouble in accomplishing my personal physical activity end would be the deficiency of my ain personal and private clip. I will get the better of this with change overing my excess sleeping room infinite to an country. and travel my daughter’s telecasting set into my sleeping room to make the exercise. I know that my household supports this and everything that I want to make that is positive ; hence. I know that there is non even one reverse that won’t be resolved. I have besides set an excess end to work on my dramatic and emotional effusions. along with the credence of disciplinary unfavorable judgment. I am maintaining a day-to-day diary of all of my ends and achievements. along with any troubles. should any originate. document them. and develop a scheme to get the better of them successfully.

Potential Health Risks that May Develop if My Plan is Not Implemented The possible wellness issue that may develop if all of my programs do non win could be stroke. bosom onslaught. diabetes. mal-nutrition. lung malignant neoplastic disease. high cholesterin. weariness. and an overpowering sense of failure. I am aiming on high cholesterin and hazards of Cardio Vascular Disease. I have mentioned the above illnesses because I feel like if my life style does non alter for the better now. so it could perchance be excessively late to change by reversal possible hazards of developing any upset that I listed supra. Those are my personal hazards. I will concentrate on high cholesterin and Cardio Vascular Disease because it is a possible wellness hazard that could develop if my program is non implemented ; it is besides a wellness job that I can anticipate sing due to my genetic sciences and familial. “Cholesterol is a fatty substance that can indurate and lodge to your arteria walls. doing them to contract and ensue in a status known as Atherosclerosis. Clots can so organize. further barricading the narrowed arterias. and doing a bosom onslaught when blood can no longer go through through the narrowed arterias to provide the necessary O to the bosom musculus. ” ( Yoffee. L. . 2011 )

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Some of the healthiest nutrients are high in cholesterin. for case egg yolks and liver. Keeping my cholesterin degrees healthy is really critical at this point in my life. My male parent. every bit good as all of his brothers and sisters. passed off due to Cardio Vascular Disease. before they were 55 old ages old. It is a really important clip frame in my life to restrict my cholesterin consumption. I am at the age where it can count the most. I realize that I am physically active. nevertheless. I smoke coffin nails. have been at hazard for bad wellness due to hapless wonts. and the familial factors all play a major function in my critical wellness right now. I have smoked for more than 25 old ages. I will concentrate on this as the identified job or demand for my plan’s effectivity and an result to mensurate success when I have exercised all of the recommendations necessary in order to take down my hazards of developing bosom disease. The American Heart Association endorses guidelines to grownups that they should hold a fasting cholesterin profile done one time every five old ages. This has non been done on me since 2008. and at that clip my degrees were marginal high. Since so. I have lost weight. but I have non returned for a check-up. “Your trial study shows cholesterin degrees in mgs per decilitre of blood.

To find how cholesterin degrees affect your hazard of bosom disease. your physician will besides take into history other hazard factors such as age. household history. smoke. and high blood force per unit area. ” ( The American Heart Association 2012 ) I have ne’er been diagnosed with high blood force per unit area. for some ground it has ever been on the low side. I am thankful. The American Heart Association recommends that most adult females should pull off their weight. acquire regular physical activity. and non SMOKE. I lack the smoke portion. “As adult females and work forces get older. their cholesterin degrees rise. Before age of climacteric. adult females have lower entire cholesterin degrees than work forces of the same age. After the age of climacteric. women’s LDL degrees tend to lift. ” ( National Cholesterol Education Program 2005 )

My program is to restrict my concentrated fat consumption and cholesterin in my diet ; go on my physical activities ; seek to restrict my smoke every bit shortly as possible ; increase the sum of soluble fibre in my diet ; when holding to cook with oleo. I will utilize cholesterin take downing oleo ; and work on a entire riddance of frying meats and any types of nutrients. “The entire cholesterin degree is normal and desirable at 200 mg/dL. and the LDL cholesterin should be less than 100 mg/dL. which is the bad cholesterin ; the HDL protects the organic structure against bosom disease. therefore higher Numberss are better. HDL degrees of 60 mg/dL or more aid to take down the hazard of bosom disease. ” ( National Cholesterol Education Program 2005 )

How Nutritional and Physical Activities Change With Age
As a personal gets older they tend to eat less than they used to eat. When a individual reaches the age of 50 and beyond. you should get down eating less. “Energy demands lessening with every decennary. As you get older. you move about less. hold less musculus mass. and the metabolic rate lessenings. ” ( Boufis. C. 2011 ) I plan to increase nutrient-rich nutrients to my diet and consume low-fat or skim milk ; eat a assortment of thin meat ; and possibly a addendum of Vitamin D and B-12. The ground for the addendums is because “after age 50. my body’s ability to absorb the vitamin B-12 frequently decreases due to cut down tummy acids that are needed to interrupt it down from nutrient beginnings. ” ( WebMD 2011 ) There will perchance be neurological or chemical alterations in my organic structure which will let me to non experience hungry. Since the organic structure needs a regular supply of protein and foods for the metamorphosis. musculuss. and enzymes ; I plan to eat little repasts every few hours that are alimentary. I will besides increase my unstable consumption of H2O to around six to eight spectacless of H2O every twenty-four hours.

I will use my ability to research the Federal Governments Web Organization in respects to my nutrient pyramid as the year’s advancement. I hope to stay at consistent degree of good wellness. every bit good as all of my loved 1s. I hope that I remain physically able to maintain up my activities as I age every bit good. Walking 30-35 proceedingss per twenty-four hours. four to five yearss per hebdomad. will be my overall pick of physical activity. A life-time of physical activity has really good consequences as we age. “Increased activity should be promoted in early maturity to guarantee the care of physical public presentation subsequently on in life. ” ( Science Daily 2011 ) Research indicates that visible radiation to chair strength of exercising. such as walking or siting a motorcycle. can well cut down the hazard of an early decease. I will develop eating wonts each decennary ( God please let me the clip here ) to angle. fruits. thin meats. veggies. cereals. no intoxicant. and a really limited consumption of fat.


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