Patterns of migration Essay

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1 define migration

The lasting resettlement of residential topographic point.

2 explain the effects migrations have had on both geographics and history

It has contributed to the development and development of separate civilizations. to the diffusion of civilizations by interchange and communicating. and the complex mix of people and civilizations found in different parts of the universe today.

3 understand that migration occurs at different graduated tables

Migration can happen as intercontinental or interregional.

4 explain why people change their residential location

Peoples change their residential location because alterations in life rhythm. income degree ( either more or less money available to pass on lodging ) . occupation location. perceived safety of vicinity. better school territory. convenient location. and many other factors

5 analyze migrations in footings of categorizations ( forced. voluntary. imposed ) and types Migration can either be forced where it is non up to them. voluntary where it is up to them. or imposed where it is up to them but is extremely advisable that they do travel. There are five types and each type can be put into one of the two categorizations. which are conservative or advanced. Advanced migrations include those people who move to happen a new manner of life and Conservative movers are those who move to happen a new surrounding.

Crude Migration is those who move due to environmental factors. forced migration is for those who move because they are forced ( normally by the authorities ) . Impelled Migration is similar to coerce but people still can hold some say in if they move. Free Migration is those who move for economic improvement. and Mass Migration which is for those who move in big Numberss. 6 explain the determination to migrate in footings of push and pull factors Those who move for pull factors are traveling because the other topographic point has more to offer and those who move for push factors move because where they’re at presently is non making them good.

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7 describe forms of migration utilizing the constructs of distance decay. step ining chance. topographic point public-service corporation. measure migration. concatenation migration. channelized migration. and migration Fieldss Both push and pull factors are affected by topographic point public-service corporation. which is the individuals bing satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a topographic point. Distance decay and intervening chance are besides related subjects and these constructs province that persons will take a closer location over a location farther off if they are both equal in other facets. Step migration is a construct that describes those who migrate in stairss such as from a farm to a little metropolis and so to a large metropolis. Chain migration is a construct that says that people are more likely to travel someplace where they already have connexions.

Channelized migration and migration Fieldss have to make with concatenation migration and migration Fieldss are countries where people move from to a certain metropolis. Channelized migration is when there is a reoccurring them of people traveling in similar forms. 8 describe the geographics of disruption: refugee forms and procedures in the universe today The IOM is working with 155 member provinces to take refugees and relocate them to topographic points where they can be decently worked with to prolong a better life. Africa. Europe. Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia all have a batch of jobs and the IOM works highly difficult to acquire peole out of these topographic points and out to better topographic points. Classify these migrations by TYPE and make up one’s mind whether the move was advanced or conservative. 9. westbound migration of innovator husbandmans

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Conservative- Free migration
10. modern Americans traveling to Alaska
Conservative- free migration
11. Mormon migration to Utah
conservative- mass migration
12. Middle East nomads traveling to urban countries in the Iranian Gulf innovative- crude migration
13. African slave trade
innovative- forced migration
14. flight of ancient Britishers at the reaching of the Saxon encroachers conservative- driven migration
15. Trail of Cryings: resettlement of the Five Civilized Tribes to Oklahoma innovative- forced migration
16. subsistence cut burn husbandmans in the Amazon
conservative- crude migration
17. resettling of Germans. station WWII. because of boundary line displacements in Poland conservative- impelled