Peg Feeding Essay Sample

This essay discusses a clinical accomplishment in which I have become competent during my arrangement in attention place. I will utilize a brooding theoretical account to discourse how I achieved the necessary degree of competency. Contemplation can do a sense of the familiar and taken for given state of affairss and is an of import human activity. in which people capture their experience. think about it and measure it ( Driscoll. 1994 ) . Here I have used the Gibbs theoretical account of contemplation which includes description. feeling. rating. analysis. decision and action program of a learning experience ( Gibbs 1988 ) . The clinical accomplishment I have learned is PEG feeding. Percutanious endoscopic gastrostomy ( PEG ) eating introduced into clinical pattern in 1980. is now established as an effectual manner of supplying internal eating to patients who have functionally normal gastro enteric piece of land but who can non run into their nutritionary demands because of unequal unwritten consumption ( kurien M. 2010 ) . It is chiefly used when an person is unable to keep nutrition by eating or imbibing.

Today. an increasing figure of patients cared for at infirmary or at place have Percutanious gastrostomy feeding tubings ( Jones et al. 2006 ) . Dysphagia is the most common ground for originating gastrostomy tubing feeding normally as a consequence of cerebro vascular accident. multiple induration. motor neurone disease and intellectual injury ( Parker et al. 2006 ) . There are two types of nog tubings. those that last 18 months to two old ages and balloon retained gastrostomy tubings which require replacing every 2-3 months ( Collier. 2007 ) . One of the most of import duties whilst PEG eating is blushing the tubing right with H2O after a provender or medicine. Description

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During my preparation in the attention place. we have a occupant who has a PEG provender. He suffers from Huntington’s disease. Since it is a inborn motor nervous upset. he is at high hazard of draw outing unwritten nutrients due to the nonvoluntary motions whilst eating. He was the first patient I cared for with a PEG provender. Though I studied PEG feeding I did non hold an chance to care for a patient with PEG tubing during my experience in place state. Initially I was non able to administrate medicine or provender through the nog provender due to the deficiency of cognition and accomplishments on how to make it decently. I had to inquire for the aid of senior staff to assist with eating. I was despairing to accomplish the accomplishment to nail down provender which I must possess to administrate medicine to that client. I asked one of the senior staff who was looking after that client to learn me how to make PEG eating. She demonstrated it to me and I discussed the affair with my wise man. My wise man put me through PEG feed developing that gave me all the necessary information about the proper usage and direction of PEG tubing. The following clip I had the opportunity to make it I could associate the theory to pattern by continuously executing the eating. I gained competency in executing that accomplishment. Feeling

I was interested in larning about PEG feeding from the really first clip I saw it in the attention place. I was eager to larn the accomplishment. By detecting my co-worker making it and by go toing preparation I learned the process clearly and gained necessary assurance to execute it. I obtained consent and maintained privateness before transporting out the process. I was nervous whilst making it for the first clip but with the support of my co-workers I overcame the emphasis and mastered the accomplishment. Evaluation

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Though I was unaware of the right process of PEG eating and was unable to execute the PEG provender. my mentor’s aid and proper preparation put me on path and helped me to execute the provender utilizing the correct technique and process. The positive facets of the learning result were:

* Learning a new accomplishment
* Deriving assurance in myself
* Eagerness to larn more new accomplishments
The negative facets of the learning result were:
* Feeling of emphasis and tenseness
* Fear of doing errors

This experience helped me so much in deriving a new accomplishment and encouraged me to larn more accomplishments. Even though I did non cognize about the process ab initio. observation and preparation helped me to place the safe pattern and made me confident that I could execute good. The uninterrupted support from my wise man and the positive ratings from my co-workers gave me assurance to develop my accomplishments and cognition. Decision

In decision. larning about PEG eating and developing accomplishments for safe disposal of PEG provender made me confident as a pupil nurse to look frontward to pattern safely as a registered nurse in the hereafter. I realise the importance of updating clinical accomplishments and cognition. Using a brooding theoretical account has helped me to gain that my acquisition is something which I must be pro-active in.

Action program
In future. I will non be hesitating to inquire for aid in larning a accomplishment that I am non familiar with. I will update my clinical accomplishments and cognition by go toing more preparation Sessionss which will assist me to present safe and effectual attention to the clients in my attention.

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