Never Give Up Essay Sample

As life starts from the twenty-four hours we start to take the air or the breath that GOD has given to us. our intents and grounds live start over. Everything has its ain ground. anything that we perceive. see and touch. As I grew older started when I was small. I asked my ain ego for who I am. one wasn’t merely playing and playing when I was small. I have a name. My parents named me after a saint ( st. toilet ) together with the combination of my male parents name ( name ) . My male parents name was [ name ] . he ws from Zamboangga metropolis. My female parent was [ name ] and she was from iligan metropolis. because there she was born. From the twenty-four hours I was born. I was [ name ] . I was born on January 13. 1996. I am 17 old ages old in this present clip. My place of birth was at the hillside of palawan. barangay camaman-an Cagayan de Oro City right at my aunt’s house.

I graduated at Camaman-an Elementary School. and finish my high school at MOGCHS in the school twelvemonth 2012-2013. I am merely an mean boy/student who lives a simple life. Unfortunately my parents got separated from each other. I am populating right now at my grandparents house at the resettlement site. calaanan. canitoan cagayan deoro metropolis. I have two siblings viz. [ name ] ( Oldest ) and [ name ] ( youngest ) . I am now a fresher a fresher in college. The schools name is M. U. S. T. . My class this clip is EMT or electro-mechanical engineering. At first. I don’t cognize about this class. but person told me that it deals with ROBOTICS. so i decided to catch it. It wasn’t truly the class I prefer the most. I wanted to be an designer or an interior interior decorator. Its because I love pulling. sketching and doing materials with my pen and pencil.

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I love to make and hold my design. but one wasn’t good at math. so I change the line. I’d like to go a instructor or possibly a SPED instructor. but unfortunately. my records for the entryway scrutiny got lost. The dean of instruction told me that they will let me to recapture the test and I look for the vacant classs and that’s how one choose it. My slogan in life is to “Never give up. merely attempt and seek until you win. and pray for nothing’s impossible with GOD” . Be positive. life goes on. My aspiration is to be a successful adult male with a good life and a good household. I besides want to hold my ain design of my ain house creatively. Possibly in the hereafter I want to be a rich adult male merely. I wanted to refund the people who tried to give a manus and assist me to confront the jobs that I encounter daily.

We have nil to make but it’s life. we must accept the fact that challenges is made for us to confront and so that it could model us to be a better individual. There are times I wanted to give up but I must non. i ever bear on head that if I give up. I will be nil. I merely think it that manner. cause I think that’s the ground why I was born. to FIGHT for life and travel frontward with the Godhead. If and merely if I could Travel back in clip. I would state myself non to repent the things and state myself that I should make errors or failures ine life. Because in failure we learn things. non merely things but besides knowing wisdom. As I try to prosecute my dreams. I know already that it’s merely the beginning and non the terminal that I need to halt.

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