Online Reservation and Information System Essay

Today people are populating in a society which is called a technologically civilised society. Ultimately. the research workers can state that. “living without engineering is like populating without air” in this proficient universe of today. Most people are utilizing Internet to easy seek what they need particularly information. The Internet is a planetary web linking 1000000s of computing machines. More than 100 states are linked into exchanges of informations. intelligence and sentiments. With the promotion in engineering. the research workers decided to develop an Online Reservation and Information System for Fortune Seafood Restaurant. The Fortune Seafood Restaurant is a good known fine-dining eating house in Pampanga. It is located strategically in between the bosom of City of San Fernando and Olongapo-Gapan Road. Pampanga. Fortune Seafood Restaurant is one of the upscale Chinese eating houses in Pampanga. It serves outstanding personalities and provides locale for of import events. The eating house accepts reserve for assorted events such as nuptials. birthday and others. The company is utilizing manual procedure when it comes to pull offing reserve.

The client must travel to the eating house in order to do a reserve. It causes fuss for the client to travel to the locale to merely ask for the reserve information and do a reserve. Sometimes the clients are being disappointed since the day of the month and clip that they like to reserve is non available and already occupied by other event. The company promotes and advertises the eating house utilizing flyers and tarpaulin. The procedure of the eating house in bespeaking feedback to the clients is merely verbally by inquiring them about the nutrient. The Online Reservation and Information System for Fortune Seafood Restaurant is a system that will supply information about the company like the different dishes they serve including the monetary values. promos. and services that they offer. With this characteristic the company will be promoted good.

It besides has exposure sharing and allows creative activity of web logs for the client to show their ideas about the nutrient and services or their “Fortune” experiences. It includes a reserve system that supports the clients who want to do a reserve for occasions like birthday. household reunion. nuptials and even a particular day of the month. The system shows all the agenda of the events so that the client will cognize if the day of the month and clip that they plan to reserve is available or non. It besides has a feedback signifier which may incorporate treatment of the sentiment or suggestion of the client about the company.

Review of Related Literature

The undermentioned reappraisals are discussed to back up the grounds why the job exists. It serves as the researcher’s footing in carry oning the survey. In the book Restaurant and Cafeteria Management Service ( 2010 ) . the really first eating house in the universe was opened in Paris in 1765. A tavern keeper. Monsieur Boulanger. served a individual dish sheep’s pess simmered in a white sauce. The universe eating house is derived from the Gallic word “restorer” intending to “restore” . The first eating house the dining suites of the hostel and as towns. metropoliss. grew in population. several eating topographic points were established functioning tiffin and dinner at fixed monetary value. Boulanger’s concern was different from other nutrient concerns. like coffeehouse and hostel. because Boulanger’s concern was centered on nutrient. non alcohol ( like tap houses ) or java and tea ( like coffeehouse ) . Customers came to Boulanger’s constitution chiefly to eat. and this was a freshness in the late eighteenth Century. where the population ate their repasts at place or. if they were off from place overnight on concern. at an hostel. In Gallic. the word tonic is restaurant. A local nutrient club ( a brotherhood monopoly ) sued Boulanger in tribunal for conflicting on its monopoly on the sale of cooked nutrients. but Boulanger won and was allowed to go on.

This triumph led to the rapid spread of these new eating houses across France. The research workers included this reappraisal to be familiar with the first eating house in the universe. in separating when and where it started. what the procedures of a eating house are. and how it became successful. In the book entitled Basic Restaurant Service ( 2007 ) . Restaurant Service demands an extended cognition of international cookery. of drinks and saloon services. The wait staff or Restaurant Service Staff are most of import contact individuals in go toing to the invitees. It is hence necessary to hold a complete bid of functioning regulations and to cognize the readying of particular dishes and drinks at the invitees tabular array. The wait staff or Restaurant Service Staff. place the invitees. take table orders right. fix particular undertakings at the table side. function nutrient and drinks and show the measure and direct the invitees off. They are the cardinal figures who create a good feeling of eating house by warmly welcoming invitees. guaranting that service is prompt and gracious and that the repast meets outlooks. These qualities and professional fight. practical work and theoretical cognition are deemed necessary to transport out occupation.

The research workers included this to cognize and discourse the importance of effectual eating house service staff since they are one of the keys to the success of the company. In implementing the proposed system the staff who will be assigned must be good technically to easy larn the system and to avoid confronting troubles in runing the system. Harmonizing to the book Food Service Management in the Philippines ( 2009 ) . Engracia “Aling Aciang” Cruz-Reyes. the materfamilias laminitis of Aristocrat Restaurant. discussed that she believes that to happen the clients. one has to travel where the people are and find ways to maintain them coming back. She opened a turn overing shop in Luneta Park an accomodating 1000 of people at one clip. She prepared Filipino dishes like arroz caldo. and pancit that were newly prepared in forepart of the clients. Subsequently on. to run into the altering demands of the clients she added to her line of bill of fare points a choice of sandwiches and softdrinks. Peoples kept coming back for their comfort nutrient from Aling Aciang. Before World war II Mrs. Reyes sought out new market chances by turn uping her nutrient concern in a premier belongings at the Dewey Blvd. Manila. Today. the Aristocrat Restaurant has more than 10 extra subdivisions in different location all over the state.

The research workers include this reappraisal for the ground that it discussed. “to find the clients. one has to travel where the people are and find ways to maintain them coming back” . By analysing the citation. today many people are utilizing Internet. The proposed system will be where people are to get a batch of clients and easy interact with them. In the proposed system the client besides has the privilege to do a web log and portion exposures so that they can portion their Fortune experiences. The research workers provide the web log in happening ways to maintain the client back. The book entitled Fundamentalss of Food Service Management ( 2009 ) said that. Foodservice is going a manner of household amusement and a beginning of household income for those who are engaged in nutrient service operation. The turning figure of people sponsoring eating house. cafeteria and fast nutrient centre defends mostly on these for their nutrient consumption. in schools. for illustration. many pupils depend on the school nutrient service for their tiffin and stocks.

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As such better and more alimentary nutrients should be offered in these nutrient services. Based on the book Food Service Management in the Philippines ( 2009 ) . one of the successful company in the Philippines is the Barrio Fiesta. It is novelty and good gustatory sensation are the primary grounds that keep Barrio Fiesta afloat in local nutrient concern. The eating house was established in 1960 when Mr. Rod Ongpauco’s formula on pig’s pess. better known as crispy pata. became sucessful. Bing the first to offer the particular bill of fare point. clients flocked in and its gross revenues rose from 20 individuals per tabular array to 300 individuals per tabular array. It is the first to have the vocalizing cooks and servers to entertain invitees while they are dining. A alone mode of integrating local imposts with foodservice professional apparatus is considered an first-class selling scheme. From mentioned that “ the concatenation eating houses. specially the Barrio Fiesta concatenation. are sucessful because of aggressive advertisement. low-cost monetary values compared to upscale eating house and handiness and handiness. In this book. the research workers acquired cognition about the system in eating house and how to do it successful. One of the of import facets in a eating house is the nutrient service.

The eating house must hold alone schemes in supplying service that is why the research workers decided to develop an Online Reservation System for Fortune Seafood Restaurant. In the book Restaurant Service Basics 2nd edition ( Sondra J. Dahmer and Kurt W. Kahl. 2008 ) Restaurant Reservation and Table Management Software has the functionality to track reserve every bit good as control seating and optimise server public presentation. It can centralise the dining reserve procedure. extinguish over engagements. or maximise table use with walk-in and wait list functionality. Reservation can be entered and modified guest phone Numberss. electronic mail. mailing references. and penchants ca be captured. Table direction package has a show of presently available and occupied tabular arraies. This system provides the host with the position of occupied tabular arraies and the approximative clip when each tabular array will once more be unfastened to siting. It can besides demo reserved and confirmed tabular arraies. tabular arraies to be joined by more invitees in a party. tabular arraies necessitating to be cleaned. tabular arraies nearing or transcending assigned going times. and tabular arraies that are non to be utilized.

From this information. waiting invitees can be quoted realistic delay times. and waiters can be given new parties of invitees can be quoted realistic delay times. and waiters can be given new parties of invitees at a manageable gait in their state of affairss. Guests can even do their ain reserve online over the eating houses Web site. The host can so direct the invitees an electronic mail corroborating the reserve they made. The research workers included the literature above to cognize better the procedures of different eating houses. The Restaurant Reservation and Table Management Software is really utile and lessens the attempt in runing a eating house. In this reappraisal the research workers obtain some thoughts of the characteristics that can be adopted for the proposed system. The book Quick Books for the Restaurant ( Stephanie Murphy and Alisa Robertson Neunerker. 2010 ) discourse the importance of the Accounting Process to the Restaurant Manager. it is imperative for successful eating house operators to understand fiscal studies. utilize the information to enable better determinations and take ownership of the fiscal public presentation of the operation. Restaurant operators focus on bill of fare points. commanding costs. client attractive force and keeping. provider relationship. and employee dealingss issues.

Each of these challenges. and a eating house operators response to the. is affected by or has an impact on the fiscal construction of the concern. Menu points drive stock list cost ; the eating house affects the rent or rental disbursals of the operation ; and turnover drivers enrolling and preparation costs. Restaurants operators can be overwhelmed by the complexness and inside informations of finance. and as a consequence they do non give this critical issue the clip and attending it deserves and requires. Business operators may concentrate on things they know best and disregard things with which they are less familiar. An easy to utilize. accurate. and current set of fiscal and operational studies signifier Quick Books will enable a eating house operator to confidently follow the cosmopolitan linguistic communication of an accounting. It can turn the enigma and overpowering procedure of accounting and fiscal coverage into the most valuable resource for the eating house. The reappraisal above is included by the research workers for the ground that accounting in a eating house is really of import and the fiscal study or dealing must be secured. In the proposed system the research workers make certain that it secures all the minutess particularly in reserve. In the book entitled “How to Better Dining Room Service” . Richard Saporito stated that for more than 20 old ages now. he is a eating house adviser for a assortment of profitable constitutions.

As a celebrated writer and keynote talker. he helped 100s of operations around the universe runing from little independent start-ups to big scale corporate operations with siting capacities of over 1500. In that clip. he became portion of some highly successful eating houses. but besides witnessed many that struggled unnecessarily. In his experience. the primary factor that separates successful eating houses from those that battle is the degree of service that is provided to the client. He do certain. the location. bill of fare and selling drama a portion. but the most successful eating houses all have one thing in common. They provide client service which exceeds their customer’s outlooks! In the website squidoo. com Merely Be Nice ( J. B. N ) 2009. it is stated that word of oral cavity is the most effectual promotional method. So if your eating house is nice. the nutrient is good and the delay staffs are friendly and efficient. people will state their friends. And their friends will state their friends and the list goes on and on. The most effectual manner is on particular juncture like birthdays. day of remembrances and so on. Harmonizing to the book entitled “A Modern Approach to Restaurant Profitability” by Lloyd M. Gordon.

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The Restaurant Industry is still turning in gross gross for the twelfth straight twelvemonth ; first ground is that the Numberss of operating installations are increasing yearly. Another factor is that each eating house endeavor is wining in upgrading its grosss from the old twelvemonth. As a portion of this Industry tendency. you are shown how to have your healthy portion of the Industry’s wagess as you become watchful to functioning and fulfilling frequenters with the nutrients. drinks. service. atmosphere. and cordial reception they require. The research workers include the reappraisals to be familiarized with some eating house techniques in footings of functioning people. The company must supply client services which go beyond their customers’ outlooks. fulfilling clients. and must hold effectual promotional method.

The undermentioned surveies are written work and constructs adopted by the research workers. These reappraisals will besides assist introduce the readers with the inside informations of agreement among the old surveies. every bit good the relation of each to the present survey.

A survey entitled “Philippines Empowers Guests through Direct Online Reservation via Own Website in Egi Club in Cebu” . reserving suites at EGI Club in Mactan Island has merely been made easier and more convenient with an advanced engagement system that was late launched on the resort’s web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. egiclubceburesort. com ) . EGI Club Cebu Resort’s new reserve system shows possible invitees two weeks’ worth of real-time room handiness matched with the lowest possible rates. This characteristic allows choice of adjustments based on gustatory sensations. and more significantly. budget. A 10 % sedimentation payment. which is deducted from the entire room charge. ensures the handiness of the chosen room type upon the guest’s reaching at the hotel. An automatic electronic mail is instantly sent after the dealing to function as verification.

For elucidations and concerns. a dependable client service squad is ready to turn to reserve issues. including alteration of engagements. EGI Club Cebu Resort can be found in Lapu-Lapu City. which is a first category highly-urbanized metropolis in the state of Cebu. The resort hotel is good known for its cordial reception and high client satisfaction brought approximately by its dedicated hotel staff. It is the perfect pickup because of its myriad of comfortss that offer relaxation and greening. Guests may take from a sum of 120 guest suites. which all have Internet entree and comes with a dual bed. IDD phone. mini-bar. and icebox. For athleticss partisans. beach volleyball. jet skiing. diving and other H2O athleticss may be enjoyed at Mactan Beach. The company. through its advanced engineering. helps adjustment suppliers maximize the concern potency and public presentation of their web sites.

In the survey entitled “An Online Hotel Reservation of Palazzo de Laoag” conducted by Rajzle G. Ingles of St. Paul University. Tuguegarao City. a system that will assist the hotel to automatically do a reserve online is developed. The system is shown high quality in the facets of utility and functionality for the undermentioned grounds: the design has been tailored-made harmonizing to the identified demands of the forces ; among its criterion characteristics are used of entree keys and cutoffs that endow the system with an easiness of managing and user-friendliness ; structured instead than hard-coded scheduling was used ; the system self-praise of error-free that can be relief to efficaciously manage and treat informations and generate studies for the clients and personnel’s. The graphical user interface is both appealing and friendly.

There is a integrity and consistence in the grouping of maps and objects. A screen design simulates windows application and overall is pleasant and shows the virtuousness of gustatory sensation in particular effects. Profiting the staff and forces of Palazzo de Laoag Hotel as a whole. it besides stands to benefits the clients who take reserves. Reservation was simplified and forces and client do non hold to work hard for doing the reserve. Insistent modus operandis are eliminated and clients do non hold to travel to the hotel. There is no inquiry as to the acceptableness of the system. For one. Palazzo de Laoag Hotel has long depended on the manual system in its reserve modus operandis. This system offers superior option that makes for easiness. efficiency every bit good truth.

Bayani et Al. ( 2011 ) in a survey Computerized Table Reservation and Billing System for Kenny Rogers’s Roasters SM Pampanga discussed that the intent of their survey is to supply more efficient and helpful procedure of reserve and charge for Kenny Rogers’s Roasters SM Pampanga subdivision. This system refering calculation of measures can assist KRR to easy calculate measures for their clients in merely a few proceedingss instead that calculating it manually. It is easy to utilize because it will non necessitate manual numeration of the figure of tabular arraies occupied or reserved. It can bring forth studies of the old measures and client information. The system will supply the director of Kenny Rogers Roasters the authorization to see the complete records of their clients and what they availed. It has a hunt characteristic integrated to do the procedure of look intoing faster and to look into if a client has an bing history. The survey covers the development of a table reserve and charge system for Kenny Rogers Roasters SM City Pampanga. The system of table reserve and charge is composed of two users the invitee and decision maker. The decision maker history has the privilege of verifying. accepting or rejecting and salvaging the records of the clients.

The employee with this type of history is the director. Reservation through phone call will non be acceptable if the client is non regular client. the client should be a member or it has an bing history. The system will motivate the user when and what clip is the reaching of their client and what tabular array has been booked A 2011 survey by Angeles et Al. which is a Computer Based System for Function Hall and Catering Reservation for St. Paul Reception Garden is concerned chiefly with the procedure of map hall and catering reserve through computing machine. recording of informations and supplying the charge statement for the clients. This survey will supply security of informations through the usage of username and watchword and can merely be operated by the legal employees. Using the system will merely take a few chinks to add. salvage. edit and recover the client’s information and demo the charge statement afterwards. The survey can besides publish grosss and citations. It is besides proctors the reserve of the client by the usage of screening by day of the month. At the terminal of the reserve dealing. the system provides an official reception for the client. The system does non back up any price reduction cards or any recognition cards. An Online Reservation System for Cattleya Garden Villas survey conducted by Alfonso ( 2012 ) is a system that provides an effectual online reserve system that will profit the Cattleya Garden Villas employees and clients. educationally. economically and technologically.

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The survey will greatly assist the proprietor and employees. to do the process more streamline therefore making a hassle free and clip efficient reserve procedure. The web site will besides hike on-line presence of Cattleya Garden Villas. doing its selling appreciation larger web that what it is now. It aims to better the Villa’s relationship to its client by agencies of holding a system which is more focal point on their reserve demands. The system’s importance. effectivity and velocity of the processing to suit the client petition will salvage clip. It will give more chance to function other clients through the aid of the system the clients and employees can easy interact with each other. Through the usage of the system. Cattleya Garden Villas will salvage much clip. attempt and resources such as documents. enrollment signifier and portfolios in treating guest’s reserves. It will supply a Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) that will manage the client enquiry and pull off the 24/7 operations. The system decision maker can add. edit or alteration username and watchword and his personal information. The decision maker is the 1 responsible for adding of new suites. altering the room position. updating room handiness and blessing or cancellation of reserves. The assorted surveies above are included by the research workers for the ground that the surveies will assist in placing the demands in the proposed system.

The research workers can change the system by comparing it to the old survey and can follow similar characteristics that will suit in the demands of the Fortune Seafood Restaurant. Harmonizing to an article entitled “Learn How to Construct a Profitable Business Online” . Mr. Ken Hubener. the author of the article said that “starting and runing an cyberspace concern is surprisingly similar to runing any other concern. Good concern patterns. like constructing the assurance of clients through true advertisement. providing merchandises and services at a just monetary value. and developing long-run concern relationships are as applicable to the Internet concern as they are to any other businesses” . An increasing figure are constructing their ain web sites to let them to market their concern and it has been really effectual and successful to utilize Internet as their beginning of income with concerns and to seek to travel where the people are. The research workers include this survey to distinguish and separate that there is more effectual manner in advancing the company. The manual procedure of publicizing the Fortune Restaurant is merely in flyers and tarpaulin that is why the research workers will develop an online system to advance it on the web. In the article entitled “Online Hotel Reservation on Kerala Tourism Website. a Large Hit” . the 1888 PressRelease said that “The on-line adjustment reserve system offers travellers a broad scope of picks from five-star hotels to place corsets in distant corners of the State.

With this installation. suites can be booked online any clip by sing World Wide Web. keralatourism. org. The engagement can be done by utilizing major recognition cards. debit cards. cyberspace banking and other installations like Pay Pal. The forte of the on-line reserve platform is that the payment made for reserve goes straight to the history of the belongings proprietor. ” Based in the article entitled. “The Suites Niagara Falls” it requested aid for new hotel web site which will establish the site within yearss to high exposure in the top hunt engines. Consequently. the direction was highly pleased and requested inside informations of other services. They spoke their challenge pull offing stock list and reserves. in tracking runs and in advancing to past invitee. Today. the embassy Suites Niagara Falls provides on-line reserves. reserve tracking and mass mailing services. These three key services arouse from the development of three merchandises that have been designed to complement each other to run into the on-line ends of compatible touristry entities. It has two parts: the admin ( back-end ) country where staff controls rates. handiness bundles and the public ( front-end ) country where content is projected and reserves are made.

In admin splashboard screens. staffs have ability to make and command room types. rates. handiness. revenue enhancements. automated messages. bundles and reserve foils. Whether a regular room engagement or bundle choice. the system displays content from the admin country in real-time. enabling invitees to book suites with easiness. At the clip of a reserve. the system takes the invitee through the engagement procedure: choice of room type. bundle costs and inside informations. contact and payment information. After all inside informations are stored in. for treating. double confirmation/notification messages are sent to both invitees and hotel staff. Harmonizing to a Corporate Reservation System ( CRS ) an independent bureau that books about 100. 000 hotels room each twelvemonth on behalf of its corporate clients. CRS pre-negotiates particular rates with some 15. 000 hotels worldwide. offers these discontented rates to their clients than organizes all the engagements and the paperwork. CRS do non alter for this service but alternatively receives a committee from the hotels. In add-on to adjustment they besides organize conferences and particular events. CRS was utilizing an old DOS FoxPro system to take engagements. This performed good in the yesteryear is now whining at the seams and demands to be replaced with a new Windows system designed to manage the increased demands of the now larger and more sophisticated organisation.

The overall brief was to develop a more efficient Windows based replacing to take hotel engagements. conference engagements and to form particular events. The article “A Study of Airlines’ Online Reservation Services” . stated studies on a survey about analyzing airlines’ Web-based online reserve services. Thirty air hoses from three parts ( North America. Europe and Middle East. and Asia and Australia ) were assessed to find whether there were any important differences between the three parts. in footings of the Web site properties and services provided to travellers. In this research. the properties selected for scrutiny included ( 1 ) constituents of on-line reserve services. ( 2 ) proviso of excess benefits. ( 3 ) factors impacting reserve clip. and ( 4 ) proviso of extra services/facilities.

Empirical consequences indicated that some air hoses did non supply all constituents in the chosen attributes and that air hoses in these three parts differed significantly in certain dimensions of the chosen attributes. In peculiar. air hoses in North America were found to hold the most comprehensive Web-based reserve services. The surveies are included by the research workers to hold more cognition about different on-line reserve systems and turn out that online reserve is really effectual. Having web sites will let selling of the concern online and it has been really valuable and successful to utilize Internet as a beginning of income with concerns.