Nivea for Men: Developing a Marketing Plan Answer Sheet Essay

1. What is the difference between merchandise scope and merchandise mix? The merchandise scope are the different types of merchandises from one peculiar class e. g. drinks orange. lemonade. raspberry. whereas merchandise mix are the different classs of merchandise that are sold e. g. drinks. sandwiches. fruit etc 2. How would the addition in marketing consciousness affect Nivea s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations? More staff. more gross revenues. more merchandises needed. excess bringings. more staff. more room for storage. 3. Why is the FHM Grooming Award a good thing for Nivea? FHM has a big readership degree. the bulk of readers care about their visual aspect and hence Nivea may profit from excess gross revenues due to its acknowledgment of heightening visual aspect. 4. Why is it of import for Nivea to place a market section? It can develop schemes for specific people. salvage money and have a higher success rate. 5. Above-the-line and Below-the-line publicity are outstanding with Nivea.

Why is this of import? So that Nivea can acquire their message across to the multitudes through the assorted media and besides build affinity and relationships with it clients and possible clients. 6. What was the male skin care merchandises market worth in 2008? Male skin care merchandises were deserving £117m 7. In 1998 one-year gross revenues of skin care merchandises were deserving £68m. In 2008 they are now deserving £117m. What is the per centum addition in one-year gross revenues? 172 % ( 117 / 68 ) X 100 8. What is the per centum addition in male facial merchandises? £7. 3m to £49m = 49/ 7. 3 X100 = 671 % 9. Why are marketing programs used? A selling program is used to place. anticipate and satisfy consumers need. If a selling program is used. the concern will cognize what the consumer wants. and will sell appropriate merchandises which will increase gross for the concern.

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10. Give 2 selling purposes that Nivea may desire to accomplish? Increase the gross revenues of male skin care merchandises in the UK. Develop its scope of merchandises for the UK market. 11. Using the instance survey. foreground how the SWOT analysis could be used for Nivea. Nivea could utilize the SWOT analysis in order to measure its Strengths and Weaknesses within the concern. This would let direction to turn to its failings and work its strengths. This would be the sentiments of the direction and staff. It could besides measure the Opportunities and Threats in footings of where the market is traveling with skin care for work forces and work it. They would besides be cognizant of possible menaces in footings of competition. Torahs and attitudes. 12. How has Nivea used publicity to heighten the consciousness of the trade name? Nivea has used both Above the line and Below the line publicity utilizing the media. sponsorship of athleticss squads and winning awards from mark market magazines.