Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education” Essay Sample

In Paulo Freire’s essay on “The Banking Concept of Education. ” he is a steadfast truster of promotion in today’s instruction. He splits the agency of instruction into two distinguishable societies. the radical and the subjugation. Freire criticizes the current values of instruction. and argues to back up his ain. extremist thoughts about how he believes instruction should work. He compares instruction to the banking system and by making so he is set uping his ain methods and systems on how to do the instruction system better in our universe today. In his essay. Freire’s statements against the instruction system have been made rather clear by turn toing actions that need to be made to break the hereafter of our society.

At the beginning. he states how our current instruction system is really orderly and how the instructors are the “narrating” topics and the pupils are “listing objects” non cognizing how to believe or move in the universe today ( Freire 318 ) . He believes. “education is enduring from narrative illness. ” and that. in our current system. words “become a hollow. alienated. and estranging verbosity” to the pupils ( 318 ) . He strongly tells the reader how instruction is transforming into a memorisation game. He states how a pupil will enter and reiterate for the instructor. nevertheless. they will non derive the true cognition that will assist them subsequently in life. He calls this procedure “the banking construct of education” ( 319 ) .

Paulo Freire is stating that the instructor -student relationship is hapless because of the fact that the instructor is merely narrating about the topic of which the pupils are merely listening and are non truly involved. Freire states that as the instructor is narrating. the pupils have problems understanding the narratives because of the words that the instructor speaks are slightly foreign to them. Freire makes a valid point as he modernizes this interaction by comparing it to utilizing the banking system. He states that “education therefore becomes an act of lodging. in which the pupils are depositores and the instructor is the depositor” ( 319 ) .

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This act of “depositing” turns the student’s head into “receptacles” to be filed off. He indicates that through this system pupils lack a sense of creativeness and cognition of the universe around them. He explains that cognition is the footing to our apprehensions and finds that adult male invents and develops every twenty-four hours. Without this sense of cognition or the thrust to larn we would be left with nil new and everything would be left undiscovered. His statement of instruction Begins here because without a good system of instruction our promotion to the hereafter is at interest.

He uses the metaphor “deposit” to stand for the mode in which information is bestowed to the pupils. His thought that the pupils are an “empty vessel” is at the nucleus of the banking construct where the course of study does non take into consideration the demands of the pupils as libertarians. the agencies by which work forces and adult females trade with world in either a critical or originative manner. He makes this point because in instruction today the information is chosen by the pedagogue as the “depositor” and “deposited” into the pupil ; “the range of action allowed the pupil extends merely every bit far as having. filing and storing ; which the pupils patiently receive. memorise and repeat” ( 319 ) . The more a instructor does this to his pupils the more world is taken off from them to larn the true significances of life. This can be related back to Freire’s statement against the instruction system. because one can merely memorise things for so long. after that one will lose his true intent in the universe.

To travel against the system of instruction Freire has established new methods to turn the thought of instruction aroundThe method of instruction that Freire asserts as an option to the banking construct is to promote pupils to inquiry and prosecute the universe. He calls this his “problem-posing” method on instruction ( 325 ) . This alteration in focal point is facilitated by a displacement in the student-teacher relationship ; the pupil learns from the instructor. and the instructor learns from the pupils. This is a relationship where all points of position and are examined and respected. The aim of this educational form is to “develop the power to comprehend critically the manner a individual exist in the universe. with which and in which they find themselves ; they come to see the universe is non as a inactive world but as a world in procedure. in transformation” ( 328 ) . Without the development of this power. adult male can non see his true career in life.

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In his method he besides states how many do non prosecute their involvements or research the universe. He calls this group of people the “oppressor society” ( 325 ) . In this lone society many are left being at the having terminal in the containers. and many pedagogues come in to command the lives of the oppressed. They are the humanized signifier of the “the banking construct. ” However. Freire states how there are the choice few that escape out into society and prosecute the universe around them. They would be considered today’s discoverers and leaders who change the lives of many. He calls this group the “revolutionary society” ( 325 ) . They are the 1s that communicate with the universe and reject the oppressors. He brings up a good point by stating how instruction will subsequently divide the population into two. Some will be minds who take their ain waies and others will be followings who do really what they are told to make.

Communication is the key to the success in our instruction. Based off of the methods and constructs that Freire has come up with he would hold with this statement and how it affects our acquisition and growing of cognition. He states how “one must seek to populate with others in solidarity” and how one must believe for themselves and non associate back to his students. They do this by a system of communicating. An pedagogue of any sort must believe for themselves and non for their pupils. They need to cognize the true feelings of their pupils to see if their ways of learning are either assisting or damaging the student’s apprehensions of the existent universe. Thinking for oneself connects to world and how memorising what the instructor stated will merely acquire you so far in life. To interrupt this “banking concept” the pupils and the instructors need to pass on and interact with one another for the both to win in world. With the aid of communicating society can move more librated inside the universe that we live in today. Harmonizing to Freire’s methods and his beliefs. communicating is the key to success in both the system of instruction and in lasting in the universe that we live in today. Freire’s methods all come to understanding with the system of communicating.

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Freire writes this from first manus experience about of import issues in instruction. He covers thoughts from the “banking concept” and student-teacher relationships to revolutionise through communicating and the effects educational systems have on the construct of autonomy. By making so he establishes his ain construction and technique to do instruction of today better for our universe tomorrow. He believes that “no one can be genuinely human while he prevents others from being so” ( 330 ) . This quotation mark illustrates his humanity and his motive to see instruction function non merely the “oppressors” . but humanity as a whole.

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