One Day War By Judith Soloway Kay – Essay Sample

The narrative is set in the USA in 2065. This essay sample is a momentous clip for the American populace as it is the bicentennial of the American Civil War. The jubilations have already been the Centre of attending for a long piece. The jubilation is held on the ninth of April, the clip when the American Civil War ended. The conditions is clear and beautiful. It seems absolutely fit for jubilations in a gay ambiance. The bicentenary jubilation is broadcast by an American Television Channel. The anchorperson has an interview with a countrywide known professor. Mr. Brainard on the grandstand. The US authorities assigns Professor Brainard the undertaking for oversing the program as he is an expert on the American Civil War. Brainard is cognizant that one of the upseting facets of the Civil War was its cost and inefficiency, which place a heavy load on the province.

Despite the bing drawbacks, he suggests they still are able to retrace a realistic conflict by agencies of contemporary engineering. He besides explains that the major disbursals in any war involve the motion of military personnels and machinery. medical equipment and forces and burial disbursals. He asserts that it is likely to bring forth the same impact in a dramatic Reconstruction of a conflict at a sensible cost by agencies of utilizing contemporary engineering and cultural development. He thinks out and studies out an luxuriant program for the jubilations. He says the alone portion of the program is obvious- burying the soldiers right on the battleground. Therefore, they get rid of a batch of cost and problem. The battleground becomes a graveyard! Equally shortly as they agree on the nucleus of the program, the other inside informations work out reasonably good. To implement this program, they adopt an assembly line process, whereby each squad is held responsible for a certain portion of the program. First. the computing machine chooses the soldiers indiscriminately. Following, they hire grave-diggers. Masons. nurserymans. and florists.

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In footings of war machinery the program needs nil but a six-gun per soldier. Therefore. Pro. Brainard believes they save plentifulness of tax-payers’ money traveling down the drain! Harmonizing to this program. the households of the soldiers know good that this juncture ends up in decease. that’s why they arrange their personal personal businesss beforehand. Apparently. Pro. Brainard meets with some troubles at first. Some members of Congress argue against the fulfillment of the program. claiming that it is obviously inhumane. Professor Brainard brings frontward such a convincing statement that the members of Congress finally seem assured that the program is safer. more efficient. and more humane than the Civil war. While the members of Congress agree with the program. the Western Union raises a strong expostulation. They claim that they will lose a considerable sum of money unless people send wires to the households of the soldiers.

The US authorities comes to an understanding with the company leting them to fabricate little American flags in return for their extreme support. After a strict readying. the program is underway. On the battleground that stretches out for stat mis. the two opposing ground forcess face one another. The soldiers stand to attending in an orderly manner. They look like marble statues. On both sides of the battleground. the undertaking squads wait softly. The very important persons are seated in the grandstand to watch the historic minute. The national anthem is sung. Once the President signals. the military set drama Taps. which is a musical piece played at twilight and funerals. Along with the last note of the piece. everyone on the grandstand fixes their eyes on the soldiers steadfastly. With military exactitude. each adult male pulls the trigger of their six-guns. 204. 000 work forces fall down in a perfect harmoniousness every bit shortly as the six-guns go away. A subsequent somberness ensuing from the gunsmoke covers the whole battleground as if a storm has blown over.

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The soldiers act their parts. and now it is clip for the remainder of the squad to acquire on to work. The very important persons leave their seats for their limos shortly after the ceremonial is over. The President shingles Pro. Brainard’s manus to demo that the program is a great success. As the last high-level functionaries leave. the excavators move onto the field. They bury each organic structure and level the land. The rock Masons take portion in the burial service. They place a rock at each soldier’s grave. Every rock has the soldier’s name. day of the months of birth and decease. Each undertaking squad works in an organized manner. The landscape architects follow the Masons. They cover the newly- dug Gravess with turf. Afterwards. the florists put fresh clump of flowers on each grave. Soon after each squad finishes work. the coachs for the widows and orphans show up.

They appear at the same clip because they are transported by public coachs. Accompanied by the attenders dressed in dinner jacket and long gowns. they head for the cemetry where their boies are buried with an ID ticket and a little American flag. While they lament over their boies. the military set dramas “when Johny comes processing place again” in a melodious manner. In the interim. the looker-ons stand to attending as a soft zephyr blows over the battleground. The ceremonial ends as it is planned. An ordinary field alterations into a military cemetry where the Reconstruction of the conflict is performed unrecorded.