Outline of Causes for Civil War Essay Sample

It was the fate of America. to distribute across the continent from one ocean to another and this belief is know as Manifest Destiny.

A. Impacts of the Mexican-American War
The Mexican American war was a consequence of dissension between land ownership in the West. The United States wanted to buy the lands from Texas to California and Mexico would non give it up so America declared war. In 1848. the United States and Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. which ended the Mexican-American War. and gave the U. S. new district but was torn in make up one’s minding which provinces could hold slaves or non which led to the struggle ensuing in the via media of 1850.

Compromise of 1850
The via media of 1850 was to work out the job of bondage without Congress holding to make up one’s mind. The via media would do Northerners and Southerners happy. The points of the via media were that California became a free province ; Texas’s boundaries were set to its present bounds and the United States paid $ 10 million in compensation for the loss of New Mexico and Utah were organized on a footing of popular sovereignty ; the fleeting slave act was strengthened ; and the slave trade abolished in the District of Columbia.

One of the defects was the ambiguity of popular sovereignty. Southerners insisted there would be no prohibition of bondage and Northerners declared that colonists could censor slavery whenever they wished. The 2nd defect ballad in the Fugitive Slave Act. which gave new and controversial protection to bondage.

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The Fugitive Slave Act
The fleeting slave act of 1850 reinforced statute law leting the gaining control of runaway slaves in the northern provinces. But the Act resulted in an copiousness of violent Acts of the Apostless and protests.

B. Kansas-Nebraska Bill
The Kansas-Nebraska measure exposed the conflicting readings of popular sovereignty. Northerners and Southerners. nevertheless. still disagreed violently over what territorial colonists could constitutionally make. The measure overruled the Missouri via media in Kansas and Nebraska and colonists felt free to set up bondage at that place.

Shed blooding Kansas
In the district of Kansas a sequence of events led to conflict. The Kansas-Nebraska Bill spawned hatred and force as people debated whether Kansa should fall in the Union as a free or slave province. Because of all the bloodshed Bleeding Kansas was the talk of the state and the elections. After the consequences of the elections of 1860. in 1861 Kansas was admitted as a free province.

C. Impact of the Abolitionist Movement
The abolitionist motion tried to set and stop to slavery but merely drove the state towards force and a civil war. Most Southerners were unhappy with the attempts of the emancipationist ensuing in many public violences. A newspaper ran to advance the motion and women’s intervention and inequality was besides brought to attending.

D. Political Parties
After the elections of 1834 there was the presence of more than 1 political party. Later on many parties began to unify to go the Republican Party.

E. Elections of 1860
The presidential elections between Abraham Lincoln and John C. Breckinridge resulted in Lincoln’s elections and add-on of Kansas to the Union as a free province. Lincoln’s attempts to get rid of bondage presented struggle in the Union. which led up to the sequence of 7 provinces before Lincoln’s startup and created the Confederacy.

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F. Southern Succession
By June of 1861 13 provinces had succeeded from the Union and created convulsion. The conflict between bondage and freedom had become a war within the United States that would be the bloodiest of all time. Lincoln held his beliefs house and was non traveling to lose the South to bondage.