Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Dialectical Journal Essay Sample

Analysis: Move beyond secret plan to reflect on Douglass’s usage of rhetoric to foster his docket. What is Douglass’s PURPOSE in the selected quote-what is his statement. his message. and how does his linguistic communication aid or impede that intent? Feign the narration is a elephantine essay with a group of specific statements and so analyse it for its usage of rhetoric. I am cognizant that the overall message is ever traveling to be “slavery is incorrect and should be abolished. ” but what nuanced statements does Douglass show within that same statement? “If anyone wants to be impressed with the soul-killing effects of bondage. allow him travel to Colonel Lloyd’s plantation. and. on allowance-day. topographic point himself in the deep pine forests. and there allow him. in silence. analyse the sounds that shall go through through the Chamberss of his psyche. – and if he is non therefore impressed. it will merely be because ‘there is no flesh in his obdurate heart’” ( 9 ) .

After depicting his experience in hearing these sorrowful vocals when he was immature. Douglass separates himself from his former-slave ego and writes in an important. facile manner to set up a span that the reader can traverse in order to vicariously understand the dehumanizing nature of bondage. He uses poignancy to reason that anyone who is human will see an innate feeling of despondence and sympathy upon hearing these vocals ; it is grounds in the most natural signifier. He uses serious and weighty enunciation. such as “deep pine woods” . “in silence” . and “chambers of his soul” to convey the reconditeness to which the devastation of these vocals range. He sets up this state of affairs in order to help the reader who originally had misconceptions of bondage. Those who still don’t see the ferociousness of bondage after this are deemed cold and heartless. and non by him. but by a fellow white male. whose exact words are quoted. “The slave owners have been known to direct in undercover agents among their slaves. to determine their positions and feelings in respect to their status. The frequence of this has had the consequence to set up among the slaves the axiom. that a still tongue makes a wise caput. They suppress the truth instead than take the effects of stating it. and in so making prove themselves a portion of the human family” ( 11 ) .

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By concentrating on the psychological injury bondage brings. such as the fact that slave proprietors frequently trick their slaves into squealing their feelings toward their maestro. Douglass justifies the paranoid behaviour of slaves as a human act. hence. killing any statement that implies slaves are belongings. or that they are animate beings and are below the position of a white individual. The constitution of this statement advances Douglass chief message. owing to the fact that since slaves are human. the inhumane intervention of them is undue and unsound. hence backlashing on whoever does it. Douglass characterizes slave owners as deceitful. which can besides be compared to the manner slaves lie to last. hence picturing bondage as a double-edged blade that harms both parties.

Using a learned and analytical enunciation. Douglass establishes himself as a wise adult male who can be trusted. which aids in formalizing his statement. “These words sank deep into my bosom. stirred up sentiments within that lay slumbering. and called into being an wholly new train of idea. It was a new and particular disclosure. explicating dark cryptic things. with which my youthful apprehension had struggled. but struggled in vain. I now understood what had been to me a most confusing trouble – to humor. the white man’s power to enslave black work forces. It was a expansive accomplishment. and I prized it extremely. From that minute. I understood the tract from bondage to freedom” ( 20 ) .

The words he is told by Mr. Auld are the ultimate cogent evidence as to how slavery plant. and one time Douglass understands this. he realizes that the lone hope of freedom is through instruction. The construct of bondage is made a “dark cryptic thing” to slaves. with no account as to why they are low-level to white work forces. so they ne’er understand the existent workings of how it is perpetuated. and hence ne’er rebellion. Douglass’s claim to hold tried to understand it before in “vain” . and merely now holding an thought of how to accomplish freedom proves the futility of get awaying bondage when slaves are deprived of cognition.

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This piece of information Hugh Auld unwittingly discloses to Douglass reveals that the lone separation between a white adult male and a black adult male is the power of cognition ; the lone ground white work forces are in control over black work forces is because white work forces deprive them of any signifier of instruction or cognition from the minute they are born. including household ties. The really fact that white work forces are in fright of black work forces deriving cognition and revolting verifies that black work forces are genuinely born equal to white work forces. “Slavery proved every bit deleterious to her as it did to me. When I went at that place. she was a pious. warm. and tender-hearted adult female. There was no sorrow or agony for which she had non a tear. She had staff of life for the hungry. apparels for the bare. and comfort for every griever that came within her range. Slavery shortly proved its ability to deprive her of these celestial qualities. Under its influence. the stamp bosom became rock. and the lamblike temperament gave manner to one of tiger-like fierceness” ( 23 ) .

Douglass’s ability to sympathise with a adult female who subsequently treats him harshly and is portion of the society that dehumanizes him puts him above the behaviour of white work forces and makes him a virtuous adult male. Alternatively of assailing and knocking her for allowing the construct of bondage alteration her as a individual. Douglass wins over his readers by acknowledging her as much of a victim to slavery as he is. His descriptive enunciation when he characterizes her as a “pious” and “lamblike” adult female by nature. and so “tiger-like” is similar to the manner slaves are broken and brutalized. By paralleling a saintly. white adult female to a slave. Douglass is one time once more making a span that expeditiously persuades his intended audience through a vicarious experience. “In coming to a fixed finding to run off. we did more than Patrick Henry. when he resolved upon autonomy or decease. With us it was a dubious autonomy at most. and about certain decease if we failed. For my portion. I should prefer decease to hopeless bondage” ( 51 ) .

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By presenting his statement with a mention to one of the establishing male parents of the United States and using the values Americans hold so in a heartfelt way. Douglass entreaties to his intended audience in an air-tight manner. where no counter-arguments can acquire in. He non merely parallels his battle for freedom to America’s battle for independency during the revolution. but he goes a measure further and claims his battle is braver. For the Americans. the phrase “give me liberty or give me death” is a nonliteral 1 in which decease is non an immediate effect. but for the black work forces who fight for freedom. it is. In fact. decease. to slaves. would be the lesser of two immoralities – an terminal to the “hopeless bondage” . The combination of the flowing. unconfined sentence structure and the passionate and momentous enunciation produces an about poetic statement that leaves the reader with a feeling of deep inspiration. By making so. Douglass persuades his audience that the black men’s battle for freedom is more meaningful and important than that of the very principals America was built on.