Personality Of The Crisis Worker Social Work Essay

I agree that non everyone is suited to make crisis intercession work as there are many factors that need to be considered when making crisis work. The chief factor that is indispensable for any crisis intercession work is the features and personality of the crisis worker. James & A ; Gilliland ( 2001, p.17 ) claim that effectual crisis workers portion a figure features and such workers demonstrate competence in their professional accomplishments. Before we analyze the crisis worker, we need to understand crisis, crisis intercession and the difference between other therapies and crisis intercession because of the demand to understand how the function of the intervener differs from other therapies and what are the features that is needed specifically for the crisis intercession.

There are many definitions of crisis but a summarized definition would be that “ crisis is a perceptual experience or experiencing of an event or state of affairs as an unbearable trouble that exceeds the individual ‘s current resources and get bying mechanisms, ” ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.3 ) . A similar definition of crisis is by Roberts ( 2000 ) who views crisis as “ a period of psychological disequilibrium, experienced as a consequence of a risky event or state of affairs that constitutes a important job that can non be remedied by utilizing familiar get bying schemes ” ( p.7 ) . There are many types of crisis and crisis is non simple but is complex and hard to understand. It is indispensable that the person is able to acquire alleviation from the crisis because the crisis causes break and dislocation to an person ‘s on-going form of mundane operation. If the crisis is non handled, the state of affairs would be given to immobilise them and they will be unable to command their lives. Apart from that, a crisis can do persons to hold affectional, behavioral and cognitive malfunctioning.

Crisis intercession is an internal assisting response and is defined as “ methods used to offer short term immediate aid to persons who have experienced an event that produces mental, physical, emotional and behavioral hurt, ” ( Mitchell, n.d. para.1 ) . The ultimate end of crisis intercession is cut downing the dangers of the crisis and let it to be resolved positively leting the person to travel on and boom in life ( Echterling, Presbury, & A ; McKee, 2005, p.25 ) . This intercession will concentrate on deciding the immediate job to forestall farther impairment and to forestall negative result. An article by Center for School Mental Health Assistance ( 2002 ) states that, “ crisis intercession will reconstruct a sense of equilibrium for the person in crisis and give them the ability to creatively problem-solve and experience efficacious. ”

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Crisis intercession differs from other therapies and traditional guidance because it “ focuses on short term schemes to forestall harm during and instantly after the experience of injury, ” ( Mitchell, n.d. para.5 ) . This intercession is oriented in the present and focuses on the immediate job which disrupts people from commanding their life. The intervener ‘s function is to offer immediate aid to the person who is fighting with a complex state of affairs and help them to travel on and accomplish a meaningful declaration ( Echterling, Presbury, & A ; McKee, 2005, p.25 ) . In comparing to crisis intercession, other therapies deal with the entirety of the person ‘s personality and life issues and be given to be long term as they aim to better the client ‘s mental wellness and personal well-being with an effort to rectify more or less on-going emotional jobs. This lone escalates to a crisis when there are menaces to fulfilment, safety or meaningful being ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.8-9 ) and this is where the crisis worker takes over.

To be a crisis worker, the assistant has to hold certain qualities to be able to step in during the crisis and life experiences of the intervener are an of import facet to manage a crisis. These life experiences serve as a resource for emotional adulthood that combined with preparation, enables workers to be stable, consistent and good integrated non merely within the crisis state of affairs but besides in their day-to-day lives ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.13 ) . When a worker has old experience of traveling through a crisis and comes across another person who is in the similar crisis, they will be able to utilize their background as a resource to cover with the crisis. For illustration a crisis worker has antecedently made self-destruction efforts and has dealt with it, now has a client who is on the brink of trying self-destruction. The crisis worker will be able to assist the client overcome the issue because of the first manus experience of the crisis. James & A ; Gilliland ( 2001 ) suggest that people who normally do crisis intercession are merchandises of their ain crisis environment and they have chosen to work with people sing the same sort of crisis they themselves have suffered, and they use their experiential background when working with people in crisis ( p.13 ) . Apart from this, life experiences means the assistant has emotional adulthood and it can heighten the dept and sensitiveness with which the clients are treated.

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One other characteristic that is indispensable for a crisis assistant is staying poised because “ the nature of crisis intercession is that the worker is frequently confronted with shocking and endangering stuffs from clients who are wholly out of control, ” ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.14 ) . When a assistant remains poised in a state of affairs where the client is out of control, there are opportunities that the stress degree of the client will non be escalated. As the assistant theoretical accounts this trait to the client, shortly a stable ambiance and a province of calm can be achieved. Finally the state of affairs will be brought into control and any immediate danger will be diffused. This trait of quieting the victim and the state of affairs has to be profoundly abided within the assistant and can non be taught.

Aguilera & A ; Messick ( 1982 ) stated that creativeness and flexibleness are major assets to those confronted with perplexing and looking insolvable jobs ( p.24 ) . All crisis assistants are equipped with many accomplishments and these accomplishments have to be used in specific and originative ways personalized to the client ‘s demands and crisis. Sometimes to work out the crisis, nontraditional and unconventional attacks need to be used. Assistants besides can non near a crisis with a fixed and stiff expression but alternatively should hold “ a probationary program for how to turn to it, combined with a preparedness to allow travel of that attack if it does non work, ” ( Miller, 2012, p.6 ) . Making solutions is clip sensitive and by being flexible to seek and utilize different attacks, the assistant will be more effectual to take the client through a comfy intercession.

Energy and resilience are required for crisis intercession as crisis state of affairss can be really demanding. Bing energized is mostly dependent on the worker themselves to take attention of their ain physical and psychological demands so that their energy degree remains high ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.15 ) . Resilience on the other manus is besides indispensable because it is natural for assistants to confront failure no affair how capable or committed they were and when times of failure arise, assistants need be able to travel frontward and non confront a meltdown.

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As mentioned antecedently, crisis intercession compared to other therapies is clip critical and assistants must hold speedy mental physiological reactions to “ cover with the invariably emerging and altering issues that occur in the crisis, ” ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.15 ) . Assistants need to be able to believe rapidly on their pess and do speedy ratings and determinations as there is no clip to reflect and easy mull over the crisis. There is besides a demand for the assistant to be comfy in doing determinations on their ain because most of the clip, they do non hold another individual oversing them.

Finally, one of the other trait a crisis assistant should posses is the possible and desire to turn and alter. Making crisis intercession is non a inactive work as there is changeless and rapid alteration in this field. The assistant needs to alter after each contact with a client because “ successful declaration of the crisis consequences in two merchandises, the first is assisting the client overcome the crisis and 2nd, set uping positive alteration in the assistant as a consequence of the brush, ” ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2001, p.15 ) .

In decision, I agree that non everyone is suited to make crisis intercession because a crisis requires assistants who portion a figure of features to show competence in their professional accomplishments. Assistants ought to keep poise when facing a state of affairs, to be originative and flexibleness in their attack to cover with the state of affairs, to be able to hold energy and resiliency, to be able to hold speedy mental physiological reactions and besides have the possible to turn from each brush of crisis. All of these features are of tremendous value to the assistant and to the client and without them it is improbable to be able to help the client to cut down the dangers of crisis and ease a positive declaration.

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