Olufsen Is a Manufacturer Of Advanced Technology – Marketing Essay

Bang and Olufsen is a Danish maker of advanced engineering. Established in 1925 it employs 2,700 people and has mercantile establishments in over 70 different states. The sorts of merchandises Bang & A; Olufsen normally sell include phones, talkers, film systems and sound systems for autos or places. Since they were established in 1925 the house have changed their mark market and left the mass market due to a high degree competition from Asiatic makers and moved onto a more specific country of market; the higher terminal. Bang & A; Olufsen want consumers who are looking for aesthetically delighting, modern-day design and simple, good made, reliantly high quality, merchandises and who are willing to pay a high monetary value for them (Jobber, 2007). A prospective Bang & A; Olufsen client would utilize typical pick standards when make up one’s minding on whether to do the purchase of a Bang & A; Olufsen merchandise. Bang & A ; Olufsen seek to act upon consumer purchaser behaviour through their selling schemes.

There are 5 phases of the purchasing determination doing procedure that client of Bang & A; Olufsen would hold to travel through when make up one’s minding on whether to do a purchase; Problem acknowledgment, information hunt, information rating, determination and post-purchase rating. Problem acknowledgment is where consumers can place or recognize a job independently from the seller and expression for a solution (Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007) if we are seeking to work out how the determination doing procedure plants this is an ideal topographic point at which to get down (Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2006). Where a Bang and Olufsen ‘s consumer has a psychological demand, the realization of a job might be slow to pick up on or may take to an impulse bargain (Bruner and Pomazal, 1988). An illustration of an impulse bargain for a Bang an Olufsen consumer might be something they were n’t believing about buying when they entered the shop but decide on purchasing anyhow to possibly hearten themselves up. An illustration of this a novelty technological merchandise like a distant accountant which can alter how bright or dip the background lighting is in a room and unfastened and close drapes to make a reliable cinematic experience ( Jobber, 2007 ) . Bang and Olufsen can utilize the selling mix to convey a job to the consumer ‘s attending ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . To make this Bang and Olufsen might demo possible clients the merchandises that they should have such as their high quality in-car stereo systems ( Jobber, 2007 ) . There is a big difference between cognizing about a job or demand and really holding the ability to work out the job or run into the specific demand. People might non hold the fundss to back up their desires ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) For case non everyone can afford Bang & A ; Olufsen ‘s plasma telecastings at ‘?12,500 ‘ every bit much as they might desire to have one due to monetary values being set at top of the scope ( Jobber, 2007 ) . Problem acknowledgment requires the consumer to be able to run into their ain demands and have the willingness to make so ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) .

The following phase of the purchasing procedure is information hunt. Once it has been decided what the job is the consumer of Bang and Olufsen can seek to work out a solution. What sort of technological purchase will be the solution to the job? How can it be obtained? And what information is needed to do the determination? ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . Consumers in a Bang & A ; Olufsen ‘store in shop ‘ would be allowed to see presentations of how their prospective merchandise works to assist them make up one’s mind what purchase will be the solution, and will be given advice and solutions suited straight to the peculiar consumer who is interested in buying ( Jobber, 2007 ) . The ground that the company Bang & A ; Olufsen give this particular intervention to its consumers is that it hopes they will retrieve the presentations, advice and solutions given and utilize it to their advantage when they are doing a buying pick ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . As clip force per unit area increases consumer spends less clip seeking for information on a merchandise ( Hauser et al, 1993 ) but there it has besides been suggested that possible clients can non cover with an overload of information on a merchandise ( Keller and Staelin, 1987 ) . Therefore the most relevant information consumers are supplied with the better their determination devising is but the more volume of information supplied the worse the determination devising is ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . The Bang and Olufsen web site is comprehensive about the company ‘s merchandises which might be a job if the consumer is oversupplied with information and hence affect their determination in a negative mode but the client wo n’t be able to move upon their determination when they are on the web site as you can non physically purchase from it so they will necessitate to see the shop where they may alter their determination due to presentation, advice and client tailored solutions from the staff in the shops and mercantile establishments. ( Jobber, 2007 )

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The 3rd phase in the purchasing determination devising procedure for the consumer of Bang & A ; Olufsen ‘s merchandise is the rating of the information. Where the nearest Bang and Olufsen shop is could lend to the rating procedure as this is the lone topographic point the possible consumer can buy a Bang and Olufsen merchandise they might be interested in. ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . Although there are 725 shops worldwide the consumer might non be situated anyplace near any of them ( Jobber, 2007 ) . During the rating procedure the consumer might pull up a short list of the merchandises they like the most ( Howard and Sheth, 1969 ) . Bang & A ; Olufsen might seek to rock their determination by pulling attending to peculiar assets of certain merchandises they are interested in. ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 )

The determination is the 4th phase of purchasing determination devising procedure for the consumer. The consumer may utilize the mental ‘rules of pollex ‘ to do the determination devising procedure speed up. To make this they might take the most expensive of cheapest in their choice of merchandises or publicity of a peculiar merchandise. ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) In the instance of the consumers of a Bang and Olufsen merchandise the ‘rules of pollex ‘ would be associating to the factors of aesthetics and criterion of the merchandise. So the consumer would do their determination on whether they liked the expression of the merchandise of the degree of quality ( Jobber, 2007 ) . The determination can be made harder for the consumer if the shop where they are buying the merchandise has ill trained staff or a deficiency of staff in general who are unable to assist ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) but in a Bang & A ; Olufsen store this should non be the instance due to their franchisees, who work in their shops, who are picked on the intent that they have an involvement to back up the company and so go to a five hebdomad class where they learn about the merchandising of goods to clients and the company itself. ( Jobber, 2007 )

Finally the 5th phase of the consumer ‘s purchasing determination devising procedure is the station purchase rating. The intent of this is to see if the merchandise has lived up to outlooks and if the consumer will be likely to do another purchase. There might be doubt as to whether the right pick has been made ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . Festinger called this as cognitive disagreement which means that clients feel discomfort seeking to believe about the concluding determination and any unsure ideas about the merchandise ( Festinger, 1957 ) which can be the consequence of the selling doing the merchandises seem to be immaculate when they are really non ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . The consumer may be excessively much under the influences of Bang & A ; Olufsen ‘s client tailored service to detect or believe about any defects with their merchandise. ( Jobber, 2007 ) Consumers want to cognize that they have made the right pick and be reminded of this ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . We can see in the instance survey that Bang and Olufsen offer a to the full elaborate service to the consumer after the merchandise has been sold to them. So the consumer might be reassured that they ended up doing the right pick. ( Jobber, 2007 ) If outlooks are n’t met it is improbable the consumer will return but if they are met so it is extremely likely that Bang and Olufsen will hold a repetition client and consumer trueness will result ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) .

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A selling scheme is the manner a company tries to accomplish its selling ends such as act uponing purchaser behavior of its consumers ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . An illustration of a end the administration Bang & A ; Olufsen might desire to accomplish is to transport out vision of the company utilizing their values of excellence, synthesis, originality and passion ( ‘Vision and Values – Bang & A ; Olufsen ‘ , 2010 ) . If they do this they might act upon purchaser behavior. Bang and Olufsen have focused the mark market of their merchandise specifically on the top terminal of the market ( Jobber, 2007 ) by utilizing niche selling which is an illustration of a selling scheme ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . Niche selling can be defined as concentrating entirely on one section of the market and making schemes to affect the specific mark market and run into their demands and desires. The administration will make a selling mix particularly for the section of market they are taking for. ( Clow & A ; Stevens, 2008 ) This selling scheme is sometimes used by larger companies, such as Bang and Olufsen, but for the bulk of the clip it is normally used by little companies who can concentrate on little countries of the market that bigger companies might happen excessively specific, hazardous and expensive ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . To act upon consumer purchasing behavior positively Bang and Olufsen offer specific merchandise types ; such as it ‘s scope of telecastings runing from 22-inch LCD screen to a 65-inch plasma screen telecasting, a distinguishable service ; with their to the full trained staff, installing and after gross revenues service and specialized merchandises ; such as Audi A8 auto talkers which produces 1000 Watts of power but can merely be heard inside the auto ( Jobber 2007 ) to their niche market of consumers which makes the purchasing procedure easier and pleasant for the client which might do them desire to buy from the company. Some consumers may turn a trueness to the company due to the merchandises and services aimed specifically at them. Bang and Olufsen cognize how to act upon and run into the demands and desires of their consumers ( Brassington & A ; Pettitt, 2007 ) . Niche selling might be a good selling scheme for Bang and Olufsen as it needs people with superior cognition plus an experient administration for it to properly work ( Mullen, 2007 ) . There is grounds that Bang & A ; Olufsen has people with superior cognition by developing their staff utilizing a five hebdomad intensive class. Besides the administration can be viewed every bit experient as it was established in 1925 which means it will be observing its eighty-fifth birthday this twelvemonth ( Jobber 2007 ) .

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Another selling scheme used by Bang & A ; Olufsen to act upon their client purchasing behavior is effectual pricing. Some companies will utilize this scheme to aim a broad market by utilizing a low-price scheme but Bang & A ; Olufsen utilize a high-price scheme as portion of their niche selling scheme. The high terminal of the market Bang and Olufsen are selling to would be willing to portion with their money ( Rugman & A ; Collinson, 2008 ) in exchange for a set of new talkers runing in monetary value from ?450 to ?10,000 ( Jobber 2007 ) . One of the chief grounds Bang & A ; Olufsen ‘s clients choose them over other electrical providers is that the merchandises are well-made and aesthetically delighting so they would be willing to pass any sum of money merely to guarantee they own the quality and design of the merchandises. They might besides believe that the more the merchandise costs the higher quality the stuff, and hence the more expensive it will be to purchase in the first topographic point, will be and besides the more professional the workmanship is. Due to this the gross revenues worldwide of the administration are now over ?390 million lbs ( Rugman & A ; Collinson, 2008 ) .

Another manner Bang & A ; Olufsen act upon their consumer ‘s purchasing behavior through their selling schemes is to utilize appropriate music and illuming in their shops. Many research workers believe it to be of import that background music should reflect and suit in the service offered and make a pleasant ambiance. ( Baines et al, 2008 ) In the shops and mercantile establishments of Bang & A ; Olufsen, particularly in the ‘store in shop ‘ construct, the music should make a relaxed atmosphere so the consumers feel at easiness. ( Jobber, 2007 ) The more relaxed the consumers might be the more likely they will be to pass a longer sum of clip in the shop which means they will be more inclined to buy a Bang & A ; Olufsen merchandise. If the background music is offensively loud or unpleasant so the consumer will be improbable to remain in the shop and do a purchase. ( Vavra, 1997 )

In decision after discoursing the typical pick standards used by a prospective Bang & A ; Olufsen client when they are doing a determination about whether to buy a Bang & A ; Olufsen merchandise. It seems like the one of the most hard phases of the purchasing determination devising procedure is that the prospective consumer might recognize there is a big difference between cognizing about a job or demand and really holding the ability to work out the job or run into the specific demand and that they might non hold the fundss to back up their desires. Bang & A ; Olufsen are clever in the manner that they give their clients particular intervention, particularly in their ‘store in shops ‘ from well-trained staff the clients will retrieve the presentations, advice and solutions given and utilize it to their advantage when they are doing a buying pick, though the web site might do clients do a hapless pick due to a overload of information. The post-evaluation might be hard due to cognitive disagreement. If the merchandise did n’t populate up to outlooks it would be really dissatisfactory.

Bang & A ; Olufsen influence consumer purchaser behaviour through their selling schemes. They do n’t particularly necessitate to utilize fancy selling schemes because the goods they are bring forthing are of such high quality and monetary value that one time their higher terminal of the market clients build up trueness they merely need to market to them. So I think niche selling and high effectual pricing are highly effectual for the administration. Besides the background scene of the shop will be vitally of import for Bang & A ; Olufsen for their consumer purchasing behavior.