Novel Review: Book of Negroes Essay Sample

“Some say that I was one time uncommonly beautiful. but I wouldn’t wish beauty on any adult female who has non her ain freedom. and who chooses non the custodies that claim her. ” ( Hill. 4 ) . This quote signifies one of the many of import messages that The Book of Negroes attempts to convey. Lawrence Hill. the Canadian writer who wrote this novel does a enormous occupation to amplify an country of history that many of us have neglected over the old ages. He uses Aminata Diallo. as his chief character who is abducted from her place in Bayo. West Africa. Aminata is taken off from her place when she is merely 11 old ages old. and throughout the novel the readers are taken through her journey and watch her grow into an old adult female who isn’t afraid to state her narrative and talk her head. She is really alone because she is both a inactive and dynamic character. During the class of her journey from Africa to slavery in the Western universe. Aminata ne’er stops believing that one twenty-four hours she will travel back place. She ever had the hope that her hubby. Chekura. would come back for her and that she would reconnect with her girl. Unfortunately. her spiritual beliefs take a blow during the difficult times she faces in the US and in Nova Scotia after she loses her girl May. She becomes a dynamic character when she says. “Daddy Moses asked if I was ready to allow Jesus into my bosom. I told him that I had religion when I was a immature miss. that I had had to give it up. and that I wasn’t thirsting for another God in my life. ” ( 350 ) .

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This quotation mark shows how at some point Aminata was about to give up and she merely didn’t have any more fight left in her. With all the awful things that had had happened in her life she started to lose her religion. Aminata is a really admirable character and she truly signifies the battles that non merely people of coloring material faced at that clip. but the hurting and agony that slave adult females had to digest during this atrocious clip that stains our history. Aminata herself is a symbol of victory for all work forces and adult females who lived through this clip. but she is besides a symbol of hope for the work forces and adult females who remain laden today. Chekura is another really of import character among many others. Chekura is Aminata’s hubby and he is a great illustration of a inactive character. He is a inactive character because throughout the fresh his love for his household ne’er dies out. Although he loses his kids and his lacerate apart from his married woman many times throughout the novel he ne’er stops looking for Aminata till the twenty-four hours he drowns aboard the Joseph. Hill besides uses the emancipationists such as Lieutenant John Clarkson. Alexander Falconbridge or William Wilberforce to demo that despite the many awful things that the white slave dealers made the Negroes endure. there were still some good white work forces who risked their security and safety to see a gloss of justness in their universe.

These great work forces among many others represent the many embassadors for human rights that existed during the slave trade and today every bit good. This book is really interesting because about every type of struggle exists. The character versus character struggle is really apparent from the beginning to the really terminal of the novel. It starts from the really minute that Aminata is abducted from her fatherland to the clip that she is an old adult female. This struggle exists between the black slaves and their slave proprietors. Hill’s composing manner truly shows how expansive this struggle was. During this clip the slave proprietors made it really clear that they owned their slaves and everything that belonged to their slaves. including their kids. Of class this didn’t sit really good with Aminata and the other slaves she lived with on the plantation. This struggle is resolved by Aminata doing her manner to England to give commentary on her life and to unclutter any misconceptions that the Britons had about that long and atrocious journey over the Atlantic. It is besides resolved by Aminata’s realization that utilizing force as a manner to do those who enslaved her for so long wage is non the reply. Rather educating the slave bargainers and proprietors about how incorrect it is to take away an guiltless person’s freedom. may be the solution to this act that crippled so many people’s lives. This novel is truly about a adult female on a long journey of self-discovery in a clip of great disfunction in the universe.

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Despite the fact that she was regarded as a non-person or a trade good Aminata still persevered to happen the individual she truly was indoors. She ne’er one time believed that she did non merit every bit much freedom as the following individual. She survived during a clip were another individual oppressed another volitionally or as a consequence of sheer despair to maintain their ain life. There are many of import subjects in this novel and Hill does a great occupation to seek and reflect each clearly to the reader. Aminata says in Book One. “Never have I met a individual making awful things who would run into my ain eyes peacefully. To stare into another person’s face is to make two things: to acknowledge their humanity. and to asseverate your ain. ” ( 29 ) . The bosom of the novel genuinely lies within this quotation mark. Hill suggests through this quotation mark that the true mark of humanity is non about how powerful one race is above another. or about successful trade or how many settlements one has. The true mark of humanity prevarications within the individual no affair what race. gender or spiritual association. Humanity is about looking at a individual beyond the surface and taking their life narrative and encompassing it as your ain.

This is an astonishing novel and I recommend this novel to anyone. Lawrence Hill truly finds a manner to take a narrative that goes manner beyond our clip and manages to link it to similar issues that still plague our society today. His fresh suggests that humanity still has a long manner to travel but we have come a long manner and we can still make more to go a better and more liberated planetary society.

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