Outline of IT Solution and Next Steps for UMUC Haircuts Essay Sample

I. Undertaking Description:
A. Introduction
1. Scheme for competitory advantage: Operational Effectiveness
2. Business procedure to be improved: Customer Appointment B. Proposed solution and IT components needed to implement the undertaking 1. Selected system
a ) NIT4 Business Software will be used because of the on-premise and cloud-based deployment capablenesss. This system can be costumed designed to run into the demands of serviceability. reliability/ handiness. and cloud computer science. which are all a high precedence of the IT demands for the system. This system can besides be designed to run into the demands to accomplish an equal assignment system. This system would be more cost effectual than engage an expert to plan a usage system from abrasion. 2. Major hardware needed –

UMUC Haircuts will necessitate a information connexion to the Internet.
UMUC Haircuts will necessitate a router.
UMUC Haircuts will necessitate a computing machine.

C. Business resources needed to finish the undertaking. 1. It Skills & A ; Servicess –
Employees at UMUC Haircuts will necessitate to be familiar with basic computing machine use to entree and input information into the assignment scheduling system package. The proprietor should put in the system to see it is working decently and to work out with the package company any jobs or ailments. All UMUC Employees should be able to utilize the system to input client information.

2. Cost of proposed solution –
Since UNIT4 Business Software is already designed it can salvage money from design package that can make the same undertaking as this plan. This package can besides be used on any type of computing machine system. which will be cost effectual as certain trade names of computing machines is more expensive. Since this package is made by a company alternatively of a contractor. they do automatic updates of the soft ware and scheduled care under the rank. This package will be more cost effectual due to all characteristics mentioned above is incorporated. II. Project Management – the system execution is a little graduated table undertaking. but it still requires project direction. particularly in the countries listed below. A. Ternary restraints –

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Myra can command the scoop by being realistic about her ends and what can be implemented. Myra can command scheduling by doing certain that scoop incorporates all necessary demands of her system and by non doing any unneeded alterations. Myra can command the cost of the system by utilizing package that is already develop. alternatively of hire person to construct a new plan. B. Human resource direction –

1. The undertaking squad will dwell of
a. Myra. who is the shop director. will be caput of the undertaking squad and command all administrative maps of the system. . B. Employees would be users of the system and will input client informations into the system. C. Risk direction –

Business hazard associated with implementing the assignment system would be clients may experience it is an incommodiousness. To promote any incommodiousness clients should be informed that the system is in topographic point for them to hold a fast and custom experience. Security hazard involved is client informations being stolen.

Encoding package should be added to the system to guarantee clients that there informations is being collected. Besides sensitive information. like societal security Numberss. should non be collected. to take down any harm done if there is a breach in the system. Implementation hazard include employees non larning to utilize the package fast plenty. cause clients to wait. which could hold an inauspicious affect on client credence of the system.

III. System Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) –
A. System Probe
1. The system should be inspected to guarantee it meets all the demands of the desired assignment system. 2. The system should be tested to guarantee it meets all of Myra’s demands of the concern procedure and IT demands. B. System Analysis

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1. A elaborate user usher of the system usage will be develop for the assignment system. 2. The ends of the assignment system will be put into the maps and operations of the assignment system. 3. A accomplished Requirements Document including account of map and operations will be approved by the undertaking director. C. System Design

1. The system design will integrate concern procedure demands for the assignments system and IT concerns. 2. The squad will develop screen layout and design.
3. The Administrative users will develop concern regulations. like cost of service for hairdos. 4. The Administrator will develop process diagrams.
5. The Administrator will plan security program.
6. The trial squad will develop a elaborate trial program.
7. The complete Detailed Design Document including all of the above will be approved by the undertaking director. D. Programming or System Configuration
1. The Programmers will modify the Detailed Design Document into the assignment system. 2. The papers authors will make detail certification of work performed to run into the Design Document demands ; these will be approved by Myra. E. Testing

1. The scheduling squad will unite all facets the assignment system together in a testing environment and trial for mistakes. bugs. serviceability. maintainability. and dependability. 2. The proving squad will verify that all of the demands and ends stated in the Requirements Document are met.
3. Documentation of the completed Test Plan will be approved by Myra.

F. Implementation
1. The assignment system will be implemented at the front counter of UMUC Barbershop. 2. Myra will subscribe off that the system meets the demands. 3. UMUC Haircuts will get down acknowledging the benefits.

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G. Operations and Maintenance
1. Ongoing support will be provided to let for alterations. corrections. add-ons and ascents to guarantee that the assignment system continues to run into the concern procedure and It demands of UMUC Haircuts. 2. The system will be operated efficaciously.

IV. Business Process Changes – explicate how the concern procedure ( Es ) will necessitate to alter one time your engineering solution is implemented ( what will be done otherwise ) . Employees will look into clients in and out through the assignment system. Employee agendas will be manage through the assignment system. V. Employee Training –

Detailed developing manual will be used for concern operations utilizing the assignment system. All employees will have preparation on the new assignment system. Part of the preparation will be how employes enter informations into the system. The 2nd portion of preparation will be how to cover with mistake within the system. The 3rd portion of preparation will be larning operational security for the system. Training on the assignment system will carry on the following concern twenty-four hours upon having and puting up the system. VI. Specifying Success –

Reviewing client feedback from the assignment system will assist Myra see how clients accept the assignment system. Sing client return rate will besides assist Myra see If the assignment system has solved her concern ends. Looking at new client keeping will assist Myra see if her IT solution is working. 1. Facility demands –

The hardware should be placed at the forepart of the shop where clients
enter. This will let faster client interaction to hold clients in and out. 2. Telecommunication needs –
UMUC Haircuts will necessitate a router.
UMUC Haircuts will necessitate private Internet connexion to pass on with the cloud and acquire information from clients online.