No Child Left Behind Essay Essay Sample

In January 2002 Congress. with the encouragement of President Bush. passed a new act that was intended to forestall kids from being left buttocks in instruction. No Child Left Behind is designed to alter the civilization of America’s schools by shuting the accomplishment spread. offering more flexibleness. giving parents more options. and learning pupils based on what works. This was and is a great thought. Childs are our hereafter and we need to do certain they get all the chances instruction can give them. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 ( NCLB ) is a good intentioned yet basically flawed piece of statute law.

“No Child Left Behnd is based on proving. blaming and punishing. ” explained Lisa Guisbond. co-author of the FairTest study. “a more helpful answerability system would concentrate foremost on constructing the capacity of instructors. schools and territories to guarantee that all kids receive a high quality instruction that meets their single demands. ” Core elements of the answerability systems FairTest proposes to better advance school betterment include: usage of multiple signifiers of grounds of pupil larning. non merely trial tonss ; extended professional development that enables instructors to better buttocks and help their pupils ; incorporation of ongoing feedback to pupils about their public presentation to better larning results ; public coverage on school advancement in academic and non-academic countries. utilizing a assortment of information beginnings and including betterment programs ; the sparing usage of external intercessions. such as school reorganisation. to give reform plans the chance to win. “Assessment systems need to do public school accountable to parents. pupils and the local community instead than to distant authorities bureaucratisms. ” Neill explained ( World Wide Web. FairTest. org ) .

High criterions for the pupils every bit good as pedagogues are choice ends for our state ; nevertheless. utilizing standardised testing to mensurate our success is non the most effectual method. Having high criterions is a necessary portion of our nation’s success in today’s planetary community. It sets a high degree of answerability and provides clear benchmarks for both the pupils and pedagogues. Those schools that are categorized as executing ill are required to hold auxiliary aid like tutoring. after school plans or even to travel every bit far as replacing the instructors wholly. Schools hazard being restructured or even taken over by the province if after five old ages of non doing equal annually advancement.

On the other manus standardized testing is an uneffective manner of measuring single pupil public presentation. This type of proving gives ground to learn harmonizing to what is traveling to be on the trial instead than for reliable acquisition. When utilizing standardized proving there is no room to account for the different acquisition manners and strengths of each pupil. Everyone learns otherwise but with this type of proving. with its multiple pick and simple rubrics. does non let for individualism. harmonizing to Janice Snyder ( May 2007. associated content web site ) . NCLB believes that hiking standardised trial tonss should be the primary end of schools. this premise leads to the one-size-fits-all instruction aimed chiefly at test readying. and it works against attempts to give all kids a high-quality instruction.

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NCLB provides study cards on the schools advancement so that the parents cognize how their school is making every bit good as it allows parents to do an instruction determination when it comes to their children’s instruction. NCLB does supply for much needed invention in instruction and allows parents unprecedented pick in the instruction of their kids but it may endanger the success of traditional public schools. with such things as advancing charter schools. It provides a proving land for advanced thoughts and plans in instruction. However the sum of money needed to fund the charter schools serves comparatively few pupils and spends money that could profit more pupils in advanced plans within traditional public schools. This does nevertheless spread out school pick in that it gives parents more direct control of the students’ instruction than old coevalss have enjoyed. With spread outing school pick it creates instability of support that causes adversities and inability to pull off fundss and staffing demands from twelvemonth to twelvemonth.

NCLB makes commissariats for bettering instructor quality through professional development and honoring teacher excellence. “Nothing helps a kid learn every bit much as a great instructor. ” said Secretary Spellings ( October 8. 2008. imperativeness release ) . “Yet we frequently find our most experient and effectual instructors in our least ambitious scenes. Until this tendency is reversed. we will non be able to work out our instruction system’s – and our country’s – biggest challenges. We must make a better occupation of handling instructors like the professionals they are and honoring those who take on tougher work and acquire consequences. ” By promoting effectual professional development this encourages instructors to break themselves to better educate our kids.

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This besides provides financess for plans that encourage instructors to stay current on educational tendencies. With these commissariats a important part of this money is frequently spent to assist instructors better prepare pupils for standardised testing. NCLB receives grants for excellence in learning. This money is provided to honor successful instructors and principals. The downside is that the success of instructors and principals is frequently measured through the same blemished instrument of students’ trial tonss on the standardised trials. In 2006 President Bush created the Teacher Incentive Fund. which supports territories in honoring instructors and principals who have increased pupil accomplishment and helps to enroll and retain high quality instructors and principals in the neediest schools ( Secretary Spellings. imperativeness release October 2006 ) .

Another false fact that NCLB believes that schools can best be improved by endangering pedagogues with rough countenances. since hapless instruction is the primary cause of unsatisfactory pupil public presentation. Menaces may acquire instructors to concentrate narrowly on hiking trial tonss. They fail. nevertheless. to turn to the implicit in jobs of household poorness and unequal school support that are major ground why many pupils start off far behind and ne’er catch up ( hypertext transfer protocol: //nochildleft. com/2004/jun04fair. hypertext markup language ) NCLB besides provides extended support for instruction through engineering but doesn’t recognize the importance of other twenty-first century accomplishments such as job resolution and creativeness ( harmonizing to the NCLB act ) . directing more money to schools for engineering that will add to the schools ability to educate pupils. This money is provided to better schools’ entree to resources and equipment. However the money is spent with “technology in schools” as its ain end instead than utilizing the engineering to better other pupil accomplishments. By offering grants for engineering centres it gives disposal the ability to better schools’ entree to resources and equipment.

Equally great as the thought of No Child Left Behind is there is a batch more that needs attending and parts of the act that need to be re-evaluated. In several ways NCLB efforts to use a theoretical account for running a concern to running schools. What works good for a corporation does non bring forth the same consequence in the school environment. In the concern universe if person or something is non executing to the highest degree they are terminated. You can non take the pupils that are non executing to the needed criterions of the standardised trials. Poor public presentation on trials is non ever as a consequence of hapless instruction. There should decidedly be answerability in the schools every bit good as instructors should be responsible for the type of instruction they provide nevertheless should their lessons be graded by how good a pupil performs on a aptitude trial? Our pedagogues can non be held accountable for what happens in the students’ place environment. their nutrition or any of the other factors that drama into the learning procedure. While there is no easy obvious hole for the NCLB. it would be more good to set pedagogues in charge of the reform alternatively of the concern community.

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As stated before there are some great things that are coming out of this act every bit good. For illustration the budget on instruction for the financial twelvemonth of 2007 there has been dramatic additions since 2001 for cardinal instruction plans. The support for reading has quadrupled from $ 286 million in 2001 to $ 1. 2 billion in 2007 sum a 300 % addition. Equally good as a 68. 5 % addition for particular instruction ( IDEA ) grants. The entire addition of NCLB support has raised 40. 4 % from $ 17. 4 billion in 2001 to $ 24. 4 billion in 2007.

It is great that our states leaders want to break educate our leaders of tomorrow and one time every facet of No Child Left Behind is evaluated and fixed as needed it may work wondrous. Our schools will work smoother ; our instructors will be able to learn our pupils the accomplishments needed for the following measure non merely to go through a trial. The bad instructors will no longer be able to “educate” . The good instructors and disposal will be rewarded. High school bead out rates will diminish. More and more occupations will be available every bit good as more money will be put back into our economic system. No Child Left Behind is a great thought in the beginning phases of going a fantastic thing once it is perfected.


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