Pelican Stores Management Essay Sample

As a follow up to my old memoranda. I have prepared specific descriptive statistics sing the consequences of the old voucher publicity period throughout the month of July. These descriptive statistics such as the relationship between net gross revenues and descriptive statistics on net gross revenues by assorted categorizations of clients. every bit good as the descriptive statistics refering the relationship between age and net gross revenues can assist us farther understand our mark audience and finally boost entire gross revenues for Pelican Department Stores. By placing our mean. average and mode sing each variable ( matrimonial position. type of client. gender and age ) . we can further understand the relationships between our variables.

First of all. the publicity clients had a mean of $ 84. 29 and the regular clients had a mean of $ 61. 99. There is a difference of $ 22. 30 between the mean Net Gross saless of the two types of clients. The publicity clients had a price reduction voucher and this clearly had some kind of encouragement towards passing more money at Pelican Stores. The publicity vouchers were a great benefit to the company when we take into consideration that there were many more publicity clients than regular and the publicity clients spent much more on norm than the regular clients.

The correlativity coefficient between Age and Net Gross saless is -0. 0106359. This clearly shows that there is neither a positive or negative correlativity between the two variables. Therefore. all ages of audience should be targeted ; there is no 1 peculiar audience sing age that spent more money than the other. One audience in peculiar that we should aim would be adult females. It seems that adult females tend to pass much more money at Pelican Stores than work forces.

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The correlativity coefficient between Items sold and Net Gross saless is 0. 755059. This indicates a positive correlativity between points sold and net gross revenues ; it besides shows that the more points that were purchased. the more net gross revenues per client. Possibly it would be good to make an entreaty towards purchasing more points ; for illustration: 20 % off the purchase of three or more points. 30 % off the purchase of four of more points. etc.