Norm and Value in two different cultures (Canada and Bangladesh) Essay Sample

Each person has certain underlying values that contribute to how they organize their ethical or ideological value system. It is related to a grade of behavioral freedom by human existences. They can steer a individual on the footing of internally chosen options. Therefore. values imply the ( witting ) prioritizing of different behavioral options which are perceived to be possible for the person. Valuess can use to groups or persons.

I’ve seen that facets of the Canadian and Bangladeshi civilization differ. For case in footings of clip and clip consciousness. the Canadian civilization is additive and exact clip consciousness and is a value that is placed on promptitude ( ie. Time=money ) . Whereas. in the Bangladeshi civilization this value is more elastic and comparative clip consciousness and clip is largely spent on enjoyment of relationships with household and friends. For illustration. in my civilization the focal point is on extended household. trueness and duty to household. and age given position and regard. The immature are brought up to demo great regard to their seniors. It includes ma. pa. grandparents. brother. sister. relations. and even friends. If a individual does non demo regard to their seniors it is looked as being ill-mannered and really violative and it might do the person’s household to be judged as being artless. Normally. the aged ( either the grandparents or eldest individual in the household ) is a individual who major determinations ( such as a matrimony proposal for a certain household member ) are finalized with.

Everyone could discourse the affair amongst themselves and so must take their sentiment to the eldest individual and inquire for its blessing. In contrast. in the Canadian civilization the focal point is on atomic household. duty for ego. and value on young person. With the matrimony illustration. in the Canadian civilization it is non usually required to inquire an aged if a individual wishes to day of the month person. It’s more personal pick oriented and is non usually needed pattern to acquire the blessing of grandparents – sometimes acquiring the blessing of parents is adequate. In add-on. there are many aged places found in Canada whereas. it is non at apparent in Bangladesh. The people are more committed to their occupations in Canada that their aged parents would necessitate to remain home entirely.

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Therefore. it is sometimes required that they attend aged abodes and unrecorded amongst other aged people. And at least every vacation. they would be visited by their kids and/or grandchildren. Whereas. in the Bangladeshi civilization they usually live with their kids in places that accommodate many household members. Therefore. the aged have more interaction with younger people and the full community. However. the aged in Bangladesh would frequently take to tie in their activities with other aged in the countries they live in with the comfort of non holding to populate out in an aged place. Therefore. the value of esteeming the aged and maintaining them near and merely holding a tight household connexion is seen in the Bangladeshi civilization whereas it is non so in the Canadian civilization.

Norm is a regulation that is socially enforced in a civilization. Social sanctioning is what distinguishes norms from other cultural merchandises or societal buildings such as significance and value. Norm and normlessness are thought to impact a broad assortment of human behavior. For illustration. in Canadian civilization persons have more control over their fate and there is gender equity ; whereas. in Bangladesh persons accept their fate and there are different functions for work forces and adult females. Therefore. facets of the Canadian and Bangladeshi civilization differ. In the Canadian civilization there is a “dress for success” ideal and broad scope of recognized frock that work forces and adult females can take to have on freely. Whereas. in the Bangladeshi civilization frock is seen as a mark of place. wealth. prestigiousness. and. frequently there are spiritual regulations of dressing that work forces and adult females must stay by.

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In add-on. in footings of nutrient and feeding wonts the Bangladeshi civilization there are spiritual regulations and dining is seen as a societal experience where work forces eat merely with work forces in a societal assemblage and adult females eat merely with adult females. In contrast. in the Canadian civilization feeding is seen as a necessity and there are non that many limitations and hence in a societal assemblage work forces and adult females may sit by each other for dining. Since adult females in Bangladesh do non frequently have occupations and hence are required to remain at place and expression after the household. she will be required to fix the repasts. This is different in the Canadian civilization where adult females have occupations and they are on equal evidences with work forces.

Therefore. they do non hold many limitations that Bangladeshi adult females face in their native state. Men must non remain place in Bangladesh as it is a mark of normlessness and will impact the household in a heartfelt way if the adult females has to work alternatively to run the household. Many jobs can originate if the adult females of the family are out working because the outside community may dish the dirt about the hereafter of their kids and when matrimony proposals come it will be looked down upon by the others.

In decision. the values and norms of Bangladeshi civilization differ greatly from the Canadian civilization. There seems to be more freedom and flexibleness in the Canadian civilization and is non really restrictive.

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