Exploring Person-Centred Care from a Nursing Perspective – Essay Sample

Communicationss accomplishments are frequently classified as verbal and gestural. However, Argyle (1990) suggests that in an interaction words make up merely 7 per cent of a message: tone, pacing and sentence structure make up 38 per cent; and organic structure linguistic communication makes up 35 per cent. This indicates that how we send the message has great importance in add-on to the spoken words. The importance of communicating in health care is highlighted in the Department of Health’s Essence of Care 2010 papers. For this assignment writing the hapless and positive communicating accomplishments demonstrated by staff towards a vulnerable patient, and inter-professionally will be identified and analysis. The paralinguistic elements of communicating such as the volume. tone and pitch of the voice. in add-on to the velocity at which the talker speaks are all of import to convey a message. every bit good as any affiliated emotions or attitudes (McCabe and Timmins, 2006).

In this scenario the loud volume. high tone and pitch of the staff nurse’s voice is inappropriate when she communicates with the patient. The staff nurse comes across as really confrontational. and alternatively needed to use a much quieter. softer and lower tone to make a more positive nurse-patient interaction. The Department of Health’s Essence of Care (2010) Benchmarks for communicating provinces “All staff must show effectual interpersonal skills”. Bach and Grant (2011) suggest effectual interpersonal accomplishments include active hearing. good attention and empathy, which in bend assistance curative communicating. McCabe and Timmins (2006) proposed curative communicating with patients Begins with active hearing and provinces that “active hearing requires non merely the act of hearing but besides an active reading of what is heard”. Initially in this interaction the staff nurse does non actively listen to the patient and hence does non admit the importance of the patient’s concerns.

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