Of Mice and Men – Injustice Essay Essay Sample

Cases of unfairness have ever been present in human society. Whether it be discrimination against certain types of people. or merely personal affairs affecting household and friends. you will ever happen a type of unfairness being conducted someplace in the universe. There are many instances of injustice nowadays in the fresh “Of Mice and Men” . Most of which were merely on a insouciant graduated table. because at their clip they were thought to be the right manner to handle people.

First off the chiropteran is Lennie. Bing one the chief characters in the book. he besides suffers from one of the heaviest illustrations of injustice nowadays. Lennie is large. strong. and mentally retarded. He does non recognize his ain physical strength. and hence he invariably becomes a victim of it throughout the book. He truly has no thought of what is traveling on around him. and sticks to really simple ideas. copying other people’s reactions and mode of behaviour when he can. When he starts being picked on by Curley. he doesn’t cognize what to make. Curley choices on Lennie because he is large and Curley isn’t. therefore Curley is covetous of his size and invariably shoots him down. Curley truly doesn’t understand the manner Lennie is and how he doesn’t cognize how fight back against Curley. Even if Curley did cognize what was incorrect with Lennie. he wouldn’t have cared. He still would hold used Lennie as a tool for taking his choler out on. Another instance of unfairness against Lennie is when he is hunted down for the slaying of Curley’s married woman.

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Although Lennie was the 1 who killed her. Curley and the others don’t recognize that he ne’er meaned to ache her. Slim and George is the lone 1s who know what has truly happened here. and they truly have no power over an angered Curley. George can’t take the fact that Curley is traveling to hit Lennie. to pin down like a frightened animate being so take pleasance in putting to death him. So George shoots Lennie himself. while Lennie is happy. Even if Curley didn’t shoot Lennie. he would hold been locked up in a mental establishment for the remainder of his life. and that. would be worse than decease in those times. Lennie struggled against utmost inhuman treatment. and it’s a commiseration he ne’er got proper justness. Just like George quotation marks. “Lennie ne’er done it in beastliness. all the clip he done bad things. but ne’er of ’em mean” .

Following in line is Crooks. Like any black adult male at the clip. Crooks ever had injustice displayed against him. He was ne’er allowed to play any games after dark. and normally he wasn’t allowed to play games during the twenty-four hours. He wasn’t allowed to kip in the same bunkhouse as the other ranch custodies. and had to kip in a small hovel that was separate from them. All the other ranch custodies. salvage Slim. besides treated him really severely. He was black. and that’s why he was discriminated against. Just because of his colour. He was barely even allowed to speak to anyone. and there was a recounted incident in the book. which shows how black people were used as amusement back so. Smitty. an old spread manus who had left. picked a battle with Crooks because he was black and was disabled with an improper spinal column. The other spread custodies saw this as amusement. so they brought Crooks in to contend Smitty because it was fun seeing a black cat travel up against a white cat who was supported by about 5 other white cats. As a consequence of all this favoritism. Slim seldom lets anyone into his cabin. as he quotes. “Only 1s allowed in here are Slim ‘an the boss” .

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Curley’s married woman is another illustration of favoritism that is non unlike Crooks’ . In the 1930’s. adult females were seen as housekeepers while work forces were seen as the breadwinners. Therefore adult females were non expected to work or socialise with work forces. if they did. so they were seen as hobos. Curley’s married woman has no other adult females on the spread to speak to. so she needs to pass on with the work forces to maintain her company. Curley is ever boasting about her and utilizing her. while she is inquiring around the spread all twenty-four hours. experiencing lonely and being abused by the groups of work forces who call her names like filth. etc. Womans were expected to socialise with other adult females back so. and they were non given much opportunity to voice their sentiments or even be accepted on an equal base as the work forces. Like Curley’s married woman quotation marks in a deep conversation she is holding with Lennie. “I get lonely. you can speak to people. but I cant talk to cipher but Curley. Else he gets huffy. How’d you like non to speak to anybody? “

Candy is the concluding instance of unfairness shown in the book. He knows. that like his old Canis familiaris before him. he will be kicked off the spread. He is old and handicapped. so the foreman will non maintain him for much longer due to him non being of much aid. Candy state of affairs reflects on that of his hapless old Canis familiaris. The Canis familiaris is old and handicapped. and it is barbarous to maintain it alive. It doesn’t make anything. except take up room. Just like Candy. he takes up room. and doesn’t do much assist to anybody. The foreman doesn’t attention whether Candy has a hereafter or non. its non his job. So Candy’s clip at the spread can non last much longer. and shortly the regulation of “survival of the fittest” will come into drama. and unluckily for Candy ; it is the beginning of the terminal for him one time he leaves.

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In all the cases above. unfairness was carried out. Lennie. Crooks. Curley’s married woman and Candy all suffered different illustrations of how worlds will populate their lives to outdo suit themselves. no affair how much trouble it puts the people around them through.