Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion Essay Sample

Since the Haitian Rebellion of 1791- 1804. Southern slave proprietors were in fright of a slave rebellion. particularly in countries where slaves outnumbered non-slaves. Nat Turner. besides known as “Prophet. ” was one of the leaders who put this into action. He was an “upper class” ( cognize how to read and compose ) slave owned by Joseph Travis of Southampton. Virginia and was highly spiritual. The unofficial spiritual leader of the slaves had seen a solar occultation in February of 1831 and believed that God had chosen him to take the rebellion and “slay my enemies with their ain arms. ” On August 21st. Nat Turner gathered seven slaves and killed his maestro. get downing his slave rebellion.

Although merely 75 others joined Turner. his rebellion was one of the most extended slave rebellions in the pre-Civil War United States. Turner and his work forces used non- piece arms to kill white work forces. adult females. and kids. In entire. around 50 Whites were killed by them. Their group got larger as the slave from places they rampaged joined them. The authorities so sent in over three 1000 members of the province reserves to get the better of them. Turner’s work forces were on there manner to the armoury in the county place of Jerusalem. and. since they were disorganized and partly imbibe. the rebellion was defeated. Over a 100 guiltless slaves were beaten. tortured. and murdered by the military personnels because of the rebellion. Nat Turner and a few followings eluded gaining control until October 30th ( Coffey ) . Nat Turner. was tried. convicted. and so hung along with 16 slaves on November 11th.

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Although Nat Turner’s rebellion can be considered smaller than the Haitian Revolution. it had much more consequence. This had caused a moving ridge of fright in the South. Stricter Torahs forbiding slaves from being educated and restricting the rights of all inkinesss were enacted by the southern authorities. Even the 1s in the South who supported the anti-slavery motion had stopped because of the rebellion. Many people of the clip considered Nat Turner ill-famed. but now he is considered brave. Some even consider him heroic for all his attempts to halt bondage. His rebellion besides inspired future runs against bondage. including John Brown’s. Nat Turner’s rebellion had “shattered the soothing white semblances of reciprocality. regard. and fondness between slave and master” . Nat Turner’s rebellion was one of the most of import schemes to turn over bondage during the pre- Civil War clip.