Natural Law Has No Serious Weaknesses Essay Sample

Natural Law does incorporate serious failings. foremost of all it may be regarded as idealistic ; Aquinas says that worlds have a “tendency to make good and avoid evil” . nevertheless provides no footing for this premise and no grounds to endorse it up. Furthermore it is based upon individual thought of human nature. To be matter-of-fact nevertheless. people have different life styles and sentiments. Aquinas seems to assume that we are inherently all the same and fit under the bracket of one human nature. For illustration homosexualism would be persecuted under Natural Law because it doesn’t seek to reproduce. but most would now hold that there is nil morally incorrect with homosexualism.

In being an absolutist theory. Natural Law is nescient of the state of affairs and therefore may fall quarry to many of the moral “pitfalls” that come with being unable to use moral flexibleness based upon the state of affairs. Advocates of the theory might state that Natural Law tells us. as worlds. to force and go the best we can be. We are told to take for a intent and keep an ordered society. This is of import for keeping an ordered and moral society. However Natural Law could ensue in hapless results if the primary principles are stiffly adhered to. In footings of sexual moralss. Natural Law would govern out contraceptive method. as an illustration: the remotion of contraceptive method in many purely spiritual states has already led to more and more instances of AIDS across the Earth.

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