Personal development planning Essay

I am 24 old ages old and married to my hubby Paul we live in Maybole in a two sleeping room bungalow. I left school at 16 with standard class degree English. maths. history. Gallic and music. My first occupation was in a nursing place it was so I realised how much I enjoyed working in attention and lovingness for people. I worked in the nursing place for 2 old ages so left to be an activity’s co-ordinator in a twenty-four hours attention Centre in Prestwick where I would be after day-to-day activity’s and excursions for clients who came for respite day-care the Centre unhappily closed down after 3 old ages. I found a portion clip occupation in a local saloon but I didn’t bask it every bit much as caring I worked in the saloon for 2 old ages until I found a occupation working for a homecare company I enjoyed but found the hours unsociable it was so I decided to use for college. I applied for N. C societal attention and was placed on the reserved list due to the class being full so a hebdomad after the class started I got a phone call to get down. I attended college from September to june working threw my class analyzing and passed all my tests. I besides attended a work arrangement at Hansel small town reprieve cabin which I enjoys working with the clients as Idaho ne’er worked with grownups with larning troubles. I was offered a lasting occupation with Hansel after I left but unhappily couldn’t take the occupation offer up as I had applied to make HNC and Hansel could merely offer me 30 hours per hebdomad. Whilst making my NC I enjoyed the capable mental wellness and decided so that I would wish to go a mental wellness nurse. My hopes are that I graduate with my HNC and can use to university and acquire a grade.

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Measure 2: Broad objective – where am I traveling following?

Whilst finishing this unit in Personal Development Planning. I have opted to concentrate on the undermentioned country of development my ability to compose studies and essays holding done an N. C in societal attention last twelvemonth I had to make a few studies and essays and realised that I don’t construction them decently this is something I need to pattern and develop my accomplishments and abilities in making
this. I would wish to come on and graduate from college with my HNC in societal attention and use to university of the West of Scotland and make a grade in mental wellness nursing and work in a psychiatric infirmary.

Further development of core/key accomplishments

Measure 3: Self assessment

Personal accomplishments. qualities and contexts

Core accomplishment
Evidence to back up rating


When making an NC in societal attention one of the undertakings I had to make was a presentation in forepart of the category I became truly nervous and didn’t make a batch of oculus contact. This is something I would wish to work at and concentrate on in the hereafter when presenting presentations. Numeracy

Numeracy was apart of my NC class last twelvemonth and I failed two efforts at an test working out per centums and making box secret plans but I find with excess analyzing and interrupting it down I can finish some numeracy undertakings. IT

I received a standard class for admin at school this gave me some knowledge on IT skills. On my college class last twelvemonth I done IT at a higher degree where I was shown how to utilize different hunt engines and how to type up studies essays and salvage my work. Problem work outing

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When faced with state of affairss I tend to panic instead than look for solutions to decide jobs. I feel this is something I can develop in. Working with others

Threw my recent occupations as a carer. saloon amah. activity’s coordinator I have had to work as portion of a squad to present my work and make the best in my occupation. I besides work with others at college to make research on my topics this is something I enjoy making.

Personal qualities

I am a difficult working dependable single. With an NC in societal attention this has given me a broad cognition of sociology. psychological science and helped me gain my ain personal values and rules. I have developed my caring practical accomplishments threw working in in many different attention facets and work arrangements. I am an honest and trusty individual who enjoys working as portion of squad and besides on my ain enterprise.

Knowledge and understanding
I have a broad cognition of attention and an apprehension of my ain personal values and rules that I try and introduce when caring for persons with different demands. I besides have a basic cognition of sociology and attempt to hold an apprehension in which manner society works. And my basic cognition of psychological science helps me understand peoples behaviors.

Technical accomplishments
I feel my proficient accomplishments can be worked on and developed threw out this class. Threw work and work arrangements I have a basic cognition on traveling and managing. I besides have basic calculating accomplishments.

Contexts. other factors to see

Measure 4: Puting personal aims
Personal aims – prior to interview with coach

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Short-term ( this twelvemonth )
I hope to go through my class and derive my HNC in societal attention. I besides hope to derive cognition and develop new accomplishments threw out the twelvemonth in all facets of societal attention and on college work arrangement.

Medium-term ( following twelvemonth )

I hope to be able to use to university and have adequate makings and accomplishments and to be able to remain focused on my work and my short and long term ends to be accomplishable.

I hope to hold gained a grade in mental wellness nursing and be in a occupation I enjoy making that helps me remain motivated.