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Personal contemplation on instruction system in determining an educated society Back in my state. in Malaysia. pupils who study abroad particularly to those majoring in scientific discipline classs. they’ll be looked up by people environing them such as household. friends. instructors and more. In macro graduated table. gratuitous to state. the opportunity of acquiring employed by a large company are high likely to go on. This is because the web of connexions the pupils built while analyzing abroad assist them to happen a professional occupation. Plus. with the diverse experience of life in modern state. give them excess points compared to national pupil. This societal norm how likely influences pupil to accept the offer of analyzing abroad including me. However. for every determination doing there will be pro and cons to be considered. In my instance. I had a belief that American people do non open to international pupil since there was a batch of racial issues reported in the intelligence. I imagined I will hold a unsmooth clip life in USA and in interim to stand out in my survey.

However. I can non assist myself to hold a theory called positivism which introduced by a Gallic philosopher Auguste Comte. This theory of positivism provinces that a true cognition and apprehension of the universe merely can be acquired by sense of experience and empirical association. From my apprehension. I believe that an information can non be considered as true if the information did non travel through procedure of observation. experiment and comparing in a manner means that a individual has to utilize his or her ain senses to bring forth an indifferent decision. Taking my experience of life in United States for 3 old ages as the illustration. I experienced a wholly different position of American people from what I used to believe. Socializing with American people in my day-to-day life gave me a new positive position of the manner Americans treat non-citizen. Greeting unknown people is a norm. esteeming other people beliefs and traditions is a civilization virtuousness. and many more.

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After analyzing at United States about approximately 3 old ages. I admit that my point of position about instruction system changed to a whole new belief. From my observation. the USA instruction system is a comprehensive societal construction that shapes its society to be an educated society. This is because its system offer a assortment topic to pupil. which means pupil will derive broader scope of cognition. Plus. the instruction scaling system which based on public presentation of assortment assignments. produced many all-around alumnuss in many Fieldss. Compared to my state. we are holding on issues about bring forthing low competent alumnuss due to our test and mistake instruction system. Malayan pupils believe that true instruction means the higher the figure of A’s in our exam faux pass. the smarter the pupil and high probably to hold high wage in future. In other words. pupils become to exam-oriented to turn out to society that they are smart.

However. in fact. they neglect the co-curriculum facets which will assist them in edifice of their ain self-development accomplishment such as confident. leading accomplishment and many more. In a nutshell. I gained several new positions after learned two chapters of sociology. I learned that even a personal determination devising is influenced by societal forces which is out of our control. Therefore. if we want to alter something at micro degree. you have to see your environing societal forces that will able to assist you. On the other manus. at macro degree. such as to alter your state to a better state. societal constructions plays a large function in constructing a modern state.

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