Our Responsibility in Our Life Essay

Since childhood. we have been taught about duty. Until there comes a clip that we all have duties that we must have up to. But. what we already have a sense of duty for all the things we have done? The reply is may be yes or may be no. So. what is the significance of duty? Responsibility is the obligation/consequence to bear and make something that is given/assigned to everyone with consciousness from ourselves. As a pupil. in order to make my life success I must obtain certain type of duties. These duties consists of duty as a retainer of God. as a pupil ( ourself ) . as a kid. and as a citizen. The first is duty as a retainer of God. Have we run our responsibility as spiritual people? Many of us who are academically capable. fulfilled in footings of stuff but our psyche is empty because it is non touched by spiritual values. For you. pupils. execute the duty as a people. non to inquire or kick but make your responsibility as a retainer. Don’t merely closer to Him when we were in adenoidal life conditions. Make your duty such as make His bid and go forth His prohibiton. praying. and trust Him and maintain religion.

The 2nd is duty as a kid. Many pupils are incognizant or cognizant but do non desire to make self-fulfillment that their parents do non desire a batch of things on them. Merely one desired by parents that their kid could travel to school. learn good and subsequently graduated have a better life than their parents. Did non we of all time imagined. how the our parents work hard. gain much money to pay us in school. Never occurred in our heads in order to replace what they have given. Therefore. make your duty such as obey what they ask. attention to them. and giving them your accomplishment. The 3rd is duty as a pupil. Each pupil must works a sense of duty on theirselves.

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Duty of the pupil as a scholar is larning good. make place work that has been given to them. subject in running the school regulations. This means that each pupil is required to transport out perfectly the duties without exclusion. But. the fact many pupils who feel overwhelmed by their duties as pupils. Students go to school non for larning intents. but used as a locale for meeting. assemblage with friends. confab and etc. While the true undertaking to larn and derive cognition. Although this is a world. we must forestall. alter our mentality. and we must be cognizant that we are a pupil. The 4th is duty as a citizen. We live in the center of society.