Nivea Business Marketing Case Study Essay Sample

1. What is the difference between merchandise scope and merchandise mix?

Merchandise scope refers to the different types of merchandises within one class. For illustration. in the class of soft drinks there are merchandises like Coca Cola. Sprite. Mountain Dew etc… In the other manus merchandise mix refers to the different classs that are sold. For illustration. fruits. soft drinks. confect etc…

2. How would the addition in marketing consciousness affect Nivea’s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations?

The selling schemes will make more gross revenues because the people are traveling to be more attracted. More staff will be needed to take attention of the sale and other factor such as more bringings and more merchandises will besides be consequences of the selling consciousness.

3. Why is the FHM Grooming Award a good thing for Nivea?

It is a good thing because it improves that visual aspect and therefore there will be more gross revenues. FHM has a high readership degree and readers care about how they look so Nivea will utilize this fact to aim the group and benefit form the excess gross revenues.

4. Why is it of import for Nivea to place a market section? Because with this they will make better schemes and they will cognize on what to concentrate at. Besides. they will salvage more money and will be more successful in their gross revenues because they will hold a more accurate position of the future chances.

5. Above-the-line and Below-the-Line publicities are outstanding with Nivea. Why is this of import?

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It is highly of import so that they can acquire their selling message to all the people and to do other people know about their merchandises. Above the line advertisement is where aggregate media is used to advance trade names and make out to the mark consumers and below the line advertizement involves the distribution of booklets. booklets placed at point of sale. on the roads through streamers. This advertizement will make a relationship with the purchasers and they will finally sell more.

6. What was the male skin care merchandises market worth in 2008?

The male skin care merchandises were deserving 117 million euros

7. In 1998 one-year gross revenues of skin care merchandises deserving 68million. In 2008 they are now deserving 117 million. What is the per centum addition in one-year gross revenues?

117/68 = 1. 72
1. 72 ten 100 = 172 %

8. What is the per centum addition in male facial merchandises?

There was an addition from 7. 3 million euros to 49 million euros so… 49/7. 3 = 6. 71
6. 71 ten 100 = 671 %

9. Why are marketing programs used?

Selling programs are tools used to place and expect what the client wants ( their demands ) this manner the concern will cognize how to fulfill them. The selling program will give specific information about what to sell and who to sell the merchandise so there will be more efficiency truth in the gross revenues. All of this will turn out to be more gross revenues and more net income.

10. Give 2 selling purposes that Nivea may desire to accomplish? Nivea wants to increase their figure of gross revenues through selling specifically in the UK and they besides want to develop their merchandises in this same market.

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11. Using the instance survey. foreground how the SWOT analysis could be used for Nivea. The SWOT analysis can be used to cognize what the strengths and failings of the concern are and this manner the concern can better to repair errors and gain more net income. They will repair errors and acquire advantage of the actions that they are already making right. Besides the SWOT analysis can be used to cognize what the chances and menaces of the concern are. When they analyze this they can cognize is the work forces skincare will be successful or non.The menaces could include competition. quality. and certain ordinances like Torahs. The directors of the concern need to believe about all this aspects to do the concern win.

12. How has Nivea used publicity to heighten the consciousness of the trade name? They have used the above and below lines of production to make consciousness of their merchandises. Besides they have used sponsorships and awards to advance the quality of the trade name. The usage of media selling and physical selling has helped the concern to convey their thoughts to the multitudes.