Personal Assessment of Your Learning Style Essay Sample

The procedure of acquisition is critically of import in all human existences and understanding your single acquisition manner is cardinal for effectual acquisition. Learning manners is defined as the complex of characteristic cognitive. affectional. and physiological factors that serve as comparatively stable indexs of how a scholar perceives. interacts with. and responds to the acquisition environment ( Keefe. 1979 ) . Learning manner is the manner each individual absorbs. understands and uses information.

Some of our larning manner may be inherited. That is why we are born with certain traits that affect how we learn. Learning manners are hence really alone to each person and as is besides the instance with myself. However. in the class of our lives. we must accommodate to a broad scope of larning situations– and it is really likely that some of these state of affairss will non conform to our strengths. The fast one is to continuously construct on 1s strengths while developing other schemes and accomplishments.

I’ve learned that I am a Ocular scholar. Ocular Learners learn best from what they see: diagrams. flow charts. clip lines. movies. lineations and presentations. There are four benefits that come to mind sing cognizing and understanding 1s larning manner.

The first benefit is understanding how you learn best. Second benefit is cognizing your larning manner will let you to place survey schemes that are helpful and those that are a waste of clip. Third benefit is developing survey schemes that are more effectual based upon 1s larning manner ensuing in greater academic success. The concluding benefit is less clip is required when you study more efficaciously.

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Some techniques that will let me to better my acquisition accomplishments are to use brassy cards to form ideas. The benefit of flash cards is that brassy cards can be easy transferred. Sketch diagrams. Sketching diagrams can assist one retrieve cardinal facts every bit good as summarize information. Previewing reading assignments by looking for elements that are highlighted such as diagrams. charts. graphs. exposure. etc.

Everyone has a alone acquisition manner that should be embraced every bit good as enhanced. By adding placing your larning manner one will hold the ability to larn smarter in a shorter sum of clip.