Peace Not War – Choir Piece Essay Sample

Boom! Blood Flesh Struggle and Fear environing in the Atmosphere If one is huffish one is scorned if one is non a baronial 1 is a provincial there are drugs. maltreatments. jinx and unfairness and the lone thing that regulations the Earth is immorality Shhhhhh! silence! for the terminal may come voices are non made to talk the truth but to shout and shout eyes are non made to see the world but to conceal the fact and call and weep and the custodies are non made to make out but to contend alternatively this is non yet over this is pandemonium this is what we call war It was a twenty-four hours of in dearth last September 11 2001 when an aeroplane clang its manner into human life the united provinces of America’s universe trade centre shattered roar! repose and harmoniousness was lost rolling outside roar! there lives were gone in merely a wink of an oculus female parents died male parents vanished and brothers suffered populating no more but hurt and pieces of head and psyche conjecture what the cause is we try to explain in this essay example. Terrorism! brought by the power of this indispicable greed this is the beginning of the 3 universe war or this is the characteristic prognostication of nostradamus God forbid dough in this universe where everyone is divided by one that offprint is and west threw faith and all life animals that exist comes from merely one Godhead TERRORISM bloodshed. showering of slugs. bombs and missiles. biochemical arms and DEATH! The Story of why many human existences who were victimize and sought for moral righteousness

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TERRORISM start walking on ice where being die in a chill cold and lose there lives acquire out of my life! I was at that place! x3 and cry! will at that place be an terminal? ? terminal x5 expression and you will see war flesh and fury hunting in the street of US. UK. Afghanistan. and now IRAQ Listen! And you will hear a call of the problem of our destiny so now! extinguish all your senses talk and you will non be heard for your rights are seperate from the other sod! behold for the wealths of life were broken because we are dreamers! Stop! this of hatred. hatred and hatred! you who did cause for the voice the young person young person who had the right to lay eyes on for the integrity and advancement for the future twelvemonth its clip to wake up! its clip to make something. and the clock is clicking and the clip will be over and so 10 Selfishness 9 Arrogance 8 Hate 7 Injustice 6 Pride 5 War 4 Kindness 3 Respect 2 Love and at last 1 Peace It is peace and wisdom we want like a steel tablet that serve us on its measure go forthing on its promise land may that be all? it needs to encompass the true virtuousness of peace. love solider may process towards the war guns may kill 1000000s of work forces places may be shattered and lives may be called in danger But one thing is for certain! this is non the terminal there is hope we. the young person lays here and wakes up in the coming of war procedure salvage our hereafter. fall in hands together for what we want is peace non war.

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