National sports policy


Policy is an administrative guideline, a clasp on an thought or can be a construct tidy. It encompasses all directives, ordinances and guidelines in order to accomplish the state ‘s leading towards a successful and progressive state. Each policies that is created has its ain aims, schemes, execution and rating of its effectivity. Policies besides can be used to steer the disposal of the authorities to turn to the jobs that exist in a state. Despite that, it can be use to turn to the job of the instability that exists in society presents.

Sport is an effectual agent of integrity for all degree of community. In this position, Malaysia is among the states which have proven successful in utilizing athletics as a platform to beef up the national integrating. Sports are an illustration manner to back up the construct of 1Malaysia aspiration beyond the boundaries of faith, race and political relations. In order to keep the country’s image in athleticss accomplishment, the National Sports Policy must sporadically be revised so that it dynamically can be checked in conformity with the regulations, believing and engineering. This is an of import phase and measure to guarantee the aim of the National Sports Policy preparation could make a healthy athleticss civilization. It’s really of import to put a strong base in our athleticss sphere as the policy can steer the state for appropriate lineations to accomplish ends, aims, schemes, and duty of each authorities bureaus, non-governmental organisations, associations of athleticss, diversion and fittingness, athleticss councils, educational establishments and organic structures and persons involved with athleticss. These policy takes into history athleticss public presentations and accomplishments over the old ages with a position of supplying guidelines, programs and proposals to guarantee systematic growing through scientific attacks together with an efficient, dynamic and effectual disposal. It’s the hope and aspiration of the authorities to further the growing of a united, healthy, active, disciplined and productive society and at the same clip to make a coevals of capable jocks to heighten national pride and prestigiousness I the international sporting sphere.


This National Sports Policy has its ain principle. Its encompasses high public presentation athleticss and mass athletics which will incorporate with overall development of a authorities merely like how other basic societal plans such as instruction, wellness services, conveyance and lodging. Sports deserve the same acknowledgment, regard and encouragement where it will enable the authorities to accomplish national development, integrity and continued stableness. The policy besides says that athleticss which serve to advance healthy competition, good will and tolerance, understanding and the development of physical and moral qualities will supply a contributing platform for incorporating the assorted cultural groups into a united state, every bit good as for heightening national prestigiousness. Sports besides can be really good on the person, the society and state.

As for the single degree, athleticss could besides develop the personality and self-fulfillment, including the spirit of fight. Despite that, athleticss could besides better the physical fittingness and wellness and has a meaningful leisure clip business. As for person besides, it can relieve emphasis and modern life in the same clip it’s the best manner of societal interactions with people. Sports besides can be used as medium to develop personal accomplishments and through an active life manner, the person will be more sensitive to his/her ain good being by developing the joy and spirit of the healthy competiveness. As for society degree, athleticss helps to advance the development of physical and moral qualities relevant to the national aspirations. Through athleticss besides, it can supply and environment for societal interaction indispensable for furthering better community dealingss amongst the multiethnic groups in the state. This policy besides could really better community wellness and productiveness and same clip it can forestall offense and juvenile delinquency by supplying utile use of leisure hours. As for international degree, athleticss can heighten national prestigiousness and surrogate friendly relationship as to accomplish excellence in the highest degree.

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This aim of this National Sports Policy is to develop an active, healthy and fit society through athleticss and physical recreational activities in the line with the overall attempt of the authorities in national edifice. This policy is besides of import to develop a disciplined and united society through greater engagement and better chances in athleticss by all degree of society. We besides can guarantee this policy can supply chances and installations for the fulfilment of basic societal, psychological and physiological demands of single athletics. Existance of this policy besides is to accomplish the purpose of developing and bettering the cognition and pattern of athletics in the involvement of societal public assistance of the person and the enjoyment of leisure among the populace at big. This policy besides can convey out the true spirit of sportsmanship at national and international degrees of competition and besides with the position of heightening the national image and good will.

Government has besides taken so much of attempt in fixing a productive scheme and execution method in order to do certain the policy conveying out the benefit of the every single towards the states. Therefore both mass athletics and high public presentation athleticss are developed at the same time though with different accents. Difference between this two athletics is, mass athletics is aimed at enabling people to populate and active and healthy life style. Where else, high public presentation athletics, provides chances for those with possible to stand out at international competitions so as to heighten farther national prestigiousness. In order to implement the scheme lineation in the policy, authorities should be after for long term programme for the development of sportspersons, managers, athleticss administers and functionary. Better installations should be given for high public presentation athleticss due to its capacity of better developed and to accommodate the Malaysian gift, in order for them to stand out in international competitions. Assorted athletics organic structures alos should work in unison with the Federal and State Governments to develop athleticss in the state. These assorted bureaus and organisations might hold specific functions to play, but their programmes are non integrated. The National Sports Council should be able to supply these machineries for high public presentation athleticss. The Mnistry of Youth and Sports should play a he axial rotation in advancing the mass athletics and recreational activities based on the “Malaysia Cergas” construct. Again the National Sports Council should organize and help in the development of athletics in order to heighten the public presentation of sportsperson at national and international competitions. Despite that, professional and qualified forces should be employed at all degrees in athleticss organisations, work-places, schools and instituitions of higher acquisition, to be after, implement, and measure athleticss programme in the state. A National Sports Foundation should be setup to finance athletics activities, both for high public presentation athletics and mass athletics throughout the state.

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This National Sports Policy will be successful if inducements given. In grasp of the forfeits and the parts made by sportspersons, the authorities has introduced assorted inducements includes wagess, leave, living allowances, insurance coverage, preparation disbursals, tuition fees and scholarships. The inducements are given to the sportspersons to enable them to develop their physical art for first-class public presentation up to the highest degree of international should be retained and improved upon from clip to clip. Campaigners that excel in athleticss should be given particular consideration in enlisting for occupations and for admittance into intuitions of higher acquisition, provided they possess the needed minimal academic criterions in subjects suited them. Government besides should be able to fix sufficient installations in order to guarantee the prosperity of this policy. A 20 year-blueprint in regard of athleticss installations base on the scheme to hold both high public presentation athletics and mass athletics for all strata of the community, including the handicapped, be drawn up by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in audience with the relevant bureaus and athletics associations. The policy besides did advert the several State Governments are responsible for planning of athleticss installations at province and territory degree.

Even thou his policy have been launched, there are many issues that can be extracted out and demands to be overcome. Below show the inside informations of issues ;





  • Should be able to give full assurance to the populace about the importance of

athleticss development in the state

  • We are still fighting to make a civilization of athleticss in the state
  • Parents still have uncertainties to warrant their children’s hereafter to prosecute a calling in


  • Media exposes more issues on bookmaker, jurisprudence suit and graft



  • Sports still fails to vouch future calling of an jock, except in a few

Sportsperson such as Datuk Lee Chong Wei ( Badminton ) , Datuk Nicol David

( Squash ) , Shalin Zulkifli ( Bowling )

  • Athletes even like golf professionals are still fighting to last
  • We lost many talented jocks due to academic demand such as Petra

Nabila ( athletics-sprinter )

  • Exigencies of life, better trades from different bureaus are frequently the factors

how we lost many jocks such as Logan Raj/Keevan Raj ( Hoki )



  • Number of community interested in athleticss are really little
  • It’s really hard to keep first-class accomplishments towards elder age
  • School phase still can non carry through the lower limit needed preparation hours that’s

about bout 5-6 hours daily.

  • Missing of National Sports School all around the state



  • There is no suited higher instruction strategy that could accommodate the demand to

of instruction and athleticss at the same clip

  • Degree of quality in higher instruction should be enhanced
  • There is no professional managers to develop the possible campaigners
  • There still no being of Sports University in our state



  • State are missing in professional trainers on many types of athleticss
  • Existing trainees are non qualified and decently trained
  • Ex-athletes has no involvement in going a trainer upon their retirement
  • Trainers frequently uses the agencies/organization to self involvement
  • Still depending on outsourcing coaches/trainers from abroad
  • Existing trainers trains for a really long term which fails to give chance to

upcoming trainers whom are more updated and talented



  • Local completion are less competitory and deficient
  • International entrees requires a really high cost investing
  • Patrons are less interested to due deficiency of media coverage
  • Many are still really much dependent on authoritiess help
  • Age restraint



  • Facilities that are provided for certain athleticss are much limited such as squash,

tennis, lawn bowl, bowling, archery, horsemans and swimming

  • There is no professional trainers to steer and if there is the cost is excessively high
  • Facilities are more prone to athleticss like football and badminton



  • Insufficient patrons particularly for non-popular athleticss
  • Excessively much trusting on large patrons merely such as Petronas, Milo, Maxis, Adidas
  • Exemption of revenue enhancement by the authorities non worth of the engagement
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The National Sports Policy provides the way for athleticss development in the state to advance national integrating through an active and healthy life style, the cultivation of personal wellbeing and a true spirit of sportsmanship. The success of this policy requires the incorporate attempts of all authorities and non-governmental bureaus, athleticss organic structures and associations, voluntary organic structures every bit good as persons who are involved in athleticss. The primary purpose of this Sports Policy is to do athleticss a civilization in the day-to-day life of the people. The aims and schemes outlined in this policy are aimed at guaranting that all attempts towards this terminal can be successfully implemented in line with the enterprises to accomplish developed state position. Therefore there is more than can be done to better this policy to convey better state that serve the people of Malaysia.